A Trust Earned

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A Trust Earned
Forging Bonds A Trust Earned.png
Event Characters Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie Ranulf: Friend of Nations Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger
Bonus Accessories Accessory Dark Finery EX.pngPane 1.png Accessory Kutolah Band EX.pngPane 1.png Accessory Mage Cap EX.pngPane 1.png Accessory Ilian Wing Hairpin EX.pngPane 1.png Accessory Symbol of Gallia.pngPane 1.png Accessory Kitty Ribbon.pngPane 1.png Accessory Beast Headband.pngPane 1.png Accessory Forest Friends.pngPane 1.png
Start time
End time
Reason to Fight
Power's Den

Availability[edit | edit source]

This event was made available:

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Rewards[edit | edit source]

For a list of general Forging Bonds rewards, see Forging Bonds.
Red Friendship.pngOrange Friendship.pngGreen Friendship.pngBlue Friendship.png
10Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webp Caineghis's C Conversation10Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webp Lethe's C Conversation10Ranulf Friend of Nations Face FC.webp Ranulf's C Conversation10Mordecai Kindhearted Tiger Face FC.webp Mordecai's C Conversation
25 5025 5025 5025 50
50 20050 20050 20050 200
75 5075 5075 5075 50
100Accessory Symbol of Gallia.pngPane 1.png100Accessory Kitty Ribbon.pngPane 1.png100Accessory Beast Headband.pngPane 1.png100Accessory Forest Friends.pngPane 1.png
150 50150 50150 50150 50
200 200200 200200 200200 200
250 50250 50250 50250 50
300Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webp Caineghis's B Conversation300Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webp Lethe's B Conversation300Ranulf Friend of Nations Face FC.webp Ranulf's B Conversation300Mordecai Kindhearted Tiger Face FC.webp Mordecai's B Conversation
350 50350 50350 50350 50
400 1400 1400 1400 1
450 200450 200450 200450 200
500 50500 50500 50500 50
550 200550 200550 200550 200
600 50600 50600 50600 50
700 50700 50700 50700 50
800Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webp Caineghis's A Conversation800Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webp Lethe's A Conversation800Ranulf Friend of Nations Face FC.webp Ranulf's A Conversation800Mordecai Kindhearted Tiger Face FC.webp Mordecai's A Conversation
900 200900 200900 200900 200
1,000 2001,000 2001,000 2001,000 200
1,100 2001,100 2001,100 2001,100 200
1,200 51,200 51,200 51,200 5
1,300 2001,300 2001,300 2001,300 200
1,400 2001,400 2001,400 2001,400 200
1,500Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webp Caineghis's S Conversation1,500Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webp Lethe's S Conversation1,500Ranulf Friend of Nations Face FC.webp Ranulf's S Conversation1,500Mordecai Kindhearted Tiger Face FC.webp Mordecai's S Conversation
1,700 3001,700 3001,700 3001,700 300
1,900 3001,900 3001,900 3001,900 300
2,100 3002,100 3002,100 3002,100 300
2,300 3002,300 3002,300 3002,300 300
2,500Accessory Symbol of Gallia EX.pngPane 1.png2,500Accessory Kitty Ribbon EX.pngPane 1.png2,500Accessory Beast Headband EX.pngPane 1.png2,500Accessory Forest Friends EX.pngPane 1.png
2,750 3002,750 3002,750 3002,750 300
3,000 5003,000 5003,000 5003,000 500
3,250 3003,250 3003,250 3003,250 300
3,500 103,500 103,500 103,500 10

Special conversations[edit | edit source]

A Trust Earned - Opening[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 001_BraveInside

...And with that, you're all caught up
on the situation here in Askr.

We haven't been here long, so there
hasn't been time to gather as much
intel as I'd like...

What you brought is good enough to
inform how we proceed. Your keen
eyes and ears have served us well.

It's an honor to receive your praise,
Your Majesty.

Of course. Thanks to you, I've
reached my decision.

We laguz of Gallia will fight side by
side with the Kingdom of Askr.

As you command, Your Majesty.

Right. The Order of Heroes has wide
popular support, which shows the
Askran royals must be good people.

Indeed. And beyond that, I sense no
ill intentions from their summoner,

But perhaps most importantly, the
Greil Mercenaries who arrived before
us have given the Askrans their trust.

Right. That, more than anything else
we've found, proves that the people
of Askr are worthy of our trust.


