Add Forma Units to Your Army! (Sep 2020) (Notification)

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Hall of Forms 9 add Forma.jpg
Add Forma Units to Your Army!

Now that the Hall of Forms event has ended, you can use Forma Souls to add the Forma units that you raised during the event to your army!

The Forma units from this Hall of Forms event may only be added to your army until

Forma Souls are special items available from Forma Soul Packs in the Shop. Please note that this Forma Soul Pack will only be available until . Unused Forma Souls will remain in your possession and may be used to add Forma units from future Hall of Forms events to your army.

Please note the following details about Forma units that have been added to your army:

・ When added to your army, a Forma unit will retain any skills and levels but will lose any merges and Sacred Seals gained during the Hall of Forms event.
・ When adding a Forma unit to your army using a Forma Soul, in addition to joining your ranks with the skills it has already learned in Hall of Forms, it also comes with all the default skills learned when summoned as a 5★ Hero. You can also use SP to teach that Forma unit other 5★ skills not yet learned.
・ Forma units cannot transfer their skills to other Heroes or Forma units via Inherit Skill. (The Forma unit cannot be the source.)
・ Forma units cannot be used to increase a Hero's merges, but Heroes can be used to increase a Forma unit's merges. (The Forma unit cannot be the source.)
・ Forma units cannot be used to create Combat Manuals.

・ Forma unit stats do not have assets or flaws.