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This guide aims to help you get started as a beginner in Fire Emblem Heroes. This is not meant as an explanation of game mechanics ("What does this do?" type questions) but more as a subjective guide of what you should be doing as a beginner as well as other helpful tips.

For an explanation of in-game features and mechanics, refer to Basics.

If you have a specific question in mind, take a look at the FAQ and see if you can find the answer to your question there.

What should I be doing as a beginner?[edit | edit source]

Rerolling (Optional)[edit | edit source]

Rerolling is the process of deleting your account and creating a new one repeatedly until you obtain the most desirable heroes you want on your first summon. As a beginner, it is recommended to reroll when you're still new to avoid losing game progress. Rerolling is entirely optional; however, rerolling for a stronger unit is considered highly beneficial for more difficult story chapters and Arena later on.

Essentially for rerolling:

  • After completing the tutorial you will receive 15 orbs.
  • Completing the Prologue grants you 3 more orbs.
  • You will also earn any orbs being offered as a log-in bonus during special events.

With these 20 orbs, you can then do a Multi-Summon for a total of 5 heroes. If you are not satisfied with the heroes you have summoned, you can then choose whether or not you would like to reroll.

If you are not sure if your heroes are good or not, refer to the Wiki's Tier List for a general guideline.

For a more detailed information on rerolling, please refer to the How to Reroll page.

Summoning Heroes[edit | edit source]

As a beginner, you will want to summon more heroes until you have a solid team to run you through game content.

On your first few summons, it is highly recommended to save 20 orbs for summoning to maximize the amount of heroes you can get from your Orbs.

The initial cost for summoning is 5 Orbs and will bring up a screen with 5 stones for you to select from (Summoning session). After selecting your first stone, you can choose to select the other stones as well at decreasing cost. Leaving or backing out of the summoning session will reset the Orb cost back to its initial 5 Orb cost. This table shows the Orb cost in one session:

Stone Orb Cost
1st Stone 5 Orb.png
2nd Stone 4 Orb.png
3rd Stone 4 Orb.png
4th Stone 4 Orb.png
5th Stone 3 Orb.png

Once you have some quality heroes, it becomes more efficient to fix your weapon triangle gaps and team needs by focusing on an individual color or two than simply summoning every possible summon. For example, if you find your team is lacking quality Red heroes, you will want to focus on Red stones only rather than use your Orbs on other colors you don't currently need on your team. Additionally, if you are pulling for a specific hero on any given summoning Banner, only pull from that color.

And then eventually, it cycles back around to simply pulling every possible orb again simply for Skill Inheritance purposes. Broadly speaking, red and blue have access to the most quality skills on 4* units, but there's notable 4* units for skill purposes in every given color. ( Icon Portrait Klein Silver Nobleman.png Klein: Silver Nobleman for Death Blow 3 out of Greys,  Icon Portrait Fae Divine Dragon.png Fae: Divine Dragon for Renewal 3 out of Greens, etc.) If there is a skill you're absolutely dying to get your hands on for some unit, again it becomes more efficient to pull only from the color for the unit you're aiming for.

Building Your First Team[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Free-to-Play Guide: Building an Effective Team

Upgrading Your Castle[edit | edit source]

After summoning enough heroes to build a solid team, the next thing to focus on Orb-wise should be your Castle. Upgrading your castle costs Orbs but will permanently give increased EXP to all your units. The upgrades bonuses and Orb costs are as follows:

Castle Amount of Orbs Required
Torchlit Castle - Boost EXP earned by 20% 1 Orb.png
Columned Castle - Boost EXP earned by 40% 2 Orb.png
Carpeted Castle - Boost EXP earned by 60% 5 Orb.png
Ornate Castle - Boost EXP earned by 80% 8 Orb.png
Royal Castle - Boost EXP earned by 100% 10 Orb.png

Story Maps[edit | edit source]

These maps should be your main focus as a beginner. Not only is it good for training your characters in the beginning, but when completing a story map for the first time, you will also receive 1 Orb. As you should know by now, Orbs are the main currency of the game.

Due to Quests and Missions not being retroactive, it is recommended to do all of the Normal maps first, then all of the Hard maps, and finally all of the Lunatic maps. Take note of the recommended level of the story though as your heroes will stop receiving EXP if they are 5 or more levels higher than the enemy.

Additionally, there are also event-tied Story Maps called Paralogues. These maps, similar to Story Maps, reward you with 1 Orb upon completion and also have their own set of quests you can complete for rewards.

Special Maps[edit | edit source]

Keep an eye out for special maps. These are exclusive maps only available for a limited time which grant you rewards such as heroes, Orbs, and other items.

Refer to Special Maps for a full list of current and upcoming Special Maps!

