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Overview[edit | edit source]

Icon Portrait Catria.png

Role: -
Stats: 39/42/34/29/25

Icon Skill Weapon.png Killer Lance+
Icon Skill Assist.png -
Icon Skill Special.png Luna
Armored Blow 3.png
Passive Icon A.png
Armored Blow 3
Seal Atk 3.png
Passive Icon B.png
Seal Atk 3
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon C.png

Catria is a well-balanced airborne fighter/skirmisher, capable of dealing considerable damage while being able to sustain one-on-one encounters with various enemies. While she may be vulnerable to anti-flier weapons, Catria has an even spread of stats that allow her to be in the thick of battle without dying. Her combination of the Killer Lance+ and Luna also allows for her to attack and counter with her special almost every time, making her an invaluable front-line hero.

Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

Highlights[edit | edit source]

Pros Cons

+ Good stat spread and impressive physical power
+ Combination of Luna and Killer Lance lets Catria halve her foe's defenses after merely two rounds

- Because of the stat spread she mainly exceeds in speed and attack power
- No natural C skill

Checks & Counters[edit | edit source]