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These skill build pages meant to be used for general skill insight. As these pages are new and still in their infant stages, any suggestions and contributions to improve them are welcome. Feedback can be left on the Skill Build Page Feedback page.

Heroes with builds using this skill[edit source]

Submitted builds which use this skill[edit source]

User Submitted Builds
Below are all user-submitted builds. The quality of these builds may vary wildly. Please use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.
Universal Shard.png Low investment
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Working within the default kit she comes with, Caeda is a very capable counter-mage. The only mages she dies to are ones that can OHKO her. She's in a 5-way tie for most base speed of any unit in the game. (1st place is Lon'Qu, 2nd is Anna, and 3rd is both varieties of Caeda, Lyn, Setsuna, Felicia and Navarre.) What this means is the only units who can get double attacks on her must have +Spd IVs, and either Darting Blow or LND3, or are running B Tomebreaker.

If you have +Spd IV yourself, you don't even need to worry about LND3 mages (except other +Spd Bridal Caedas, I suppose). Nino and Linde, the next fastest mages, require the +Spd seal or Speed buffs to get to the magical 45 number. And you can always match that with your own team set up, if you find you need your Caeda to tank a hit from either of them.

If you manage to separate the green blade tome mages that are rampant in the meta from their Hone/Fortify/Rally support, you can even tank a shot from them. Fury 3 neutral Nino still requires +7 to her total damage to OHKO Bridal Caeda, while neutral attack Julia, Spring Camilla or Cecilia need +5. They are probably going to have the support to easily reach that threshold, but still. If you can separate them from the heard, you can tank a shot from them and if they aren't going to get a kill against some other unit in your party, they will gun for her because AI chases WTA matchups. Obviously, she fairs a lot better against other blue mages. Except Reinhardt. He still wins. Hopefully you have other ways to deal with him.

If you want to get silly with the anti-mage potential, you could feed her Blárowl for spur shenanigans. It'll also help her lowish attack, and definitely solidify her crazy speed, if you have more than one unit directly next to you. (Worth noting that Mae herself is a pretty capable blue anti-mage already so feeding her tome to Bridal Caeda is a bit redundant when you could just actually use her.)

When not fighting other mages, Caeda is as servicable a mage as you could expect. Her attack power may be a little on the low side, but that's fine because she's going to double pretty much the entire cast save a very select few units. When Iceberg procs, pretty much anything is dies. And she's buffing the defense and resistance of the rest of your team every time she lands an attack, which is pretty handy. She already comes with Hone Speed 3 default so that covers all the defensive buffs.

Reposition is fairly standard. Swap could work. Might even want to do Ardent Sacrifice depending on the rest of your team's needs.
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Armored.png Armored
Defense Plus W.png Blárowl+ (Def)
Stats: +SPD/-HP
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This build is meant to have as much synergy as possible with Lynn's Armor March. As a member of an armor team, Lynn will want to get her armor march boost to as many teammates as possible, so she should be surrounded on all sides by teammates. This is why we chose Blárowl for her weapon, as it gives her +6 to all stats when she's in position to activate armor march for all three of her teammates. Having adjacent teammates will also activate her native A skill, boosting her to ridiculous amounts of speed and filling out her rather low attack. And if her teammates all have ward/goad armor equipped, Lynn becomes even more powerful. When surrounded on three sides by teammates, two with ward armor and one with goad armor, Lynn gets +15 atk/spd and +14 def/res from her and her teammates' passives. This makes her insanely bulky and strong, and able to tank the likes of Reinhardt, her Brave alt, and many others (barring Blue Tomebreaker, but honestly who uses that?). Not only can she be positioned strategically to bait and kill ranged threats that would otherwise abuse her teammates, she can also be used in player phase to safely eliminate melee threats. Additionally, she has Wings of Mercy 3 to bail out her teammates who get into trouble. This also has great synergy with her A and C skills, as she will always get the atk/spd bond boost (and the blarowl boost from at least 1 teammate) after warping, and once she's saved her teammate, they'll both be granted extra movement in the following round. This build doesn't even need to worry about Panic Ploy since it doesn't rely on stat bonuses at all, only on passive boosts.
Pen.png Creative
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Armored.png Armored
Speed Plus W.png Blárowl+ (Spd)
Icon Skill Assist.png Ardent Sacrifice / flexible
Stats: +Atk,+Spd/-Def,-Res,-HP
Click to show/hide build description 
Love Abounds Lyn may be the star of the show, but it's her allies that can really get her there.

