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Welcome to Fire Emblem Heroes! For those unfamiliar FEH is a free-to-play (F2P) mobile game based on the Fire Emblem series. The gameplay is a tactical turn-based RPG, utilizing a gacha based system as a primarily means of game progression. This guide aims to get new players started and up to speed with what FEH has to offer. This guide was made with version 3.1.0 in mind (), so adjust accordingly to any differences that you may come across.

If you have a specific question in mind, take a look at the FAQ and see if you can find the answer to your question there. For explanations of in-game features and mechanics, the Basics page can be of use.

I just started the game, what do I do?[edit | edit source]

The game goes through a small ~80MB update, lets you play a couple stages, then dumps a ~1GB update (Lite mode reduces download size by 70% in exchange for graphical and audio fidelity). Once that update is done, go through the three Prologue maps to cover the basics of the almighty weapon triangle, breakable terrain, and other useful tactics. Once you complete these maps a bunch of modes unlock and your adventure will begin. This section will help you go through the first few hours of the game.

Summoning Heroes (and Rerolling)[edit | edit source]

The main collectible in this game are heroes, who fight for your cause and spout various quips as you interact with them. You can level them up, support them, make them stronger, or just put some cute accessories on them. To do any of those things though, you are going to have to summon them from your gun.

You want to grab as many Orbs as you can, as they are the main way you can summon new heroes. These orbs on a banner, which contains a pool of characters with higher chances to get the heroes shown on the banner. You should already have 18 orbs from the tutorial and prologue maps, but you will want to collect a few more orbs before your first summon so follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen. Hit "Remind me later" for the quests that pop up.
  2. Collect all the special login bonuses orbs by going to the Present List and tapping "Redeem All".
  3. Play through the Prologue and Book II Chapter 1 to obtain 45 orbs (Shown in top-right corner).
  4. Go to the Summon Tab, choose a banner and hit "Redeem"
    - Ignore the two "Free Summon" banners for now ( Brave Heroes and Arrival of the Brave).
    - Legendary Heroes Banners are great to start with.
  5. In the summoning session, tap on a stone and summon/pull a hero. Continue redeeming until all five stones have been pulled. This should consume 15 orbs.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on two other banners, consuming all 45 orbs.
  7. Perform a free Redeem from the remaining banners.
  8. Finally, redeem the "Free Summon" hero from the brave banners. It is recommended to go for the suggested hero.

Each hero has a rarity represented by 1★ to 5★ stars, with 5★ being the highest rarity. The chance of getting a 5★ is usually 3% (Shown if you click on Appearance rate on the banner) and increases as you pull non-5★ heroes on that banner for that banner. The rarity of a hero affects the level 1 or base stats of that hero as shown below:

3★ 19 6 6 6 2
4★ 19 7 7 6 2
5★ 20 7 7 7 3

A heroes stats at level 1 predetermines the stats they will have at their maximum level, or level 40. The stat growths between levels are quite random but they will always end up with the same stats at max level (and it is very easy to level a hero up to 40). However, two heroes with the same name and rarity can have different starting stats which can affect their level 40 stats by 3 or 4 points. This can be referred to as stat variance, Assets and Flaws, natures, IVs (Individual Values), +/-, etc. As a beginner, ignore these stat differences until you have a decent collection of heroes (This is explored again in Section 3).

Difference in base stats due to stat variation
Rarity LV. 1 HP LV. 1 ATK LV. 1 SPD LV. 1 DEF LV. 1 RES LV. 40 HP LV. 40 ATK LV. 40 SPD LV. 40 DEF LV. 40 RES LV. 40 Total
5★ 17 6 5 6 5 45 34 27 30 27 163
5★ 17 7 5 5 5 45 37 27 27 27 163
5★ 16 6 5 6 6 42 34 27 30 30 163

If you do not get a 5★ hero in the summoning pool and you have some time to spare then rerolling is suggested. Any 5★ hero you pull is going to be more useful than a 4★ to start off with. Re-rolling is not mandatory but it's faster to reroll into a 5★ then play for a while until your luck gives you one. You can check out the Rerolling instructions.

