About Updates to the Arena (Notification)

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About Updates to the Arena

The Arena has been updated as of the season starting Aug 14, 2018 at 07:00 AM UTC

A new tier and score bonuses have been added.

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The following updates have been applied to the Arena.

A new tier, Great Summoner, has been added to the Arena.

Only a select number of users who have reached the formerly highest tier, Tier 20: First Dragons, can be promoted to this special new tier.

Upon becoming a Great Summoner, you will be able to receive slightly better rewards than are available at Tier 20: First Dragons. Additionally, the tier number will change to a crown mark, and the number of seasons that you have achieved the Great Summoner tier will be displayed next to that mark.

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With the addition of the Great Summoner tier, the Arena's tier promotion and demotion conditions and rewards are as follows:

If you are confident in your Arena skills, aim for the top and try to reach the Great Summoner tier.

But that's not all that's been added to the Arena for this update! You will now receive a three-point score bonus when you defeat enemies with Bonus Heroes. Use Bonus Heroes to defeat enemies and try to earn a high score!

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"Such a pretty crown! I want to try it on!"