Let's go through the numbers of a fully realized build "real fast." Blárowl+ grants Lyn +6 to Att/Spd/Def/Res (and an additional +2 Speed from reforge), Atk/Spd Bond 3 grants +5 Att/Spd, totaling to +11/13/6/6 from her build alone and the existence of 3 allies adjacent. For true maximization, her Armored allies should be running 2 Goad Armor and one Hone Armor, with one ally running Spur Attack 3 Seal and another running Spur Speed 3 Seal. This grants an additional +18 bonus to Attack and Speed, totaling to a bonus of +25/27/6/6 on Lyn (with room to run Spur Def or Spur Res on her third ally). Toss in Ally Support and you're looking at an incredible +27/29/8/8 bonus on Lyn (or +29/31/10/10 if you are willing to give her Summoner Support). For those not keeping track, this would make her neutral IV in-combat statistics to be 37/69/64/37/44 or 42/71/66/39/46 with Summoner Support.

Lacking an ideal scenario such as above, Lyn typically sports up to two adjacent allies and Hone Armor buffs. Owl outperforms most other tomes with even one adjacent ally, and given how Goad Armor boasts a 2-range effect, Lyn simply needs her allies close to reach strong benefits. Ideally, your Hone Armor never leaves her side, so that unit should be the one to possess Ally Support; their Spur should be determined by Lyn's IVs.

+Attack is preferred over +Speed for Lyn due to her incredibly bolstered Speed nigh guaranteeing follow-ups, but if she is performing with minimal support (not recommended) then +Speed can help make her more self-efficient. Desperation and Armor March are required; Armor March is necessary for Lyn to have the movement to reach opponents and synergizes well with the full Owl effect she desires; it likewise allows her to initiate with Desperation more reliably.

Her allies are where this build truly shines, so here is tl;dr checklist:

2 Goad Armor (natural on Hector and Love Abounds Eliwood)

1 Hone Armor (natural on Gwendolyn)

Spur Attack and Spur Speed Seals on the most commonly adjacent Armors (Hone Armor user and one other)

Ally Support with Hone Armor user

Spur Defense OR Spur Res (depending on Lyn's IVs) on remaining Armor

The drawbacks of this build are pretty blatant; Lyn becomes the star of a maximized team build, and leaves all her allies' Seal slots consumed. Additionally, no amount of buffs can allow her to power through Triangle Adept, high-Res Greens, and the rare B Tomebreaker. Toning down her team for a more balanced contribution is a personal choice; it harms Lyn's maximization but also allows her allies to perform better. Additionally, maximizing Owl on player phase is both inconvenient and a bear to manage. The weight of a 71/66 offense spread cannot be understated, regardless. The level of insanity you wish to reach is how crazy you want your team to be.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Icon Move Armored.png Armored
Click to show/hide build description 
Lyn was an anomaly among armor units at her release, wielding a middling atk and instead focusing on a speed stat when most Armor exclusive skills go out of their way to ignore it. But with the advent of '"`UNIQ--item-494--QINU`"', speedy Armors now have the means of quickly firing off powerful 4 charge specials in every combat and preventing any in retaliation. '"`UNIQ--item-497--QINU`"' is chosen to get additional mileage out of armor emblem's natural tendency to stick close together, each adjacent ally making Lyn just a little bit stronger and tougher. The Seal only adds further to this; '"`UNIQ--item-500--QINU`"' improves Lyn's defensive abilities and protects against physical retaliations while Atk/Spd Bond goes all in on offense and gives Lyn the speed she needs to guarantee the all important follow-up and special activation.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Sacred Coin.png Assault
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Stats: +Spd/-Def
Passive Icon C.pngEmpty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon S.pngEmpty Passive Icon.png
Click to show/hide build description 
This build aims to give Mae a niche by lieu of her tome and her Res stat. She comes with the Blárowl+, which grants her +2 to all stats for every unit that she's adjacent to. Her Assist is Draw Back, as she comes with it naturally, and it helps her retreat after combat. Alternatively, she can use Reposition as her assist, as it has some more versatility, and helps move her allies out of danger or closer to a foe. Her Special is either Moonbow or Iceberg. Moonbow has a faster charge of 2, but can help her break through tougher foes, while Iceberg would add a more consistent amount of damage, although it has a charge of 3.