If you are willing to spend real-world money you can purchase orbs from the shop. The starter support pack provides 12 orbs for 3.99 USD, along with a very powerful limited hero, which is a great deal for beginners. Otherwise, obtain orbs from Shop > Purchase Orbs to get 75 orbs for $40USD. Do bind your account before purchasing orbs though.

Finally, the size of the Barracks that hold all your heroes starts at 300 but can be expanded up to 1100 by spending orbs. It is not a bad idea to expand your barracks as you get more heroes to play and experiment with.

Binding to a My Nintendo Account[edit | edit source]

So now that you have finished summoning all your heroes, it is advisable to bind your account to a My Nintendo Account. Binding your account keeps your data safe in case you ever lose your phone, and you can receive free gifts including orbs from linking. You can also get 10 free orbs after completing the process through the My Nintendo rewards.

First minute Freebies[edit | edit source]

FEH is very generous and provides you with a significant amount of orbs, heroes, and other fancy stuff for you to collect. But the freebies we are interested in right now with what we have are these:

Hero Where to Obtain
Lyn Brave Lady Face FC.png Lyn: Brave Lady She is the free hero in the Free Summon: Brave Heroes banner. She is the best hero to obtain without a doubt, so pull her unless you really really like one of the other heroes and want to start off handicapped.
Veronica Brave Princess Face FC.png Veronica: Brave Princess She is also a free hero in the Free Summon: Arrival of the Brave banner. She is another great hero to pick up.
Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.png Ike: Vanguard Legend This guy can be picked up after beating Battle > Story Maps > Paralogues > Xenologue 3: The People's Hero (you can go straight here ignoring all the other paralogues).
Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.png Fjorm: Princess of Ice Get a free Fjorm by completing Chapter 1 Part 5 of Book II (Not Book I or III). The story between Book I, Book II and Book III are barely related, so don't worry about spoiling yourself.
Eir Merciful Death Face FC.png Eir: Merciful Death You can also get a free Eir by completing Chapter 1 of Book III (Not Book I or II). The story between Book I, Book II and Book III are barely related, so don't worry about spoiling yourself.

Obtaining these freebies makes clearing content much easier.

Building Your First Team[edit | edit source]

Because of the weapon triangle, a team should have heroes cover at minimum two colors but is suggested to have all three (red, green, blue). A team should also have heroes with different damage types (one physical and one magical) to be able to hit the lower of an opponent's DEF or RES stat. Weapon types are divided by color and damage type as shown below.

Damage Type Red Blue Green Colorless

If you did not pull any hero you like you can have a starting team that looks like this: Eir Merciful Death Face FC.png Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.png Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.png Veronica Brave Princess Face FC.png

Completing Main Story Maps / Paralogues[edit | edit source]

Play through the Main Story maps (make sure to switch back to book I) and Paralogue maps on Normal. Not only will this provide a large number of orbs, it will also accustom you to the gameplay. You can adjust music, showing combat animations, and movement display in the Settings menu during or outside of battle to suit your preferences. Don't be afraid to spend stamina potions because you get a lot of them. Light's Blessings are much rarer, and since you retain all experience even after losing all your heroes it's better to Give Up and try the stage again than using a Light's Blessing to Continue.

Once you have collected some orbs, you can summon some more heroes to help you out. You can try out new heroes and see what suits your playstyle. After playing through of story mode and paralogues on normal you should have around 180+ orbs which can be converted to another 45 or more heroes.