What's worng, Mordecai? Does our
king's decision not sit right with you?
Now's the time to speak up!

No, no. It is not like that. Mordecai
agrees Askr needs our help.


Nameplate Text

Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

You have my gratitude, King
Caineghis. Your support is very
reassuring...and appreciated.

Yes, perhaps it was providence that
brought us here...
Whatever the case, we will give all we
have in the name of peace. For the
pride of Gallia, we can do no less.

I'm glad to hear it. And I must admit,
I am eager to learn how a great king
such as yourself approaches war.

I have had little occasion to act more
like a warrior than a king...

It has been some time since I took
to the field and looked my enemy
in the eye...
In my younger days, however, things
were different...
It's strange. You are of the royal
family, and yet...you still risk your life
in battle. Does no one protest?

Yes... I am aware it isn't quite proper
for royalty to enter the fray...

On the contrary! Putting yourself at
risk with your countrymen raises their
morale. Is that not a king's purpose?
I am sure there are many varieties of
beorc king, but...yours is a style we
laguz find a natural fit.

Nameplate Text


Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

I can't say I expected you to accept
taking orders from our new beorc
friends so easily, Lethe.

And what's that supposed to mean?

Well, before you'd say things like,
"Why should I help beorc that can't
even help themselves?"
I just expected you to be more
bristled by the situation...

Th-that was in the past! Things are
different now, so my attitude about
it is different too.
Besides, my king commanded our
cooperation. I will not question his

Hmm... I see... So you really have
mellowed out, then, haven't you?

Wh-what?! A-are you making fun of
me or something?

Sooo...what was Lethe like before,
Ranulf? Sounds like she was pretty
different before...so I'm curious!

Huh? Where did y—
It was too long ago to remember
clearly! That's all you need to know!
Ah! Wait—Lethe!
She sure left in a hurry... You don't
think she's mad at me, do you?

No... I don't think she's really mad...
I think she's just embarrassed about
some things in her past.
She was young...and brash. And now
I think she regrets some of the things
she said and did.
She's not the type to admit that, of
course—that's just how she is. She's
not always easy to get along with...

Well, I'm going to try! Getting
along with people from other worlds
is kind of our specialty, after all.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Ranulf: Friend of Nations - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Normally an army stinks of blood and
iron—or worse.
The people you've gathered at this
castle, however, lack that smell...
Reminds me of when I met the
Greil Mercenaries...
Even though it seems like it's been
ages since I first met Ike, I remember
it like it was only yesterday...

Hey! Is that you, Ranulf? Are you
doing some sort of...investigation?

Oh, hello, Commander Anna! I'm...
well, yes, I am investigating, to tell
you the truth.
Even with the map I was given, I had
some questions I needed to answer
with evidence from my own eyes.

Ah, so this is an exercise in caution,
then? Are you not at ease here?

I suppose I am... This is clearly a
place of good people. Even the air
in the castle is warm and welcoming.

I agree! I hope everyone from Gallia
will grow to love it as I do... Askr
has a lot to offer!

You're right... Maybe there's some
way I can help with that.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Hrm? Is that Fjorm?
Ah! I-I hope I didn't frighten you!
My apologies...
I saw you surrounded by all those
animals, and...I had to get a closer

You did not scare me. Mordecai can
smell when danger is close. You do
not smell like danger.
I-I...I smell? But I bathe and change
my clothes every day...

Mordecai's nose smells many things
yours does not.
But...it is not a bad smell.

Oh... Well... That's a relief!
But enough of that—I came to ask
about the animals that were all
around you.
All the little birds, squirrels, deer,
and other forest creatures... It was...
very cute.

They are my friends. They teach
Mordecai about Askr.

I am a bit jealous. You have so many
adorable little friends, Mordecai!
Where I'm from, everything is always
covered in snow and ice, so the cute
forest animals stay hidden away...
Growing up, I always longed to see
all the cute little animals for myself,
and then just now...there they are.

Hmm... Fjorm maybe can get a
closer look than this. Just need to
try...like Mordecai.

All right, I will try! Thank you,

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


A Trust Earned - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Ranulf! Lethe! Nice work out there,
you two! I could see the focus in your
eyes across the battlefield!

Oh, that? Just you wait, Princess
Sharena. You haven't seen anything
close to a serious Gallian yet!

It's true. When our king joins the
vanguard, our foes tremble so much,
you can see their weapons wobble!

Well, I'm glad you all are on our side!
Even Mordecai's fighting is incredible,
which I hadn't expected...

Hm. I know what you mean.
Hey, Lethe... Have you noticed
Mordecai acting strange since we
arrived in Askr?

Yes... I'm not sure what, but
something seems off with him.

Huh? R-really? But he seems so
kind... Surely there's nothing wrong
with that, is there?

Well, with Mordecai... the gentleness
can be a problem.
Let me put it this way... He closes his
eyes when he strikes an enemy. He
feels others' pain—even his enemies'.
That's just how he is.

Oh... So he's a gentle soul...

There's a change that whatever is
bothering him now is a result of that
gentleness to...

No use talking about it if none of us
know anything. I'm going to go ask
him directly.

Hey—Lethe! Wait a minute!

Ah, there you are, Mordecai. I need
to ask you... Is something worrying
you about this place?


You've been in loads of battles back
home, so what reason could there be
to hesitate joining the fight now?

I am not...scared to fight.
Mordecai is...sad. Sad that fighting
is in this place too...
Does every world fight? Does the
fighting end?


So that's what's been bothering you
since we arrived, then, huh? I see...

When Mordecai came to Askr, my
heart leaped to be in a new world.
But fighting never ends here either...


Nameplate Text

Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

When I grow old and frail, Gallia will
need a successor to take my place.
Unfortunately, that successor is
currently a hot-blooded fool...just as
I was in the days of my youth.

You? A fool? I have trouble imagining
that, King Caineghis.

Yes, well, my younger self had it in
his head that any problem could be
solved if one applied enough force.
My successor acts as if he has the
same idea in his head—if indeed he
has anything but muscle up there.

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but...isn't
the king of Gallia determined by
strength rather than by bloodline?
If that is so, it seems natural for
Gallia's future king to use his great
strength to fight for his people.

While his physical strength cannot be
denied, it makes him weaker in some
important ways.
Conquering your foes by force alone
fills one with a certain arroance...
You begin to feel unstoppable.
Then, when a crushing defeat finally
comes...more than just the battle is
lost. Everything you knew changes.
When one values strength above all...
Some can lose themselves—who they
thought they were—in defeat.

If strength is a weakness, as you say,
what would happen if such a person
took the throne?

With someone like that...as long as he
does not lose, he cannot change—and
therefore, he cannot rule justly.
The ruler who cannot change, you
see, can only be a tyrant. And so he
must lose before taking the throne.
I would rather have died from the
defeat that shaped me than to have
never faced it at all.
And if my successor dies in defeat,
though I would mourn, so be it. It will
be better for Gallia in the end.
But if he can meet defeat and keep
moving forward, he will be that much
closer to being worthy of the throne.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside
Now...let the Get to Know Lethe
Tea Party commence!


I prepared some tea made with
Askran fruit. I hope you like it.

Oh! I apologize... Are we being
inconsiderate? Would you rather
go hunting than sip tea together?

N-no... But I...appreciate you asking.
This just isn't the type of thing I'm
used to, so...excuse my confusion.

Well, the snacks are a good place to
start! I brought a bunch—and I baked
the muffins myself. Try some!
Oh, and by the way, feel free to call
me Sharena... No need for formalities
with me!

And just Fjorm will suit me. My place
as a member of the Order of Heroes
is more important than my title.

You two are...strange. Even though
I know you're royal, you're...different.
More...friendly than I'm used to.

I get that a lot!

When you two see our differences—
our tails and ears—you're not afraid?

No! Of course not! I think they're

I agree. Seeing your tail swish back
and forth always manages to put a
smile on my face...

Yeah! And your ears are cute too,
Lethe! I love them!

You're both...very kind. So...can we
drink this tea already. And also...can
you teach me more about Askr?

I'd be happy to. But first...can I pour
your tea for you?

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Ranulf: Friend of Nations - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Oh, hi, Ranulf! More investigating?

Heh. Not today. Today I'm trying to
get to know some of the Heroes
around the castle.
I'm continually surprised by the lack
of reaction to my ears and tail...

Oh, hmm... Everyone is used to that
sort of thing around the castle at this
point, I imagine...
After all, we have people here who
can change into dragons—and there
are kitsune and wolfskin too!