Quests and Missions[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Quests and Missions

From the Home screen, you can select the bottom right fountain to view your Quests and Missions. Completing these will give you rewards such as Orbs, stamina potions, and other items to help you further progress through the game.

There are three tiers of difficulty for Quests and Missions: Normal, Hard, Lunatic. You can only unlock higher difficulty quests after completing the previous difficulty, or in other words, you must complete all Normal quests to unlock Hard quests and all Hard quests to unlock Lunatic. This is the reason why it is recommended to play the Story maps in difficulty order because these quests and missions are not retroactive.

This means if you finish several of the Hard story maps before unlocking the Hard Story Quests and Missions, when you do unlock them, you will have to use Stamina to play those maps again to finish the quests.

If you link your Nintendo ID, there are also myNintendo rewards as well which you can access from the Quests and Missions menu such as 10 Orbs and myNintendo points for completing story chapters. These points can be spent on items such as Stamina Potions, Light's Blessings, Shards, Crystals, and Dueling Crests. Take note that if you claim these rewards, if you link your Nintendo ID to another Fire Emblem Heroes account (e.g. If you reroll), you will not be able to reclaim these rewards.

Daily Resets[edit | edit source]

There is a reset daily at 7:00 AM UTC which will refresh several in-game items as well as update maps and rewards. This is also the standard start time for Arena and announced events.

The current list of items/maps refreshed and updated daily are as follows:

  • 3x Dueling Swords
  • Castle Unit Gifts
  • Friend Greetings
  • Bulletin Board Updates
  • Character-specific Special Maps
  • Training Tower Rewards

Other things that will be updated at the daily reset time, but not daily:

  • Weekend Login Bonus
  • Arena New Season Start - Tuesdays (Note that Arena ends on Monday at 12 AM UTC and is closed until the Tuesday Daily Reset Start)
  • Announced Events

Levelling[edit | edit source]

Typically, levelling shouldn't be an issue as a beginner when you're going through Story. However, if you do find some of your units under-leveled, you can train in the Training Tower or by using shards/crystals.

Training Tower[edit | edit source]

The Training Tower is a set of 11 map levels called Stratum where you can train your units for EXP. Each Stratum is a randomized map with randomized enemies, but the weapon type and color of these enemies can be figured out beforehand by the icons below the Stratum title. Make sure you pay attention to these icons because you don't want to run into a map with majority Blue enemies while training a team of Red allies.

Also pay attention to the recommended level and choose a map with levels close to your characters. Not only because you probably won't be able to defeat enemies too strong for you, but because your heroes receive diminishing EXP as the difference in level increases between them and the enemy units they defeat.

Tip: If none of the current Training Tower maps are ideal for your team, press the refresh button until an optimal enemy team is available. It does not require stamina to refresh.

If you're looking to train lower level heroes in the Training Tower to catch up with your higher leveled heroes, the best option would be to bring along a stronger character and optionally a healer. Let the stronger character whittle down the enemy's health and let your under-leveled character last hit for the EXP.

Make sure your under-leveled hero survives as otherwise any EXP they may have earned on that map may be lost.

You can also earn Badges/Great Badges for unlocking potential along with Shards/Crystals (Once a day) for leveling. The color of these items you get varies daily based on this schedule.

Shards/Crystals[edit | edit source]

Shards and crystals can be used for leveling an ally through the menu option Allies > Level Up. Using shards and crystals is merely a faster way to level up your unit compared to battling with your heroes. There are no negative effects towards your stats by using shards and crystals.

The shards and crystals you use must match the color of the unit you want to level, OR you can use the yellow universal shards/crystals.

Learning Skills[edit | edit source]

As you level up, your hero will gain Skill Points (SP) along with EXP. These can be spent to have your hero learn new skills via Allies > Learn Skill.

There are four types of skills you can learn:

Some character skills are locked unless you unlock the potential of that character to a higher rarity. For example, the highest tier weapon you can learn is typically locked for 5★ only.

Since you continue to gain SP even after hitting max level, you will eventually be able to learn all of your character's skills.

Merging Allies, Sending Home, and Unlocking Potential[edit | edit source]

Merging Allies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Merge Allies

When you have duplicate copies of the same hero, one option you have is to merge them together. Merging lower star rarity heroes into higher star rarity heroes will only give SP. However, if you merge heroes with the same star rarity, your hero will gain increased stats (2 points distributed to two random stats) as well as reduced feather cost for unlocking potential.

Sending Home[edit | edit source]

Send Home is essentially the way to remove characters you do not want anymore. Sending home units will also give a set amount of feathers depending on the star rarity that unit is at.