As you will likely not have too many heroes to work with to start off, here are things you can do to increase an individual hero's overall strength:

  • Leveling Up
    • Upgrade your castle to double to permanently double a unit's experience. You may do so by going to the home screen and tapping Home Upgrade Castle Button.png.
    • Heroes level up fastest in Battle > Special Maps > Special Training and selecting the appropriate difficulty.
  • Summoner Support
    • Pick your favourite hero and summoner support via Allies > Interact with Allies > Summoner Support. The chosen hero will automatically gain HP+3 and Res+2. They gain more stats as they battle level 35 enemies.
    • You can change your summoner support at any time, so don't worry too much on who you've supported right now.
  • Ally Support
    • Select two heroes on the same team and ally support them with Allies' > Interact with Allies > Ally Support. Both heroes will get Res+2 during combat if they are beside each other, and like summoner support gain more stats when they battle Level 35 enemies.
    • Again, ally support can be changed at any time at no cost so don't sweat who exactly to pair up.
  • Learning Skills
    • Your heroes can gain new abilities by going to Allies > Ally Growth > Learn Skills > Selecting the appropriate skill and tapping Teach. This can help a lot in strengthening your hero (such as that free Fjorm). Learning new skills require SP, which is earned from defeating enemies and leveling up.
    • If you aren't sure about what to pick you could go use the Auto-Learn function, however you should learn what those skills do before you teach them the skill.

Remaining story mode challenges[edit | edit source]

Once you finished Story Mode and all the paralogues you can enjoy the rest of the FEH content. However there good incentives to come back to this mode every so often. You can replay them again at higher difficulty, which will provide you with even more orbs and at the current strength of your team it should not be hard (gaining 370+ orbs). Chain Challenge and Squad Assault is very challenging, so don't try this until you have trained up a lot of strong units.

Okay I finished Story mode, what all this extra stuff?[edit | edit source]

Now it is time to be introduced to Fire Emblem Heroes properly. This section explains what you need to know about and what there is to do. What most people do can be summarized as login, get your free orbs(daily), get your free summons (~2 a week but not updated weekly), run through arena and arena assault (once a week), play any new special or story maps (various), and participate in all of the events as much as you can (various, lasts ~6 days) and you should be swimming in stuff, lots of free stuff.

Didn't catch any of that? Well, that's what this section is for.

Complete Quests[edit | edit source]

The not-so-secret Orb Fountain

Found on the home screen on the bottom-right, you've got daily quests, weekly quests, monthly quests, yearly quests, and every manner of quests that will keep you occupied. You can get an assortment of free stuff (mainly orbs), with a general requirement of completing maps with a certain restriction. Don't feel too bad about not completing a few quests here and there.

Just remember to Redeem All when you stop playing for the day.

Check Special Maps Often[edit | edit source]

Check this mode often! There are special maps that are not part of the rotating five maps and can last anywhere from 4 to 14 days and can be easy to miss. These can be in the form of Legendary Hero Battles, Grand Hero Battles, Bound Hero Battles, Developer Challenges, and Thank You maps to name a few.

Grand Hero Battles are the most important special maps to look out for, as they are the only maps that give you free limited heroes, heroes that do not appear in a normal summoning session. Other maps will provide you with a large number of orbs.

There are 5 rotating maps can be completed at any time meaning there is no rush to beat these maps: Special Training maps are used to level up your heroes and earn SP.

  • 2 Grand Hero Battle Revival maps cycle every day, allowing you to obtain heroes that do not appear in a normal summoning session.
  • Hero battles contain heroes you can pull from normal summoning sessions, but this is a guaranteed method of obtaining them.
  • Rival Domain maps use large maps instead of standard maps and provide rewards based on obtaining a certain score. You can play this mode without building a team, and it will just fill your brigade with random heroes. This is the only rotating map that resets its rewards so play it once a week even if it's just for the free orb!