Right... I met an odd pup who took
one look at my tail and asked, "You
get any good hair balls from that?"
Seems like there's something or
someone new around every corner
and I have to, well...investigate!
The strangest thing is that, even
though some Heroes here have a
dark or complex past...
I haven't seen anyone here treat
anyone else negatively about their

That would be Alfonse and Sharena's
influence. Their bright attitudes draw
everyone in.
They're so earnest, everyone just
wants to help them!

I see... So this pleasant atmosphere
is Alfonse and Sharena's doing, then?
Thank you, Commander Anna. That
gives me something to think about.

Oh, um, you're welcome! If you have
any questions, you can come ask me
anytime you'd like!

I will. Thank you.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

May I...ask you something, Mordecai?

Yes. I will answer if I can.

I was hoping you might more...
specific advice when it comes to
drawing the forest creatures out...

"Spess...ific"? What does this word

Oh, um...I mean, is there one thing
I need to know to become friends
with animals like you can? A...trick?

Hmm... No. No tricks. Mordecai...does
not think about it.
Just is friend.
I went to the forest, but none of the
animals would allow me to approach
them... They were too scared.

Might take time. Practice. Be patient,
and you will be friends...I think.

I see... Patience... Thank you for your
advice, Mordecai. I will go put it to
the test right now!


Hey, Mordecai... Was that Princess
Fjorm you were just talking to?

Yes. Fjorm wants to make more
friends. I am teaching her.

Huh? "Friends"? What do you mean?
Wasn't she headed toward the forest
just now?

Fjorm wants forest friends.

Oh, I see... She saw you in the forest,
and wanted to get up close to some
animals like that. Is that it?
A laguz can do that kind of thing, but
it might be difficult for a beorc, don't
you think?

Hmm... You are right...

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


A Trust Earned - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Mordecai. Day after day, you perform
your duty magnificently...

Please... I need no praise.

Mordecai... I believe things are as you
fear... As long as people exist, war
will rise up between them.


Nevertheless...deserting, abandoning
one's responsibility, cannot ever be
We cannot give in so long as we have
our fangs, our claws, or strength,
and our pride...
Those with strength have a duty
far more important than doing
no harm—the duty to protect.

Hm... Duty...

People here are risking their lives
in a fight against forces they do not
truly understand...
We cannot stand by and allow
justice to be undone.
We stand on the edge of despair.
But perhaps we can keep from falling
in by clever use of fang and claw...
If it is possible to find such a way
forward, Mordecai, you are the kind
to find it.


We must fight now so that someday
the fighting can stop—before the
world tumbles into despair.

I hate fighting. But...I hate when
friends get hurt more.
Mordecai will fight.

Never let your kind heart grow hard,
Mordecai. It allows you to see much
others cannot.
That will be a strenth in the
struggles to come...

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

My personal philosophy is, as a king
on the battlefield, the one thing you
must always be sure you do is...
never die.
No matter what happens, you must
survive. To me, that is part of a king's
duty as the head of his country.
No matter how miserable the loss,
if the king lives, there is hope.


I have a personal advisor and envoy,
who some call my shadow. His name
is Giffca.
If he is able to perform my duties in
one way or another, I will ask him to
so that my life is at less risk.
My people need me—at least until an
heir is ready to replace me. To that
end, I must take certain measures.

Thank you, King Caineghis.
There is so much to being a king—
both on and off the battlefield. I think
I'm beginning to understand that.
And as part of that understanding,
I'm also beginning to see how much
I still have yet to learn...

Take heart... Though you may have
some work ahead of you yet, already
you possess much of what is needed.
Keep looking for examples of kings
you admire. Find them one by one,
and let them shape your growth.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Can I ask you something, Sharena?

Oh, hi, Lethe! You can ask me
anything you want.

You all find it easy to make friends
with those who are different from
you...without hate or fear...
Regardless of the facts of a person's
life, you value them for who they are.
I used to think whether someone
was a laguz or a beorc decided if
I considered them my enemy.
I didn't need to meet them, let
alone get to know them, to make
my decision.

There is a long, terrible history
between the laguz and beorc where
I'm from...
We couldn't accept each other, and
were always feuding over who should
rightfully rule the other...
Our king, King Caineghis, finally put
a stop to the cycle of hatred, and
looked for a peaceful way forward...
But even then, hatred for beorc still
lived in my heart.

Ah, So, that must be the younger
Lethe who Ranulf was talking about.

