2nd Anniversary Celebration! (Notification)

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2nd Anniversary Celebration!

Thanks to all your support, the Fire Emblem Heroes game has reached its second anniversary—so it's time to celebrate!

We're holding the following seven events in connection with the second anniversary to thank everyone who's played the game:

Log-In Bonus
Daily Reward Maps
Daily Summoning Events
Double EXP & SP Event
Special Hero Summoning Events
Aether Raids Event
Find & Vote Heroes

We hope you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes!

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■ 2nd Anniversary Celebration Log-In Bonus

Active: to

During the active period, you can get Orbs up to 10 times as a Log-In Bonus for a total of 22 Orbs!

■ Daily Reward Maps

Active: to

Reward Maps will be distributed for 11 days in a row. There are two difficulties: Normal and Hard. You can get a total of 22 Orbs!

Note: Each Reward Map will be distributed for a period of 4 days.

■ Daily Summoning Events

Active: to

Each day, a Bound Hero Battle summoning event featuring two Heroes will be brought back for 24 hours!

Starting : Minerva and Maria's Battle
Starting : Alm and Celica's Battle
Starting : Seliph and Julia's Battle
Starting : Ishtar and Reinhardt's Battle
Starting : Cecilia and Lilina's Battle
Starting : Hector and Matthew's Battle
Starting : Ephraim and Myrrh's Battle
Starting : Ike and Soren's Battle
Starting : Micaiah and Sothe's Battle
Starting : Tiki and Nowi's Battle
Starting : Takumi and Hinoka's Battle

■ Double EXP & SP Event

Active: to

During the active period, you will earn double EXP and SP from battle!

■ Special Hero Summoning Events

Banner Focus Special Hero Summon Year 1.png

We're throwing two Special Hero Summon events that let you summon one 5★ Special Heroes from all the Special Heroes who have been added to the game so far!

Year 1: to

One guaranteed 5★ Special Hero from the Special Heroes who were added between and

Year 2: to

One guaranteed 5★ Special Hero from the Special Heroes who were added between and

• When you participate in the event, five Special Heroes will be randomly chosen from the available pool, and you may summon one of them. (Each Hero in the pool has as equal chance of being selected.)
• Not every summoning session will include Heroes of each color type, so the five summonable Heroes may not represent all the types present in the game.

Aether Raids Event

Active: to

During this event, you can use items you get from completing quests to get special structures that commemorate the game's second anniversary!

Note: When the event is over, all remaining Aether Stone SP items will be lost.

2nd Anniversary Celebration structures.jpg

■ Find & Vote Heroes

In this promotional event, which is scheduled to start on , you can select and vote for your favorite character from amongst the many featured in Fire Emblem Heroes—and you can cast new votes every day!

In late February, the top-ranking character of each color (red, blue, green, and colorless) will be available as part of the 2nd Anniversary Heroes summoning event.

Vote for the Hero you want to join your army!

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"Time sure flies when you're having fun! Let's keep it up!"