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  • This table shows the base skills and weapons for each hero.
  • For more specialized charts, see here.
NameWeaponAssistSpecialPassive (A)Passive (B)Passive (C)
Icon Portrait Abel.pngAbelIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngBrave Lance+-AegisHP +5Swordbreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Alfonse.pngAlfonseIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFólkvangr-SolDeath Blow 3-Spur Atk 3
Icon Portrait Alm.pngAlmIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFalchion-Draconic AuraAttack +3Windsweep 3-
Icon Portrait Anna.pngAnnaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngNóatún-Astra-Vantage 3Spur Res 3
Icon Portrait Arthur.pngArthurIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngEmerald Axe+Swap-HP +5Lancebreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Azama.pngAzamaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngPainMartyrSolid-Earth Balm--Threaten Atk 3
Icon Portrait Azura.pngAzuraIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSapphire Lance+Sing-Speed +3-Fortify Res 3
Icon Portrait Barst.pngBarstIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBrave Axe+Reposition--Knock BackSpur Atk 3
Icon Portrait Bartre.pngBartreIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngHammer+Smite-Fury 3Brash Assault 3-
Icon Portrait Beruka.pngBerukaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.pngKiller Axe+-GlimmerDefiant Def 3Lunge-
Icon Portrait Bruno.pngBrunoIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngValaskjálf-----
Icon Portrait Caeda.pngCaedaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.pngArmorslayer+Rally Speed-Darting Blow 3-Fortify Fliers
Icon Portrait Cain.pngCainIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngBrave Sword+-Escutcheon-Wings of Mercy 3Threaten Atk 3
Icon Portrait Camilla.pngCamillaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.pngBrave Axe+-Draconic AuraDarting Blow 3-Savage Blow 3
Icon Portrait Camilla (Spring Festival).pngCamilla (Spring Festival)Icon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.pngGreen Egg+Rally Attack-Defiant Spd 3Live for Bounty-
Icon Portrait Catria.pngCatriaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngKiller Lance+-LunaArmored Blow 3Seal Atk 3-
Icon Portrait Cecilia.pngCeciliaIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngGronnraven+Rally Resistance-Attack +3Escape Route 3-
Icon Portrait Cherche.pngChercheIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.pngHammer+Pivot-Attack +3-Fortify Def 3
Icon Portrait Chrom.pngChromIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFalchion-AetherDefiant Def 3-Spur Def 3
Icon Portrait Chrom (Spring Festival).pngChrom (Spring Festival)Icon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngCarrot Axe+Shove-Attack Def +2-Axe Experience 3
Icon Portrait Clair.pngClairIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngSilver Lance+Harsh Command--Hit and RunSpur Spd 3
Icon Portrait Clarine.pngClarineIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngFearMartyrSwift-Winds BalmResistance +3--
Icon Portrait Cordelia.pngCordeliaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngBrave Lance+-GaleforceTriangle Adept 3Pass 3-
Icon Portrait Corrin (F).pngCorrin (F)Icon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngDark Breath+-Draconic Aura-Seal Res 3Hone Atk 3
Icon Portrait Corrin (M).pngCorrin (M)Icon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngYato-Dragon FangDefense +3Obstruct 3-
Icon Portrait Donnel.pngDonnelIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBrave Lance+Reciprocal Aid-HP +5Drag Back-
Icon Portrait Draug.pngDraugIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.pngBrave Sword+-Pavise-LungeWard Armor
Icon Portrait Effie.pngEffieIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.pngSilver Lance+Smite-Death Blow 3Wary Fighter 3-
Icon Portrait Eirika.pngEirikaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSieglindePivot--Drag BackHone Spd 3
Icon Portrait Eldigan.pngEldiganIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngMystletainn-Growing LightFury 3Lunge-