Yes. But...I'm not like that anymore.
Now I see we're all different in some
way. If there are beorc worth hating,
some must be worth trusting too.
Only a fool—like my younger self—
could be believe someone's race
determines their value.
Having learned that lesson, it became
much easier to share my king's vision
of peace between beorc and laguz.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Ranulf: Friend of Nations - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Nice work out there, Ranulf! You
did some real damage out there!
Here, have some water...

Water from Princess Sharena
herself... I'm not sure I deserve
such an honor.

This? Oh, it's OK! Really! I'm happy
to get you watever you need—never
be afraid to ask!

That's right! And besides, we get the
honor of seeing the warriors of Gallia
take to the field. It's only fair!
So, please, as Sharena said, tell us if
there is anything we can do to make
your stay here more comfortable.

Hm. I see what Anna meant about
their bright and earnest attitudes...

Hm? Did you say something?

Oh, nothing. Just remembering a talk
I had with Commander Anna earlier
She said that everyone here stays
positive because of you two. Because
of your infectious attitudes.

A-Anna said that? Well...I'm certainly
happy if we're able to help others...

Each Hero does so much for us,
I feel like I can't thank them all
nearly enough!
And I hope we all become close
friends, so you feel like you can call
on me whenever you need to talk.

That means a lot, Princess Sharena...
To be frank, speaking formally is not
my strong suit... So I'd be happy to
count you among my friends!

Friends and allies, pursuing the same
goal, together.

Right! I'm excited to continue working
together with you both.

The feeling's mutual! And don't
forget—let us know if you need
anything at all!

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Mordecai, I...saw Princess Fjorm out
in the forest... Do you know what
she's doing out there?


She was out there scattering food,
putting on what looked like...cat ears?
Is it some Askran accessory?

Hmm... I think Fjorm is trying to
make forest friends...

Sometimes the beorc do things
I just cannot understand...
Hmph... It's no use. None of the
animals are coming anywhere near
me no matter what I do...

They must not be scared. Maybe
they are confused.

Mordecai! ...What do you mean?

If you run, animals also run.
Fjorm is after animals, so they are

Ohh...I was too aggressive in my
pursuit, and the animals were being
careful to avoid me...

Fjorm should do nothing. It is best to
be natural...and slow.
Be with the forest. If you do, animals
will not be confused.

Act naturally... As part of the forest...
I believe I understand. Thank you,
Mordecai! I will try again...

Fjorm can do it—she can be friends
with anyone.

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside


A Trust Earned - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Amazing work today, Mordecai! You
took on a whole front by yourself!

Thank you, Sharena... Alfonse, was
anyone hurt?

No, everyone is safe and unharmed...
and much of that is thanks to your
efforts today, Mordecai.
Thank you. I know Gallia has no
connection to Askr, and I feel awful
for involving all of you...

You did not make us fight. We want
to help. That is why Mordecai works
hard. I want to.
I want to help Alfonse, Sharena,
[Summoner]... All of you.
You are all Mordecai's friends.
Strength is for protecting friends.
Mordecai will protect at all costs.

Oh, thank you, Mordecai! That makes
me so happy to hear... I think of you
as a close friend too!

Ah, Mordecai! Are you back in your
usual spirits? Your eyes look like
they've brightened up a bit.

Oh? So you've been keeping a close
eye on Mordecai too, then, have you,

Of course I have! I'm his superior,
aren't I? It's my job to be concerned!

OK, OK! I didn't mean anything by
asking, Lethe! Don't let your tail get
ruffled, all right?

I am...sorry to worry you. Mordecai
is fine. Thank you for your concern.

I understand what worries you here,
Mordecai. But trust me—if this could
be solved without war, it would be.
The thing is...if you don't fight when
you need to fight, you cannot keep
peace safe from threats.

Yes! I agree with that as well.

As long as there are people, there
will be conflict.
But...if people are the cause of the
conflict, they can also put an end to
it...though it may take some effort.
Those who possess strength must
not fear using it when they must. Our
duty is to ensure a bright future!

Hear, hear!

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Ah! Good timing, Prince Alfonse.
I was just thinking about our talk.
I want to clear something up.

I'd be happy to hear anything you
have to tell me!

All life is equal—or so we wish. But...
that is not the reality we live in.
You can see the evidence in the
difference between the weight of
a king's life and that of a soldier's.
I don't—

Let me be clear... Neither life is
superior to the other. The difference
is the weight of the responsibility.
A king's life is not his own to spend.
It is a life responsible for the people.
That is one thing we must not forget.
A king must be disciplined and live
to carry out his responsibility to his
country and people.
Are you prepared to do that, Prince
Alfonse? Is that the kind of promise
you can make your people?

