About Issue in Aether Raids Rematches (Notification)

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About Issue in Aether Raids Rematches
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Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game!

We have confirmed an issue that occurs when you lose a Rematch in Aether Raids under certain conditions. It causes an error that prevents you from returning to the game.
We are currently working on a solution but would like to quickly provide you with details on the issue as well as a workaround for it.

The issue occurs when you go through the following steps:

1. Place structure Escape Ladder (O) while it is still valid for the season, then go to Defense Results.
2. Replay a defensive battle in which foe destroys your Aether Fountain or Aether Amphorae.
3. Choose Rematch immediately without leaving the Defense Results screen.
4. Lose the battle or select Surrender.

After step 4 above, an error occurs and you are returned to the title screen.
Even if you choose to Resume from bookmark data, the same error will occur preventing you from logging-in.
Deleting the bookmark data will allow you to login again, but you will lose the Aether you spent in step 3.

The issue can be avoided as follows. When you want to attempt a Rematch, first leave the Defense Results screen then re-enter then choose Rematch without Replaying first.

To thank you for your patience, all players will be given a gift of 5 Orbs at a later date.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes!