Brace Yourselves - Mjölnir's Strike Begins (Jan 11, 2021) (Notification)

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Brace Yourselves - Mjölnir's Strike Begins

Mjölnir strikes down the weak!

In Mjölnir's Strike, all players cooperate to protect the Kingdom of Askr from the massive advancing army of the god of war, Thórr!

Shield Phase
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Counter Phase
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This time, the invading army will be led by Ursula: Blue Crow.

Deal more overall damage than the opposing army and claim victory!

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■ What Is Mjölnir's Strike?

This is an event in which all players cooperate to protect the Kingdom of Askr from the massive advancing army of the god of war, Thórr.

There are three active phases: Brace, Shield, and Counter.

During the Brace phase, you must learn more about your enemy and prepare your defenses accordingly. During the Shield phase, you must defend your key structures against unrelenting waves of enemies. During the Counter phase, you must turn the tables and strike at the heart of the enemy's encampment to stop their advance dead in its tracks.

Clear the event to receive rewards based on your Tier and the Askr Level.

To play, tap Events, then Mjölnir's Strike.

■ How It Works

This event follows a progression of three phases.

1. Brace Phase

This is when battle preparations take place. Build and improve mechanisms and place allies on the map via the Edit Shield Map screen.

○ Everyone has a role to play!

Choose eight Heroes to deploy on your defensive team.

Heroes are split into four sets of two using the Pair Up feature. In Mjölnir's Strike, any Hero can be deployed in this way, regardless of whether or not they have the Pair Up ability, and a pair's cohort can keep fighting even if its leader is defeated.

Note: Duo Heroes cannot use Duo Skills while they are Paired Up. Harmonized Heroes cannot use Harmonized Skills while they are Paired Up.

A team consists of four unique roles. Each pair has a specific role to play depending on where they are placed on the Edit Defensive Team screen. Proper placement is vital because a pair's role determines where it can move on the map and what stat bonus it gains.

The Atk role moves within the top three rows of the map and is not attacked by foes. The Spd, Def, and Res roles move within the bottom five rows of the map and gain Spd+10, Def+10, and Res+10 respectively.

It's up to you to determine which of your Heroes is best suited for each role. Place them where they'll be most effective at holding off the enemy's unrelenting advance!

The stronger the Heroes in your defensive team, the stronger the foes you will face, and the higher you will be able to score in the Shield phase. Mythic Heroes deployed during their bonus season are granted a boost to their stats, so they're useful for building a high-scoring team.

Note: Legendary and Mythic Effects that boost blessed allies do not activate in Mjölnir's Strike.

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Include some Mythic Heroes in your defensive team for a nice boost to your score!

○ Make use of mechanisms!

Mechanisms are special structures that can be built and arranged on the Midgard's Shield map.

Place a bonus mechanism on the Midgard's Shield map to boost the stats of deployed allies.

2. Shield Phase

Choose a difficulty and weather the onslaught in a defensive battle!

The most important structures on the Midgard's Shield map are the two Gateways. Protect them for seven turns to claim victory. Though you can continue fighting (with a deduction in score) if one Gateway is destroyed, you will lose the battle if both fall.

Your defensive team is your front line, but don't underestimate the power of mechanisms! During the battle, tap a mechanism, then tap the activation button on the lower part of the screen to trigger its special effect. Upon activation, the effect will cool down and become available for use again after a certain number of turns have passed.

The score that you earn during the Shield phase serves as the basis for your offensive power during the Counter phase, so do your best to protect both Gateways!

The higher the difficulty, the greater the score earned. You can battle as many times as you like during the Shield phase, so get your score as high as you can! If your score is high enough, you may be promoted to a higher Tier after the event is over.

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It seems the score is affected by three things: the difficulty, your defensive team's strength, and your Tier!

3. Counter Phase

Strike back to inflict damage. It's time to see what Midgard's Shield can do!

Your offensive power takes into account your score from the Shield phase and a bonus from your Tier. During the Counter phase, this offensive power is weaponized and loaded into the Askr Blaster, a giant cannon with enough range to hit the enemy encampment!

It can attack one time for each Counter Arrow in your possession. However, you will only receive three of these valuable items, so try not to waste them!

You will claim victory in Mjölnir's Strike if the overall damage inflicted by the Kingdom of Askr's army is greater than that inflicted by the opposing army at the end of the Counter phase.

If you win the event, the Askr Level, which is shared by all summoners, will increase by one. If Askr's forces were in the stronger position for a total of ten hours or more during the Counter phase, it increases by two instead. However, if you lose the event, it will decrease by one, no matter how long Askr's forces were in the stronger position. Make sure you keep on fighting until the very end!

○ Weaker Bonus

This bonus multiplies your offensive power by five when Askr's forces are in the weaker position.

○ Combo Bonus

This bonus increases the amount of damage you deal when you and other players perform a large number of attacks together within the same span of time.

To see how the battle is progressing, check the Mjölnir's Strike website.

■ Reap Rewards!

○ Tier Rewards

Raise your Tier to earn rewards such as Midgard Gems (used to build and improve mechanisms), Divine Codes (Part 1), Trait Fruit, and Dragonflowers.

○ Askr Level Rewards

You will earn an amount of Hero Feathers based on the Askr Level. Since you share the same Askr Level with the rest of your fellow summoners, working together to raise it is to everyone's benefit! Also, the Askr Level carries over from event to event. It's up to everyone to make steady progress!

The Shield phase lasts for 24 hours, and the Counter phase lasts for 21 hours. Be sure to prepare your defenses during the Brace phase so you're good and ready when Thórr's army comes knocking at your door!

When the Counter phase is over, the Rest period begins. Use this time to recover and regroup. It's only a matter of time before the next Brace phase arrives, though, so feel free to use the Test Defenses function to test out new battle tactics and strategies.

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This is it, everyone! Join forces and lend us your strength, for the sake of Askr!