Participate in Events[edit | edit source]

Like Special Maps, Events contain special maps that only appear for 6-14 days. These events can be pseudo-PvP, but rewards are generous even for players that participate for just a bit. The main draw for these events is how the content differs from the typical story and special maps. So far there are 4 kinds of events (ordered most to least important):

  • Tempest Trials+: Fight through a series of maps before confronting and defeating a "boss map". This event gives you the most resources in all of FEH so play this mode as much as you can in those 10 days. It also has a PvP aspect where you can earn extra rewards by getting a higher score than other players.
  • Grand Conquests: Fight over territory in a similar fashion to Rival Domains. This mode has a decent amount of rewards to give.
  • Voting Gauntlet: Voting Gauntlet is where you rustle some jimmies, as you pick 1 of 8 heroes and garner the highest support in a single elimination tournament.
  • Tap Battle: A casual rhythm minigame. The rank and difficulty you choose do not affect the reward meaning, if you are lazy, you can just mash through all the maps.

Actively compete in the Arena[edit | edit source]

This is a pseudo-PvP mode where you use your team against another person's team, controlled by the AI. Every player beginner or veteran should be playing Arena as it provides lots of orbs and other goodies that you will need in order to improve your team. Arena only needs to be played once a week, after securing 5 consecutive victories.

Arena Assault is separate from Arena as it provides a different set of rewards, and requires seven different teams instead of just one. Arena Assault should also be played once a week, though you should not feel the need to have 7 consecutive victories at this point.

Arena and Arena Assault rewards reset every week Tuesday at 7:00 AM UTC.

Actively compete in the Aether Raids[edit | edit source]

This is a pseudo-PvP mode where you use your team to invade another player's Aether Keep. Every player beginner or veteran should be playing Aether Raids as it provides lots of Heroic Grails needed to summon Heroes from the Use Heroic Grails menu. Aether Raids also rewards you with Aether Stones that can be used to improve structures in your Aether Keep. Aether Raids needs to be played once a day for 5 days to receive the daily rewards.

Aether Raids rewards reset every week on Monday at 7:00 AM UTC.

Make Some Friends[edit | edit source]

This is where you can add friends or check your friend requests. You can view your Friend Code (10-digit ID number) to provide to over players. You can send requests by entering a Friend Code, select a name from the suggestions list, or send a request after playing Arena or Arena Assault.

Gradually power up your teams[edit | edit source]

The content outside of story mode can be challenging or require specific requirements to complete. As a result, it is important to start thinking about building up different heroes:

  • Put a strong focus on building and improving your core team.
  • Build about 3 or 4 other teams to rely on:
    - Preferably each of those teams should focus on one movement type so you have 4 total teams that consist of only Icon Move Flying.png flying units, only Icon Move Cavalry.png cavalry units, only Icon Move Armored.png armored units, and only Icon Move Infantry.png infantry units. (These teams are known as X emblems)
  • Confer Blessings on each of the 3-4 teams
    - This is so you can enter the Blessed Gardens maps, which provide a healthy amount of orbs, feathers, divine dew, and more blessings.
  • Invest in Sacred Seals
    The Sacred Seal forge can be accessed by tapping the silver coin on the top-right corner of the home screen. Seals are very flexible because they act as equippable skills. Sacred coins are handed out by playing Arena and/or Arena Assault. Recommended seals include Close Def 3.png Close Def 3, Distant Def 3.png Distant Def 3, and Quick Riposte 3.png Quick Riposte 3 as they provide immediate benefits.

Advanced Growth[edit | edit source]

This section will give you some tips as to what you should be doing what you should not be doing with the heroes that you pull, in hopes that you would not make any mistakes when improving your heroes.

Weapon Refinery[edit | edit source]

The Weapon Refinery is able to refine specific weapons and as the name implies. This is separate from "Learn Skills" mainly because they require Arena Medals, Refining Stones, and/or  Divine Dew as well as SP making it more costly than the aforementioned "Learn Skills".

Refinery materials come at a healthy pace so you don't need to be too worried about spending them.

