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Summoning[edit | edit source]

Alm: Happy Day of Devotion! I'm Alm, and this pretty lady is Celica. We're here to enjoy the festivities together!

アルム: 愛の祭、おめでとう! 僕はアルム。彼女はセリカだよ。 ふたりでお祭りを回ってたんだ。

Castle[edit | edit source]

Alm: If you're grateful to someone, be sure to tell them before it's too late. Sad to say, they won't be around forever.

アルム: 想いや感謝を伝えたい人に いつまでも会えるとは限らない… ちょっと切ないね。

Celica: I am overjoyed by the good fortune of having Alm at my side every day. We were separated for so long...

セリカ: アルムといつも一緒にいられて すごく幸せよ。 ずっと離れ離れだったから…

Alm: So...what kind of present would make you smile? Wait, wait! I want to try guessing first. I bet I'll get it!

アルム: 君が喜んでくれるものって何だろう? …ああ、言わないで! 当ててみせるから!

Alm: You look like you could use a snack. I'll happily share some of mine with you. It's cheap, but tasty!

アルム: あっ、[Summoner]! これ一口食べないかい? 屋台で買ったんだけど美味しいよ。

Celica: We're about to enjoy a banquet, but Alm won't stop snacking... Can you help me talk some sense into him?

セリカ: 夜にはご馳走が出るのに、 アルムったら買い食いしてばかりなの。 あなたも叱ってあげて。

Friend greeting[edit | edit source]

Celica: We come bearing a message of amity from [Friend].

セリカ: [Friend]から伝言よ。 あなたにもたくさんの愛が 降り注ぎますように…

Leveling up[edit | edit source]

+[4,5] points[edit | edit source]

Celica: People grow stronger when they have someone to protect. This drive can bring forth untold power from within.

セリカ: 守るものがあるからこそ、 人は強くなれるのね…きっと。

+[2,3] points[edit | edit source]

Celica: This seems about right. Our reach ought not exceed our grasp.

セリカ: ちょうどいいんじゃないかしら。 求めすぎちゃいけないわ。

+[0,1] points[edit | edit source]

Alm: There you are! Oh, but... I forgot your gift.

アルム: あ…ご、ごめん! 君への贈り物、忘れてきちゃった!

Ally Growth[edit | edit source]

Alm: You would bestow this power on us? Thank you. It makes us happier than you know.

アルム: 僕たちを祝福してくれるのかい? ありがとう。すごく嬉しいよ。

5★ LV. 40 conversation[edit | edit source]

Alm: Oh, hello, [Summoner]!
So many gifts you have there! I can barely see the top of the pile. You're one sought-after summoner, eh?
Celica: I trust you're prepared to carry all of those home with you. With that said, I do hope we weren't too late...
Alm: Don't fret, Celica. I'm sure one more wouldn't topple the pile. Isn't that right, [Summoner]?
Celica: I suppose that's true. Well, then... Here, with our blessing. We worked together to pick it out, you know.
Alm: Oh no! Maybe one more was one too many... Don't worry, though! Once you unbury yourself, you'll love it!
Here's to many more happy days together!

アルム: [Summoner]! わあ、すごい数の贈り物だね。 贈り物が歩いてるみたいだ。
セリカ: ほんとに、すごい数… 持って帰るのも大変ね。 ……あの、……
アルム: セリカ、遠慮しないで。 きっと[Summoner]は 受け取ってくれるよ。そうだろ?
セリカ: …そうね、アルム。 はい、これ。私とアルムから。 ふたりで選んだのよ。
アルム: あーあ…とうとう顔が見えなくなっちゃった。 でも分かるよ。君が喜んでくれてるって。 改めて、これからもよろしく。

Attack[edit | edit source]

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Damage[edit | edit source]

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Special trigger[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
Duo: With love!
Duo: Love you, Celica! And I you, Alm!
Alm: This is for you!
Celica: Take this!
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二人: 愛を込めて!
二人: 大好きだよ …私も!
アルム: これを贈るよ
セリカ: 受け取ってね

Defeat[edit | edit source]

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I thought we'd make it...
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Status page[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Ha ha...
• You've become pretty important to us, you know.
• It's true. Thank you so much for all you do for us.
Audio Transcription Rarity

Turn action[edit | edit source]

