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Aether Resort Is Here!

Now you can invite Heroes who are allied with you or your friends to enjoy your Aether Keep and let them interact with each other in the new mode, Aether Resort!

When you first visit Aether Resort, you'll receive 550 R&R Affinity and structures for your Aether Resort! Feel free to drop in and see how your Heroes are enjoying their time outside of battle.

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■ What Is Aether Resort?

Aether Resort is a place where you can invite Heroes who are allied with you or your friends to enjoy your Aether Keep and interact with each other. You can invite your favorite or newest Heroes and enjoy a fun, relaxing time together.

To visit your Aether Resort, tap Battle, then Aether Keeps, and then Aether Resort.

■ Collect R&R Affinity!

In this mode, you can collect R&R Affinity in two ways: by visiting your Aether Resort daily and by viewing the weekly special events!

In addition, if you use 3 Orbs to obtain the Aether Resort Pass, the amount of R&R Affinity you receive while playing the Aether Resort mode will increase. With this pass, you can make the most of your Aether Resort!

・ R&R Affinity gained by visiting your Aether Resort can be collected only once per day.
・ Special events that occur at your Aether Resort reset when new Aether Raids seasons begin.

■ Enhance Your Aether Keep!

You can edit your Aether Resort map and place structures however you want. All you need is some R&R Affinity to build the amenities and structures for your Aether Resort. (Plus, you will receive Aether Stones for use in Aether Raids based on how much R&R Affinity you spend!)

Try building your very own Aether Resort to open up the possibilities for interacting with Heroes. And aren't limited to structures and amenities made just for the resort—you can also use any structures you've built for Aether Raids!

○ Building and Improving Structures

Tap Edit, and then Build/Improve.

○ Placing Structures

Tap Edit, and then Place. Select the structure you want to place, then drag the structure until you have it where you want to place it. (Also, in this mode, you can place more than one of the same structure.)

○ Raising the Placement Limit

You can use R&R Affinity to increase the number of structures you can place. Tap Edit, then Place, and then Raise Place Limit.

Note: Structures built for Aether Resort can also be placed in your Aether Raids defense map as decorations.

■ Invite Heroes!

Tap Change Heroes to invite Heroes to your Aether Resort. Of course, you can invite your own Heroes, but don't forget about your friends' Heroes, too! You can spend R&R Affinity to unlock more resort slots.

■ Interact with Heroes!

Certain structures allow you to interact with Heroes and enjoy special events.

○ Armory

A conversation between Heroes unfolds! How will they react to different weapons?

○ Accessory Shop

Each Hero unleashes their inner fashionista—and they put on a mini fashion show!

○ Inn

Up to six visiting Heroes will come and rest. If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of their dreams!

○ Hot Spring

A few Heroes are enjoying a nice soak! How might they react to being tapped?

If you keep interacting with the Heroes you invite, you'll be able to build up your Aether Resort in no time.

Plus, more structures and amenities are planned for future updates!

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"I want to interact with Heroes in the Aether Resort, too!"