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This page is about the status effect. For another mechanic which grants stat increases, see combat boosts.
Status Effect Stats Increased.png

Bonuses (also known as buffs in early tooltip text) are temporary stat increases granted through status effects. For example, With Everyone.png With Everyone! grants bonuses to Def and Res. Bonuses are not to be confused with combat boosts or boosts in general. Skills which specifically state bonuses actively check these bonuses, however, note that the use of the word bonuses within the game has been noted to be inconsistent.

Positive status effects, such as bonuses, will remain until the start of the unit's phase. This means that if a unit receives bonuses on its enemy phase, it will disappear once it starts its phase. The fact that negative status effects last until an action instead of being phase-based means that bonuses affected by Panic can return to normal after an action.

Bonuses are activated outside of combat and are visible when a player selects their unit.

  • Multiple bonuses which affect the same stat will not stack with each other (e.g. Atk Tactic and Hone Atk). Only the highest value will apply.
  • Bonuses affecting different stats (e.g. Hone Atk and Hone Spd) will apply simultaneously, after stat thresholds for skills are checked.
  • Bonuses will stack with penalties and combat boosts. They will both apply at the same time and will not cancel each other out.
  • Skills which target bonuses, including but not limited to Panic Ploy, Icon Class Green Axe.png Legion's Axe+.
  • Wording of skills that target bonuses or penalties can be inconsistent in their applications of the term.
    • Some skills that claim to target penalties will target bonuses affected by Panic, such as Icon Skill Weapon.png Broadleaf Fan+.
      • If regular penalties and bonuses affected by panic exist in the same stat, Icon Class Green Tome.png Blizzard will use the total penalty in that stat.
    • However, some skills that claim to target penalties will not target bonuses affected by Panic, such as Icon Skill Assist.png Harsh Command.
  • Skills such as Icon Class Blue Tome.png Blárblade+ will count only bonuses that have not been affected by Panic.
  • Bonuses can be neutralized by skills such as Beorcs Blessing.png Beorc's Blessing, Icon Class Green Tome.png Divine Naga and more.
  • Stats cannot be increased above 99 by bonuses, but bonuses are always fully counted for skills that consider their values.