Her A skill is whatever she can use to bolster her capabilities of taking attacks at a range. Res +3 is a budget option, and is listed first. If the player has a spare Celica however, Distant Def would be superior as it would grant +6 Res as well as +6 Def, though it'd only work at a distance. However that's fine, as that's the only kind of combat she should ever be involved in. Her B skill is Quick Riposte, as the playstyle of this set means she should mostly be seeing combat on the enemy phase, making Quick Riposte the perfect skill as it'd allow her to counterattack twice. Her C skill is Spur Atk, since she'll always want to stay glued to another ally for her weapon's effect, she can put a Spur to good use and help support her team. However, this slot is flexible and is up to what the player may need.

Mae's tome is best used with allies who have a Spur skill. If her ally runs Spur Res and stands adjacent to Mae, then Mae gains +2 Atk, Def, Spd, and +6 Res. This allows her to work as a sort of anti-mage, being able to bait them out and ideally defeat them in that round of combat.
Pen.png Creative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Click to show/hide build description 
Through the power of bonds, F!Morgan makes a decisive comeback! While this build works with any blue mage, F!Morgan finds herself in a great place as she has roughly the 4th highest Res out of the Blue mages, but is the only one in the top 5 that is a flier, giving her the ability to position herself better than the others, giving her the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE.

By giving Morgan an -owl tome, we raise all of her stats to the +6 that a -serpent tome can. This aids her middling Spd, though it honestly doesn't do much, only boosting it to 33 (given a -Spd nature), however, it does help her damage output. However, if we use F!Morgan outside of Solo modes and move to other modes like Rival Domains, Grand Conquest, or Defense Relay, Morgan can get up to +8 to her stats.

The Assist is a bog-standard movement assist, but we use Drag Back or Swap so that we can move Morgan into position to Ploy enemy units.

The Special is either Iceberg or Glacies. We are using specials that scale off of Morgan's Res for obvious reasons, especially since she can ideally reach 51-59 Res (in-combat) with all of her skills in use. Iceberg is being used as the tried and true enemy phase 3-Charge Special + QR combo works. Glacies for the same reason, but only if you have a way of pre-charging it by one, like Ostia's Pulse or Quickened Pulse.

For the A-Skill we ideally use Atk/Res 3, which sadly only comes from Seasonal units. Atk/Res Bond 3 also synergies well with her Weapon and Special. For those inclined not to fodder off seasonal units, Mirror Stance 3 is a fine budget alternative.

For the B-Skill we ideally use QR 3 since it has been tested to work wonders with 3-Charge Specials like Iceberg. Alternatively you can use Vantage 3 for later engagements.

C-Skill is a Ploy as it would be criminal to not use Morgan's Res stat.