Unlocking Potential[edit | edit source]

Unlock potential increases a heroes rarity after spending the materials below. As you can see the cost to promote a hero to 5★ rarity is quite expensive, so be sure to have a good reason before unlocking potential. If you have feathers to spare you can promote the three main heroes of Askr (Anna: Commander Anna: Commander, Alfonse: Prince of Askr Alfonse: Prince of Askr, and Sharena: Princess of Askr Sharena: Princess of Askr) as they are required in many different quests they are featured in (along with Fjorm: Princess of Ice Fjorm: Princess of Ice and Ike: Vanguard Legend Ike: Vanguard Legend).

There is no harsh penalty for promoting, rather it will just lengthen the time it takes for other heroes you do want to be promoted.

Inherit Skill[edit | edit source]

Inherit Skill, or Skill Inheritance, is the act of foddering a hero to give another hero up to 3 skills (or the highest level of 1 skill). If skill has prerequisite skills, they must be inherited as well, and they count towards the limit of 3 skills you can inherit. Since you lose the original hero it is important to carefully consider what skill you want to inherit. Since it may be difficult to determine what skills you should be inheriting and what heroes you should be foddering, the table below provide a small list of "cheap" but very useful skills applicable to nearly any hero. They are cheap as the skill can be found on at least two different 3★ and 4★ units, and the second tier versions are almost as effective as their third tier versions which is important if you do not want to 5★ them. If you pull any of the following units, unless you feel like using them, treat them as skill inheritance fodder for your other heroes until you gain a better understanding of how you should be using the system effectively:

Skill Explanation Units to inherit it from
Assist Assist-Type Skills
Icon Skill Assist.png Reposition Moving units into and out of specific ranges is extremely important Selena Cutting Wit Face FC.png Barst The Hatchet Face FC.png
Icon Skill Assist.png Swap Moving units into and out of specific ranges is extremely important Arthur Hapless Hero Face FC.png Seth Silver Knight Face FC.png Stahl Viridian Knight Face FC.png
Special Special-Type Skill
Icon Skill Special.png Glimmer Low cooldown, general purpose special Beruka Quiet Assassin Face FC.png Peri Playful Slayer Face FC.png Lonqu Solitary Blade Face FC.png
Icon Skill Special.png Moonbow Low cooldown, general purpose special Athena Borderland Sword Face FC.png Odin Potent Force Face FC.png Palla Eldest Whitewing Face FC.png
Icon Skill Special.png Luna General purpose special Catria Middle Whitewing Face FC.png Frederick Polite Knight Face FC.png
Passive A A-Type Skill
Fury 3.png Fury 3 Provides +3 to every stat with a minor damage penalty Hinata Wild Samurai Face FC.png Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.png
Triangle Adept 3.png Triangle Adept 3 Gain a significant advantage against opposing colors Roy Young Lion Face FC.png Selena Cutting Wit Face FC.png
Passive B B-Type Skill
Desperation 3.png Desperation 3 For fast heroes (SPD>35), it allows them to attack twice before being counterattacked Shanna Sprightly Flier Face FC.png Mae Bundle of Energy Face FC.png
Quick Riposte 3.png Quick Riposte 3 For slower heroes (SPD<30), allows them to counterattack twice despite being slower. Klein Silver Nobleman Face FC.png Subaki Perfect Expert Face FC.png
Swordbreaker 3.png Swordbreaker 3 Make them effective against a certain weapon. Other breakers not listed as they are harder to obtain and cover fewer units. Abel The Panther Face FC.png Sully Crimson Knight Face FC.png
Axebreaker 3.png Axebreaker 3 Make them effective against a certain weapon. Other breakers not listed as they are harder to obtain and cover fewer units. Laslow Dancing Duelist Face FC.png Eliwood Knight of Lycia Face FC.png
Lancebreaker 3.png Lancebreaker 3 Make them effective against a certain weapon. Other breakers not listed as they are harder to obtain and cover fewer units. Oscar Agile Horseman Face FC.png Arthur Hapless Hero Face FC.png
Passive C C-Type Skill
Ward Fliers.png Fortify Fliers.png Goad Fliers.png Icon Move Flying.png Flying Buffs Improves Flying Emblem Shigure Uplifting Artist Face FC.png Caeda Talyss Heart Face FC.png Palla Eldest Whitewing Face FC.png
Ward Cavalry.png Fortify Cavalry.png Goad Cavalry.png Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry Buffs Improves Cavalry Emblem Gunter Inveterate Soldier Face FC.png Eliwood Knight of Lycia Face FC.png Jagen Veteran Knight Face FC.png
Ward Armor.png Fortify Armor.png Goad Armor.png Icon Move Armored.png Armored Buffs Improves Armored Emblem Gwendolyn Adorable Knight Face FC.png Draug Gentle Giant Face FC.png Sheena Princess of Gra Face FC.png
Inheriting cheap skills is typically okay. Inheriting more expensive skills should be done with caution, with the intention of eventually using that the hero you inherited that skill to.