Star Rarity Amount of Feathers Received
1★ 5 Hero Feather.png
2★ 10 Hero Feather.png
3★ 150 Hero Feather.png
4★ 300 Hero Feather.png
5★ 1000 Hero Feather.png

It's worth noting that the feather reduction cost of merging is the same value as if you had sent the unit home.

Unlock Potential[edit | edit source]

Main article: Unlock Potential

Unlocking Potential is upgrading a character's star rarity such as 3★ to 4★ or 4★ to 5★, etc. This will revert the character's level back to 1 as well as reset the character's stats (SP and skills will carry over though), and you'll have to retrain that character. However, the hassle of unlocking potential is very much worth it for top-tier characters since their stat gains will improve at higher star rarities.

In order to unlock the potential of one of your character's, you need the following:

  • At least Level 20 character
  • Feathers (Amount varies based on star rarity)
  • Badges / Great Badges (Amount and type varies based on star rarity)

Characters at 3★/4★are not necessarily rose up to Level 20 to see if it has a good stat variance or not. It is predetermined when you summon the hero. If it has an +ATK and -RES at 3★, no matter you evolve it to 4★ or 5★, it will still have the +ATK and -RES stat.

What should I do with my duplicates? Merge, unlock potential, use for skill inheritance, or send home?[edit | edit source]

Merging should be reserved for 5★ heroes since at lower rarities, the merge stat bonuses do not carry over when you increase rarity of a hero. Lower rarity heroes should typically either be saved so their skills can be inherited by other heroes later with #Skill Inheritance, or sent home if a unit does not have any desirable skills.

Unlocking potential, due to the high feather cost of going from 4★ to 5★, should only be used for top tier heroes. On top of that, consider the stat variation of your lower rarity unit as well. If you're unlocking the potential of a unit that loves the ATK and SPD stat, you do not want to unlock the potential of a hero with a -ATK or -SPD stat variation. See Stats and Stat Growth for more information on stats and stat variances.

You can also use an unwanted duplicate to transfer skills to the main unit, because any skills learned by the consumed unit will be available to the main unit. You can use this to save SP, or use the SP on the duplicate if the main unit has no SP to spare.

If you have no use for merging, unlocking potential, skill inheritance, or using the hero on your team, you should send the unit home for the feathers.

Which one of the duplicates should I send home / merge / unlock potential?[edit | edit source]

Main article: Stats
Main article: Stat Growth

Choosing which duplicate to keep comes down to stat variance. Every stat has a low, medium, and high value predetermined when you summon the hero. Every hero can either have all medium stats or 1 low+3 medium+1 high stat. In order to determine which duplicate to keep, you must first find out what your unit's stat variance is, which can only currently be done at level 1 and level 40 (for heroes of 4★ and lower you can see level 1 stats of next rarity via unlock potential screen after level 20).

Once you find out the stat variance (for example using this Stats Calculator), you must then determine if your hero's stats are good or not. This will typically vary character to character, but here are some general guidelines to determining which character to keep:

  • For offensive units, +SPD and +ATK are two good positive stats to have. -HP is typically the most sought after negative IV, but -DEF and -RES aren't too bad either.
  • On characters you that need to take a hit, consider +DEF, +RES. Whether you want a +DEF or +RES depends on the character, for example, a +DEF on a physical tank. +SPD can also be considered a defensive stats in some niche cases where you might be able to avoid getting double hit by an enemy.
  • Some 3★ units are still worth keeping. It is because when you unlock potential a character, its stat variance will keep the same. For example, I got a 3★ Nino,which is a tier S offensive magician, with +SPD and -DEF and another 4★ Nino with +RES and -ATK. In this scenario, the 3★ one is more preferred to keep and evolve.

Skill Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Main article: Skill Inheritance

Skill Inheritance is a mechanic which allows heroes to inherit the skills of other heroes outside of their default given skills. A hero can inherit a maximum of three skills from another hero, with the latter hero disappearing after giving the former hero his/her skills.

Inherit Skill Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Most skills are inheritable, barring a number of exceptions. There are three type of restrictions:

Restriction Description Example
Weapon-Type Restriction Only certain weapon types can learn certain skills.
Movement-Type Restrictions Only certain movement types can learn certain skills.
Exclusive Skills Some skills are limited to certain units.

Additionally, Prerequisite skills must be inherited as well, and count towards the limit of 3. For example, in order to inherit and learn Vantage 3, you will need to inherit Vantage 1 and Vantage 2 as well. This is inclusive of weapons (e.g. Brave Axe+ would require inheriting Brave Axe).

Other Helpful Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can speed up the game a little by turning off Animations, this is done by going into your Settings and setting "Combat Animations" and "Support Animations" to Off.
  • You can have a different nickname by going to Misc > FAQ/Etc. > Change Nickname.
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