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Sure thing.
Let's deliver.
Which to choose...
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Cohort supporting[edit | edit source]

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Keep it together!
Take care, OK?
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Duo Skill[edit | edit source]

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• Let's go, Celica.
• I'm ready.
• What a lovely day.
• Let's try to enjoy it.
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Duo conversation[edit | edit source]

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Celica: Hmm, let's see... A hairpin would suit Mae... And a book for Boey. But what about Nomah and Genny?
Ohh... Picking out Day of Devotion gifts for everyone is harder than I thought. I'm running out of time.
Alm: Wow, Celica, you're sending each and every one of our friends a gift? Picking them out must be tough.
Celica: Oh, Alm, don't tell me you're giving everyone the same gift. Really, you must put more thought into this!
Alm: There are some truly bountiful grazing pastures near Ram Village.
I heard the meat raised there is the most delicious around, so I ordered us up a true feast!
Everyone's getting STEAK!
Celica: Oh, I... I see... So we're all getting steak...
Alm: Not just any steak! It's grass fed! The Knights of Zofia sang its praises! Well, Clair called it a brutish gesture…
But still, everyone— Uh, Celica? Is everything all right? You look upset.
Celica: N-no, I'm fine. It's nothing! So, where's my bounty of... Of the finest meat this side of Ram Village?
Alm: Oh, uh... You wanted some too? I can't say I expected that...
Celica: What do you mean you didn't expect it? There's nothing for me?
Alm: Well, no, I mean... I, um... There's… there's no MEAT for you… Close your eyes for a moment. OK, open them...
I hope you like it. I poured my heart into making it.
Celica: A wreath of flowers? Oh, Alm... It's just like the one I made for you so long ago.
Alm: I'm glad you remember. I was worried you might not.
Celica: Of course I do. Thank you, Alm. This makes me so happy.
Alm: Happier than a big, juicy steak?
Celica: OK, enough meat.
Oh, but I haven't decided what to give you in return... I'm sorry, but I don't have a gift for you yet.
Alm: Well, why not make me another wreath? I'll be happy to wear it...this time.
Celica: Hehe... OK. But under one condition... We go to the flower patch together.
Alm: You got it, Celica. Let's go now!
Holding hands with you like this sure brings back memories. Deep down we haven't changed a bit, huh?
Celica: No, I suppose we haven't. I love you so, Alm. We'll be together now and forever.
Audio Transcription
セリカ: えっと…メイには髪飾りでしょう? ボーイには本がいいわ。 ノーマさまとジェニーには…
困ったわ。 愛の祭りの贈り物、 今日中に配り切れるかしら。
アルム: へえ…セリカはひとりひとり、 違うものを贈るんだ。大変だね。
セリカ: えっ!? アルムはみんなに同じものを贈ったの?
アルム: うん。ラムの村の近くに、 放牧がさかんな村があるんだ。 そこの肉がとっても美味しいんだよ。
だからみんなにも食べてもらいたくて。 取り寄せてご馳走したんだ。
セリカ: そ、そう…お肉…
アルム: うん! 騎士団のみんなは大喜びだったよ。 まあ、クレアはデリカシーがどうとかって 言ってたけど。
…セリカ? 何でそんな変な顔してるの?
セリカ: 知らない! …それで? 私の分のお肉はどこ?
アルム: えっ、セリカも肉がよかったのかい? 困ったな…
セリカ: 困ったって… 私には、お肉じゃないの?
アルム: うん…えっと…目を閉じてくれる? …はい、いいよ。どうかな? がんばって作ってみたんだけど…
セリカ: これは…花冠? アルム…! あの時の、お花の冠ね?
アルム: よかった。覚えててくれたんだね。
セリカ: 忘れるわけないじゃない。 アルム…ありがとう。とっても嬉しい…
アルム: 肉よりも?
セリカ: もう! でもどうしよう。 私、まだアルムに 何を贈るか決めてなかったの。
アルム: じゃあ、同じものを僕にもおくれよ。 今なら恥ずかしいから嫌だ! なんて言わないからさ。
セリカ: よかった。 じゃあ、お花畑に連れて行って?
アルム: うん。じゃあ… ふふっ、こうして手を繋ぐと、 あの頃と何も変わらないね、僕たち。
セリカ: ええ…アルム、大好きよ。 あの頃も今も、これからもずっと…

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