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Below are all user-submitted builds. The quality of these builds may vary wildly. Please use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.
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Because Tobin's stats and base kit are quite frankly underwhelming, it is quite understandable if the humble villager gathers dust in your barracks. However, as Tobin was free 5* unit, fully leveling and allowing him to inherit a couple of useful skills may be worth any player's while, especially if they need units for Arena Assault. Specifically, said game mode allows you to preview the opposing team's units beforehand; due to the rise in Armor Emblem teams, Tobin has the opportunity to utterly destroy a majority of units on these teams thanks to his default weapon, Armorslayer+. When armed a couple of cheap and budgetable skills from easy-to-obtain units, Tobin can be your ticket to an easy win against armor-focused teams, as well as an emergency check to Green and sword units.

Armorslayer+ is the specialty point of this set and is readily available as Tobin's default weapon, so players on a budget need not worry about equipping him with alternative swords. When paired with Triangle Adept 2-3, the resulting combination totally destroys any Amelia, Halloween Henry, Sheena and Hector gutsy enough to get into Tobin's general vicinity. Additionally, Triangle Adept allows Tobin to act as a hard check against most green units; thanks to Tobin's great HP and Defense as well as okay Resistance, he can easily counter most axe units while emergency tanking most fully charge infantry Gronnblade+ attacks. Furthermore, Swordbreaker 2-3 nullifies both Zephiel's commonly-used B passive, Wary Fighter, giving Tobin the option of totally weakening the Liberator to uselessness, or even instant death if given an Attack hone or spur. Swordbreaker also ensures that the likes of Black Knight and Arden can't take Tobin down easily, thanks to their potential to double. Moreover, the skill serves as an emergency measure against common red units such as Ryoma and Lucina, should Tobin need to fight against them in Arena Assault. Axebreaker is an acceptable default alternative that prevents Amelia from doubling and potentially activating a deadly special. It should only be used, however, if you find yourself in short supply of Swordbreaker fodders, as his matchup against Black Knight and Arden becomes risky.

Reposition and Draw Back offers movement support outside of Tobin's specific role, as Pivot is generally substandard on infantry units. Bonfire is Tobin's best special due to his high Defense, though Ignis or even just Glowing Ember can also be used depending on resources. Every other passive is dependant on team needs, though Tobin will likely never equip a Sacred Seal.

Due to Tobin equipping Triangle Adept and thus weakening his performance against blues, he should never go up against the likes of Effie and Gwendolyn. They should be handled instead by a strong, reliable green unit such as Nino, Julia, and Cherche (or even Hammer Bartre if you happen to have one trained). Additionally, considering Tobin will mostly solo armored teams outside of blues, a healer is recommended to keep Tobin at less risk of being worn down while keeping your other competent units reserved for incoming Arena Assault matches.