For Seals either another Ploy would work, or DD3 for boosting her already high in-combat Res.
Pen.png Creative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Click to show/hide build description 
With 26/34 defenses up to 32/40 with adjacent allies and 34/42 with additional Ally Support S, not counting possible Spurs and Summoner Support, Oliver is a really good enemy-phase unit.
Pen.png Creative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Click to show/hide build description 
Oliver's Resistance stat is almost as unrivaled as his stunning beauty, so it's only natural to design a build around it. With a +Res Owl tome, Atk Res Bond 3, and three fawning admirers gathered around him, he reaches 48 Resistance before receiving any Fortifies or Spurs―practically enough to no-sell an Atk Ploy'd Reinhardt―and has 54 Attack to boot. Guard 3 protects him from those pesky Moonbow/Quickened Pulse Reinhardts, who are clearly envious of his impeccable grace and magnificence. Quick Riposte is obligatory for one so poised as Oliver. For the sake of incorporating Guard into this build, I've chosen to use its Sacred Seal manifestation. However, another option is to use Quick Riposte as a B-passive, and equip the Distant Defense 3 'Seal instead to further bolster his magic-tanking abilities.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Dueling Crest.png Arena
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry
Click to show/hide build description 
Basically you want to debuff the enemies as much as possible with this marvelous Oliver build.The weapon , Owltome , is self explanatory. Some units that can be paired up with Oliver is Marth with his Falchion refined to give drive spectrum to all his stats + the owl tome stat increase.Hinoka also works too,her prf weapon , Hinoka's Spear has a spd and atk buff ,refine it and get a free guidance . Fury3 is just there to give flat stats , you can replace it with other A skills you prefer. Chill speed can remove the kill potential of dangerous enemies with high speed/easily deal with them with units you have that almost outsped them.(Example: Mia , Ayra , Olwen etc.),if it's too "expensive" you can go other skills like Renewal and Lancebreaker . With the weapon's res after refining and Oliver's magnificently high resistance you can have more res than other high res units that are more often used in arena. (Example: Deirdre,Winter Tharja, Halloween Henry, etc.). All in all , this build is mainly use for enemy phase as Oliver has low spd and doesnt hit as hard as other blue tomes. you'll get an almost guaranteed glacies/iceberg on the next turn if you let oliver tank some hits from the enemy ,becoming a literal nuke on the next turn.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Stamina Potion.png Chain
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry
Stats: +Spd/-HP
Click to show/hide build description 

Well, i wanted to create a build that use neither Dire Thunder nor blade tome as weapon of choice. So, after many days i had an idea.

For this build, Olwen must be in a Cavalry team with all members with Ward Cavalry as passive C.

  • IV's: Neutral or +SPD/-HP (any diferent to -SPD)

For this build, +SPD is the recommended boon, any bane different to -SPD is good, if not, a Neutral Olwen works well with this build

  • Weapon: Icon Skill Weapon.png Blárowl+

The strength of a team is to be united, so, with this tome, Olwen will receive even more benefits for that union

  • Assist: Icon Skill Assist.png Swap / Reposition (really any movement assist is good)

Those skills can save your live in dangerous situations and help to be in formation in a fast way

  • Special: Icon Skill Special.png Iceberg / Glacies

Considering her high RES, she can run any of RES-based specials and get a kill most of the cases.

  • Passive A: Close Counter.png Close Counter

Sometimes, Olwen can't be saved from melee fighters, so, she needs to face them

  • Passive B: Guard 3.png Guard 3

Specials that bypass defenses really hurts, sometimes you can just be attacked to charge foe's specials, preventing that scenario is always a good choice

  • Passive C: Ward Cavalry.png Ward Cavalry

With all members with this skill, when all are together, all can resist incoming attacks in a better way

If you are using a +SPD/-HP Olwen, her stats counting Blárowl+ are: 31/36/37/20/30. If Olwen is sorrounded by her allies, now her stats are: 31/42/43/26/36. Now with the help of 3 Ward Cavalry, her stats are: 31/42/43/38/48.

The idea of this build is simple: don't be afraid of melee fighters. When you can't save Olwen to be hit for a melee user, you don't need to sacrifice someone to save her life. Olwen just needs support from her partners (in a "T" formation, with Olwen in the middle).

She has enough SPD to prevent to be doubled for many foes, enough DEF stat to resist many melee fighters and with Close Counter she can punish them. Her incredible RES stat allows her to resist many mages (even in disadvantage color) and Iceblerg/Glacies will really hurts your foes. Guard will help you to prevent menaces like Reinhardt with Moonbow+QP seal. Unfortunatelly, her HP is low

Yes, it's a weird build but i guess it can works, and not only in Olwen, Leo (probably, the best candidate among cavalry mages) and Cecilia can also have the same build for color balance issues.


  • Cheap damage from Savage Blow and Poison Strike: With her low HP, those skills are a serious menace, deactivating Guard easily.
  • Anti-cavalry weapons: Even with her allies, those weapons really make a good amount of damage (Even Olwen can be killed)
  • Enough buffed blade tome users: Due to her low HP, with enough buffs, blade tome users can OHKO Olwen.
  • Movement skills like Drag Back or Lunge: Basically, Olwen loses buffs.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment

A description has not been written for this build yet.