Icon Portrait Elise.pngEliseIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngGravityRecoverKindled-Fire Balm-Live to Serve 3-
Icon Portrait Eliwood.pngEliwoodIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngDurandal-Sacred Cowl-Axebreaker 3Ward Cavalry
Icon Portrait Ephraim.pngEphraimIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSiegmund-Moonbow-Seal Def 3Threaten Def 3
Icon Portrait Est.pngEstIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngHeavy Spear+Shove-Defiant Res 3Seal Spd 3-
Icon Portrait Fae.pngFaeIcon Class Green Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngLight Breath+Draw Back--Renewal 3Threaten Atk 3
Icon Portrait Faye.pngFayeIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFiresweep Bow+-Noontime-Wings of Mercy 3Bow Exp. 3
Icon Portrait Felicia.pngFeliciaIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSilver Dagger+-GlaciesResistance +3-Breath of Life 3
Icon Portrait Fir.pngFirIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngKilling Edge+-GlaciesSpeed +3Pass 3-
Icon Portrait Florina.pngFlorinaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngHeavy Spear+Ardent Sacrifice-Darting Blow 3-Breath of Life 3
Icon Portrait Frederick.pngFrederickIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngHammer+-Luna-Wings of Mercy 3Fortify Def 3
Icon Portrait Gaius.pngGaiusIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRogue Dagger+Rally Speed-Defiant Atk 3Pass 3-
Icon Portrait Gordin.pngGordinIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBrave Bow+Shove-Attack +3Vantage 3-
Icon Portrait Gunter.pngGunterIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngSilver Axe+Harsh Command-Armored Blow 3-Hone Cavalry
Icon Portrait Gwendolyn.pngGwendolynIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.pngKiller Lance+-Escutcheon-Drag BackHone Armor
Icon Portrait Hana.pngHanaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngArmorslayer+Rally Attack-Life and Death 3Obstruct 3-
Icon Portrait Hawkeye.pngHawkeyeIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngKiller Axe+-Growing LightDeath Blow 3-Threaten Atk 3
Icon Portrait Hector.pngHectorIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.pngArmads-PaviseDistant Counter-Goad Armor
Icon Portrait Henry.pngHenryIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRauðrraven+-IgnisDefiant Def 3G Tomebreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Hinata.pngHinataIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRuby Sword+-PaviseFury 3Brash Assault 3-
Icon Portrait Hinoka.pngHinokaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngBrave Lance+-Blazing WindDefiant Def 3-Hone Fliers
Icon Portrait Ike.pngIkeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRagnell-AetherHeavy Blade 3Swordbreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Jaffar.pngJaffarIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngDeathly Dagger-GlimmerLife and Death 3-Threaten Spd 3
Icon Portrait Jagen.pngJagenIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngSilver Lance+-AegisFury 3-Fortify Cavalry
Icon Portrait Jakob.pngJakobIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSilver Dagger+Rally Resistance-Defense +3Renewal 3-
Icon Portrait Jeorge.pngJeorgeIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngParthia-Blazing Flame-Seal Atk 3Spur Spd 3
Icon Portrait Julia.pngJuliaIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngNaga-Dragon FangResistance +3-Breath of Life 3
Icon Portrait Kagero.pngKageroIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngPoison Dagger+-ReprisalWarding Blow 3Daggerbreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Karel.pngKarelIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngWo Dao+-ReprisalDefiant Atk 3Desperation 3-
Icon Portrait Klein.pngKleinIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBrave Bow+-GlaciesDeath Blow 3Quick Riposte 3-
Icon Portrait Lachesis.pngLachesisIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngAbsorbPhysicSolid-Earth Balm--Spur Res 3
Icon Portrait Laslow.pngLaslowIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSilver Sword+-Noontime-Axebreaker 3Hone Spd 3
Icon Portrait Leo.pngLeoIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngBrynhildr-Blazing Light-Quick Riposte 3Savage Blow 3