I admit, I am extremely inexperienced
next to every other king gathered at
the castle, but...
I can promise that my resolve is
unwavering. I'm ready and willing
to do everything I need to do.

Good. As long as you remember that
promise, your path will lead you to
become the king you need to be.
As for me, there is no country here
over which I rule—no Gallia. Yet I will
still fight in its name, as king.
And as king, rest assured, I will
survive, and I will win the day
With the weight of both Gallia and
Askr on my shoulders, that face
will remain true.
So let us fight, survive, and win
together, that we may both fulfill
our duties as king!

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Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie - S[edit | edit source]

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Lethe, I was unable to thank you for
your help earlier... Without you, I
would have been in real trouble.

No thanks necessary, Fjorm. We laguz
have a natural advantage when it
comes to moving across a battlefield!
And if we can rely on each other's
strengths, we'll be much stronger.
Isn't that right, Sharena?

That's right! By using the abilities that
make us strong as individuals, we'll
grow stronger as a whole!

I think I'm realizing what it was my
ancestors were missing...
They didn't know how to trust.
They couldn't see past a person's
bloodline or the facts of their birth.
I owe you Askrans for helping me
realize that.

Hmm... Something like that, that can't
be seen or touched, is more precious
than any gem.
I, too, owe Askr my gratitude. Mine
is...a great debt that I can never
Even so, I will strive to give whatever
and however I can—not as a princess,
but as a friend.

Aw, you two...

Sharena, let me devote my fangs
and claws to your cause.
It's the only way I know how to show
I trust you, so...please. Let me fight
at your side.

Of course, Lethe! And I'm happy to
hear you feel you can trust us. That
warms my heart.

And once the dust clears, maybe we
can...have another tea party? I liked
the last one better than I expected...

Yes! Consider it done!

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Ranulf: Friend of Nations - S[edit | edit source]

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Askr is gentle, and king. The royalty,
Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena,
are shining examples of that...
Their kindness finds its way into the
hearts of everyone who comes here,
regardless of their social status.


I can't say I've ever seen anything
quite like this, but...
I do know that gentle people can
easily be put to ruin by power...by
the plots of the wicked.

I believe you are correct about Askr,
Ranulf... And I am happy for it, for we
are fortunate.

We are fortunate they are not a land
ruled by tyranny. Their virtue will be
to the benefit of all of us.

Yes. They are certainly worthy of
our strength...and our trust.

We must remember, Ranulf, the war
being waged here brings in warriors
from across time and realities...
The horrors that might await us here
may make our previous experience
seem small and provincial.
Even so, we must prepare ourselves
to stand alongside them and take on
whatever comes... Understood?

Of course, Your Majesty. Your word
is my command.
Together we will make the future one
worth fighting to see.

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Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger - S[edit | edit source]

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Hey, Mordecai. I just Fjorm out
in the forest... She was out there
surrounded by a bunch of animals!

Oh? I am glad.

She looked like she was having a
great time too. And all the animals
were calm in her presence...
She must have learned to sense the
hearts of the animals for so many
to trust a beorc like that...

Fjorm is...kind. And open. Mordecai
knew this.

Oh, hello, Mordecai. Look... It is
amazing how much more comfortable
they are around me now...
All these birds and squirrels—oh,
and the cute little bunnies...they've
never been this calm around me.

I am glad... It is good to see you are all
friends now.

If I were to tell the truth, I...fell asleep
in this grove here.
And when I opened my eyes, all the
creatures of the forest had gathered
around me...

Fjorm was one with the forest.
So forest friends felt safe.

Of course... By acting naturally,
the woodland creatures all felt
more at home near me.
When I stopped chasing after them,
they came to me on their own...
Perhaps the same could be said for
people as well...

Yes. Mordecai and Fjorm grew close
without trying.

That's true! And I'm excited to grow
even close with you and everyone
else from Gallia!

It will happen. Two people near each
other become friends before long.
It is...natural.

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Book III: Chapter 6: Part 5: The Blood of Askr
Haar: Black Tempest

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 果たすべき責務
German Verdientes Vertrauen
Spanish (Europe) Un gran deber
Spanish (Latin America) Un gran deber
French Sens du devoir
Italian Piena fiducia
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 應盡之責
Portuguese Um grande dever