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Allegiance Battles!

A new mode, Allegiance Battles, is now available!

Pair up with a friend's Hero and take on special battles where foes continuously appear. Achieve a high score to get rewards like Dragonflowers!

To celebrate the addition of this new mode, quests where you can get First Summon Tickets for use in a Hero Fest are available.

1. Allegiance Battles seasons will run for seven days, just like the Arena seasons.
2. The first Allegiance Battles season will match the Arena season and therefore be shorter than usual.
3. Daily quests for Arena Assault will be removed and replaced with weekly quests.

Tap More for additional information about this mode.

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■ What is Allegiance Battles?

Allegiance Battles is a special mode where one of your Heroes can pair up with a friend's Hero and fight against an oncoming army! In this mode, Heroes can pair up even if they don't have the Pair Up ability!

Defeat the entire enemy force, including reinforcements, within ten turns to win and receive your score. Don't forget to use bonuses to maximize your score!

You're free to battle as many times as you like. Veteran players can even face the Advanced difficulty right away. With help from your friend's Hero, defeat one foe after another and aim for a high score!

At the end of a season, you will receive Hero Feathers based on your score and Dragonflowers based on your rank.

1. To play Allegiance Battles, tap Battle, then Coliseum, then Allegiance Battles.
2. With the addition of Allegiance Battles, the Arena Duels section of the Battle menu has become the Coliseum.

■ Your Team's Layout

The Hero in the rightmost slot on the Edit Teams screen will be deployed paired up with your friend's proxy Hero. Be sure to place the Hero that you want to deploy paired up in the rightmost slot!

If you have a Legendary Hero with the Pair Up ability, then they will still deploy with their paired partner if they are placed in the first, second, or third slot from the left.

1. If you do not select a friend's Hero, then your team will deploy with your four Heroes.
2. You can deploy with your four Heroes even if no friends' Heroes are available to join you.

■ Borrow Heroes From Friends!

Form a pair with a friend's Hero! You can choose who to pair up with by tapping Allegiance Battles, then Challenge, then Set Used Proxy.

Note: Each friend's proxy Hero can only be deployed once per day.

■ Dispatch Heroes To Friends!

You can choose one of your Heroes to dispatch as a proxy for your friends from the Set Sent Proxy screen.

Consider which Hero might be of great use to your friends!

■ About Scoring

The score that you receive upon victory is calculated using the same rules as the Arena. Try taking on these battles with the strongest possible team to maximize your score!

There are also multiple bonuses that can help you reach a high score:

・Foe KO Bonus
During battle, when you KO a green foe with a red Hero, KO a blue foe with a green Hero, or KO a red foe with a blue Hero, you will earn 10 points. When you KO a colorless foe with a colorless Hero, you will earn 10 points. When you KO a foe with a paired-up Hero, you will earn 5 points.

・Synergy Bonus
Each season, win one battle to increase your Synergy. A bonus based on your Synergy will be added to your score. Synergy is capped at 99.

・Quest Bonus
Complete Quests to defeat specific bosses each season to receive a bonus. The Quest Bonus is capped at 25 points.

Note: Quests completed by both you and your friends count toward the bonus.

・Friend Bonus
A bonus added to your score based on the Battle Scores of your three highest-ranking friends. Calculated by dividing your friends' Battle Scores by 100 (with a max value of 8 per friend, capped at a total of 24 points).

Note: The strength and score of enemies who appear in Allegiance Battles are based on the strength of the four Heroes on your team (the strength of your friend's proxy does not count).

■ About Rewards

At the end of a season, you will receive rewards based on your total score.

・Rank reward: Dragonflowers
・Score reward: Hero Feathers

The type of Dragonflowers rewarded changes each season. You can see the current season's rewards by tapping Check Rewards.

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