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The Askran Kingdom (アスク王国) is a kingdom located in the World of Zenith. Home of the Order of Heroes. The local language is called Askran. The kingdom is named after the god-dragon known as Askr, the Great Pathfinder (神アスク).

People[edit | edit source]

  • Alfonse is the Prince of Askr.
  • Sharena is the Princess of Askr.
  • Henriette is the Queen of Askr.[1]
  • Gustav is the King of Askr, who leads the Royal Knights in defense of Askr.
  • Anna is the commander of the Order of Heroes.
  • Kiran is the summoner of Askr, who uses Breidablik to summon heroes to Askr from other worlds.
  • Líf was the first king of Askr.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Capital[edit | edit source]

The capital of the Askran Kingdom was invaded in Chapter 9: Heroes Invade. However, Princess Veronica's true target was the summoning ruins, not the capital.

Vaskrheim[edit | edit source]

To the south of Askr is an ancient abandoned temple known as Vaskrheim, where the divine weapon Breidablik was once sealed away. It is also the location where Brave Heroes appear, called to Askr by a legendary rite held in the Summoner's world.

Eternal Sanctum[edit | edit source]

In the western part of Askr is an ancient ruin known as the Eternal Sanctum, where the Rite of Awakening for Askr takes place. At the bottom, a stone slab in ancient Askran was found in the shrine, allowing the Order of Heroes to create a Sacred Seal Forge.

Unnamed shrine[edit | edit source]

Further west of the Eternal Sanctum is another shrine, where the Rite of Awakening for Embla takes place. The layout of this place is described by Anna to be similar to the Eternal Sanctum. At the bottom, writing from the Emblian Empire was found in a stone slab, allowing the Order of Heroes to create a Weapon Refinery.

Tower of Heaven[edit | edit source]

In the northern part of Askr is the Tower of Heaven, which was invaded by Princess Veronica in Xenologue 2: The Brink of Chaos to shroud the world in the Tempest.

Gnótthæð[edit | edit source]

Gnótthæð is a location in the eastern part of Askr. Once famous for its bountiful farmland, it was burned by the Fiery Hordes of King Surtr of Múspell.

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese アスク
German Askr
Spanish (Europe) Askr
Spanish (Latin America) Askr
French Askr
Italian Askr
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 亞斯克
Portuguese ???

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Norse mythology, Ask and Embla male and female respectively—were the first two humans, created by the gods.

References[edit | edit source]

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