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What is Inherit Skill?[edit | edit source]

This is a new feature that lets a Hero receive a skill from another Hero. Go to Allies -> Advanced Growth -> Inherit Skill to try it out!


Inherit Skill: Details[edit | edit source]

You can use Inherit Skill to learn up to three skills at once from a Hero.

The Hero being sacrificed does not need to be the same rarity as the Hero inheriting the skills. Nor do they need to have learned the skill they are transferring. However, the Hero being sacrificed can only pass on skills that they could learn at their current rarity.

There is no limit to how many skills a Hero can inherit overall. However, each sacrificed Hero can only provide up to 3 inheritable skills.

A Hero can inherit learned or unlearned skills from another Hero, but it's important to note that a Hero does not immediately learn a skill just by inheriting it. In order to learn the inherited skill, the Hero will need 1.5x the normal amount of SP required to learn that skill.

You will lose the Hero that provided the skills to the other Hero, so use Inherit Skill wisely.

Inherit Skill Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Most skills are inheritable, barring a number of exceptions. There are three type of restrictions:

Restriction Description Example
Weapon-Type Restriction Only certain weapon types can learn certain skills.
Movement-Type Restrictions Only certain movement types can learn certain skills.
Exclusive Skills Some skills are limited to certain units.

Additionally, Prerequisite skills must be inherited as well, and count towards the limit of 3. For example, in order to inherit and learn Vantage 3, you will need to inherit Vantage 1 and Vantage 2 as well. This is inclusive of weapons (eg. Brave Axe+ would require inheriting Brave Axe).

Merging Allies with Learned Skills[edit | edit source]

When merging allies, all inherited and base skills and their learned status will be passed on. For example, if merging an Effie with Brave Lance+ already learned with another Effie, the resulting merged Effie will have Brave Lance+ learned already as well.

Helpful Resources[edit | edit source]