Icon Portrait Lilina.pngLilinaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBolganone+-Growing FlameAttack +3-Spur Atk 3
Icon Portrait Linde.pngLindeIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngAuraArdent Sacrifice-Speed +3-Fortify Res 3
Icon Portrait Lissa.pngLissaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngGravityRehabilitateKindled-Fire Balm-Renewal 3-
Icon Portrait Lon'qu.pngLon'quIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngKilling Edge+-GlimmerSpeed +3Vantage 3-
Icon Portrait Lucina.pngLucinaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFalchion-AetherDefiant Spd 3-Spur Atk 3
Icon Portrait Lucina (Spring Festival).pngLucina (Spring Festival)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBlue Egg+Rally Speed-Swift Sparrow 2Seal Res 3-
Icon Portrait Lucius.pngLuciusIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngPainMartyrMiracleHP +5--
Icon Portrait Lukas.pngLukasIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngKiller Lance+-Sacred CowlFortress Def 3Obstruct 3-
Icon Portrait Lyn.pngLynIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSol Katti-GaleforceDefiant Atk 3-Spur Spd 3
Icon Portrait Maria.pngMariaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngPanicPhysicMiracle--Fortify Res 3
Icon Portrait Marth.pngMarthIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFalchionPivot--Escape Route 3Spur Spd 3
Icon Portrait Matthew.pngMatthewIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRogue Dagger+Reciprocal Aid--Poison Strike 3Hone Spd 3
Icon Portrait Merric.pngMerricIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngExcalibur-Growing WindHP +5-Spur Res 3
Icon Portrait Michalis.pngMichalisIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.pngHauteclere-Blazing ThunderIote's Shield-Threaten Def 3
Icon Portrait Minerva.pngMinervaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.pngHauteclere-Sacred CowlLife and Death 3-Ward Fliers
Icon Portrait Mist.pngMistIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSlowRecoverMiracle--Spur Def Res 2
Icon Portrait Narcian.pngNarcianIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.pngEmerald Axe+-Vengeance-Lancebreaker 3Savage Blow 3
Icon Portrait Navarre.pngNavarreIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngKilling Edge+-Blazing Wind-Desperation 3Threaten Spd 3
Icon Portrait Niles.pngNilesIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngKiller Bow+-IcebergWarding Blow 3-Spur Res 3
Icon Portrait Ninian.pngNinianIcon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngLight Breath+Dance--Escape Route 3Fortify Dragons
Icon Portrait Nino.pngNinoIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngGronnblade+Draw Back-Resistance +3-Hone Atk 3
Icon Portrait Nowi.pngNowiIcon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngLightning Breath+Rally Defense-Defense +3-Threaten Res 3
Icon Portrait Oboro.pngOboroIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngHeavy Spear+Rally Defense--Seal Def 3Threaten Res 3
Icon Portrait Odin.pngOdinIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBlárblade+-MoonbowDefiant Atk 3R Tomebreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Ogma.pngOgmaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBrave Sword+-NoontimeDefiant Atk 3-Spur Atk 3
Icon Portrait Olivia.pngOliviaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSilver Sword+Dance--Knock BackHone Atk 3
Icon Portrait Olwen.pngOlwenIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngDire ThunderReposition-Warding Blow 3-Ward Cavalry
Icon Portrait Palla.pngPallaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.pngRuby Sword+-Moonbow-Wings of Mercy 3Goad Fliers
Icon Portrait Peri.pngPeriIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngKiller Lance+-GlimmerResistance +3-Threaten Def 3
Icon Portrait Priscilla.pngPriscillaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngPanicRehabilitateStill-Water Balm--Spur Def 3
Icon Portrait Raigh.pngRaighIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRauðrwolf+Rally Attack-HP +5Seal Res 3-
Icon Portrait Raven.pngRavenIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBrave Axe+-SolDefiant Spd 3-Threaten Def 3