Merging[edit | edit source]

Merging is the act of combining two of the same hero into one and provides a small stat boost and a small score boost. If you promote a merged 4★ into a 5★ heroes you lose all of the accumulated stat bonuses and merge levels.

Merging is a "no turning back" kind of decision, so you need to be well aware of why you are merging your heroes.

Sending Home[edit | edit source]

Found on the basic allies menu, this feature permanently remove heroes from your barracks along with any skills they may have for a very small amount of feathers.

It is not advised to send any heroes home as expanding the barracks, merging, or inheriting their skills to another hero is often cheaper and less of a finite decision.

What should I do with this new hero I just summoned (non-duplicate)?[edit | edit source]

By enabling Misc. -> Settings -> Asset/Flaw Color Display, Assets and Flaws for each hero will be highlighted. The best Asset/Flaw distribution your hero will typically vary character to character, but here are some general guidelines:

  • For offensive units, +SPD and +ATK are two good positive Assets to have. -HP is typically the most sought after flaw, but -DEF and -RES aren't too bad either.
  • On characters that are built to take a hit, consider a +DEF or +RES Asset. A +SPD Asset can also be considered if the hero has high Speed to avoid being doubled by an enemy.
Note: Flaws are removed from a hero if they are merged, meaning a heroes asset is more important than their flaw.

If the Asset/Flaw variance is not in your favor, the hero is not listed as being top tier, and you do not wish to use them then you can keep them in your barracks as you consider using that hero for skill inheritance. Most 5★ heroes provide skills that are only exclusive to their rarity, and 4★ heroes usually have at least 1 skill that has all three tiers of that skill available when promoted to 5★.

What should I do with my duplicates? Merge, unlock potential, use for skill inheritance, or send home?[edit | edit source]

Some stat variations are better than others, so it's advised you keep the best variation for that particular hero before you decide to do anything with the other duplicate.

Avoid merges unless you have a very strong reason to (it is your main team for Arena). If the hero has rare skills the duplicates could be used for skill inheritance instead. Merged heroes do keep all skills from the sacrificed hero, so if you had previously inherited several skills to a hero with bad IV's than you may merge that hero into the one with optimal IV's.

Skill Inheritance is generally what you will use duplicates for, though remember you only have a limited number of duplicates to sacrifice. You may need to promote a duplicate to 5★ before inheriting all three tiers of its skill (e.g. Icon Skill Special.png Galeforce on Cordelia: Knight Paragon Cordelia: Knight Paragon). First check if the third skill tier can be found on a 4★ hero before you promote, to save on feathers.

Sending home is only advised for heroes that serve no use to you either for its lack of strength in combat or its lack of useful skills to inherit. However this is quite difficult to determine as a beginner, so it is suggested to to keep expanding your barracks. Also, IS is slowly giving heroes unique and refinable weapons turning some once useless heroes into top-tier threats so don't count any of your heroes out. If you put in the time and effort into your favorite hero, they will serve you well!

See also[edit | edit source]