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Summoning[edit | edit source]

I am Alfonse, Prince of Askr. Please... Let's talk about something besides this costume. What do you say?

僕はアスク王国の王子アルフォンス。 …この格好については、なるべく 見ないふりをしてくれたら嬉しいよ。

Castle[edit | edit source]

Sharena's personality suits this sort of getup... My sister has a modern sensibility. But me? Why ME?

シャロンみたいな今どきの女の子なら、 こういう格好も良いかもしれないけど、 なぜ、僕まで…?

Are you aware of a race in the World of Awakening called taguel? They can change to a form similar to a rabbit.

覚醒の異界には、 うさぎのような姿に化身できる タグエルという種族がいるそうだよ。

It seems my sister prepared a costume for you as well.
She suggested that we might be less embarrassed if you dressed up, too... So where is it?

[Summoner]のための衣装も シャロンは用意しているそうだよ。 みんな一緒なら恥ずかしくないんだとか…

Do you have a spare moment? I'd like to train if you're up for it.
No, we will not be practicing our bunny hops.

[Summoner]、良かったら 一緒に訓練をしようか? …いや、うさぎ跳びじゃないよ。

My father is stern and very serious... I think seeing me in this getup would probably make him faint.

父上は厳格で真面目な方だからね。 こんな格好の僕をご覧になったら、 卒倒してしまうかもしれない…

Friend greeting[edit | edit source]

I bring regards from [Friend].
Er... Now, if you'll excuse me...

[Friend]から挨拶だよ。 じゃ、じゃあ僕はこれで 失礼させてもらうよ。

Leveling up[edit | edit source]

+[4,5] points[edit | edit source]

It truly is the springtime of my youth, wouldn't you say?

素晴らしいね。 我が世の春、といったとこかな。

+[2,3] points[edit | edit source]

Plant the seeds, and springtime will be in full blossom.

地道な努力が 花開いて嬉しいよ。

+[0,1] points[edit | edit source]

There's still a chill in the air...

春の訪れは まだ遠いようだね…

Ally Growth[edit | edit source]

Thank you. You are as bright as the springtime sun.

ありがとう。君はまるで、 春の暖かな日差しのようだね。

5★ LV. 40 conversation[edit | edit source]

So, [Summoner]...
I've been studying the spring festival. The symbolism of the celebration is fascinating...
Eggs represent life and birth...while rabbits bear a large number of offspring, so—
Oh, the costume? I guess I'm stuck with it until Sharena says it's OK to pack it up.
It's funny...maybe even fast you can get used to something.
The longer I'm dressed like this, the stranger the idea of taking it off seems! The idea puts me on edge...
But I can rest assured you'll stay friends with me no matter how I'm attired, I suppose. No need to worry!
Thanks, [Summoner]. It's nice to know I can count on you.

やあ、[Summoner]。 今、春祭りについての伝承を 調べていたんだ。
卵は生命の誕生をあらわし、 うさぎは子供を多く生む… だから豊穣を祝う祭りの象徴として…
え? いつまで この格好をしてるのかって? シャロンの気が済むまでかな…
…慣れというのは恐ろしいね。 だんだん、この格好でないと 落ち着かなくなってしまうかもしれない。
でも、僕がどんな格好でも、 君は変わらず僕の友でいてくれる… だから、安心できるのかもしれないね。
ありがとう、[Summoner]。 これからもよろしく。

Attack[edit | edit source]

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Damage[edit | edit source]

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Audio Transcription

Special trigger[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
Spring is here!
Let's celebrate!
Spring, the season of rebirth!
I'll open the spring!
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Defeat[edit | edit source]

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Spring is...fleeting...
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Status page[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Would you like to celebrate spring with me? 1★
Hey! What's gotten into you? 1★
Festivals have been important to people since ancient times. 1★
It never occurred to me that I'd be the one dressing like this. 4★
You think this outfit looks good on me? I'm not sure how I feel about that. 4★
At times like these, I'm envious of Sharena's carefree attitude. 5★
Next time the spring festival rolls around, it's your turn to dress up like this. Do we have a deal? 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
はは 1★
一緒に春を祝おうか? 1★
わっ!? どうしたんだい急に? 1★
お祭りは、古くから人々にとって大切なものなんだ。 1★
まさか、僕がこんな格好をすることになるなんてね… 4★
え、似合ってる? …複雑な気分だよ。 4★
こういう時は、シャロンの無邪気さが羨ましいな… 5★
次の春祭りは、君も一緒にこの格好をして欲しいな。約束だよ? 5★

Turn action[edit | edit source]

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Spring weather is quite nice.
Spring sunshine...
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