Icon Portrait Rebecca.pngRebeccaIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSilver Bow+Ardent Sacrifice-Darting Blow 3Seal Atk 3-
Icon Portrait Reinhardt.pngReinhardtIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngDire Thunder-Blazing Thunder-Vantage 3Goad Cavalry
Icon Portrait Robin (F).pngRobin (F)Icon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngGronnwolf+-IgnisDefiant Res 3B Tomebreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Robin (M).pngRobin (M)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBlárraven+-BonfireDefiant Spd 3-Spur Def 3
Icon Portrait Roy.pngRoyIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngBinding BladeShove-Triangle Adept 3Seal Def 3-
Icon Portrait Ryoma.pngRyomaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRaijinto-AstraDefiant Atk 3-Hone Spd 3
Icon Portrait Saizo.pngSaizoIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSmoke Dagger+Harsh Command--Poison Strike 3Spur Spd 3
Icon Portrait Sakura.pngSakuraIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFearPhysicStill-Water Balm--Fortify Def 3
Icon Portrait Sanaki.pngSanakiIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngCymbelineHarsh Command-Triangle Adept 3-Hone Atk 3
Icon Portrait Selena.pngSelenaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngArmorslayer+Reposition-Triangle Adept 3-Threaten Spd 3
Icon Portrait Seliph.pngSeliphIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngTyrfingRally Speed-HP +5Brash Assault 3-
Icon Portrait Serra.pngSerraIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngAbsorbRecoverSwift-Winds Balm--Hone Atk 3
Icon Portrait Setsuna.pngSetsunaIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngAssassin's Bow+Reciprocal Aid-HP +5Bowbreaker 3-
Icon Portrait Shanna.pngShannaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngKiller Lance+-Iceberg-Desperation 3Threaten Spd 3
Icon Portrait Sharena.pngSharenaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFensalirRally Attack-Speed +3-Fortify Def 3
Icon Portrait Sheena.pngSheenaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.pngKiller Axe+-EscutcheonSvalinn Shield-Fortify Armor
Icon Portrait Sophia.pngSophiaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFenrir+-Dragon FangWarding Blow 3-Fortify Res 3
Icon Portrait Soren.pngSorenIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRexcalibur+-Growing Wind-Watersweep 3Fortify Res 3
Icon Portrait Stahl.pngStahlIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngRuby Sword+Swap-Defense +3Obstruct 3-
Icon Portrait Subaki.pngSubakiIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.pngSapphire Lance+Swap-Resistance +3Quick Riposte 3-
Icon Portrait Sully.pngSullyIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngSapphire Lance+Draw Back--Swordbreaker 3Spur Def 3
Icon Portrait Takumi.pngTakumiIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFujin Yumi-VengeanceClose Counter-Threaten Spd 3
Icon Portrait Tharja.pngTharjaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngRauðrblade+-VengeanceDarting Blow 3-Spur Res 3
Icon Portrait Tiki (Adult).pngTiki (Adult)Icon Class Red Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngLightning Breath+-BonfireDefiant Atk 3-Spur Res 3
Icon Portrait Tiki (Young).pngTiki (Young)Icon Class Red Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngFlametongue+-Growing FlameArmored Blow 3-Breath of Life 3
Icon Portrait Titania.pngTitaniaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngEmerald Axe+Reciprocal Aid-Armored Blow 3Guard 3-
Icon Portrait Ursula.pngUrsulaIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngBlárwolf+-Growing ThunderDeath Blow 3-Threaten Res 3
Icon Portrait Virion.pngVirionIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSilver Bow+-AstraDefiant Res 3Seal Spd 3-
Icon Portrait Wrys.pngWrysIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.pngSlowRehabilitateHeavenly Light-Live to Serve 3-
Icon Portrait Xander (Spring Festival).pngXander (Spring Festival)Icon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.pngCarrot Lance+Swap--Live for HonorFortify Def 3
Icon Portrait Zephiel.pngZephielIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.pngEckesachs-ReprisalLife and Death 3Wary Fighter 3-