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Weapon Breidablik.png
I summoned you here with the divine Breidablik. That's the name of this relic I've brought. It fires something out of it, according to legend, but Breidablik doesn't look like any bow I've ever seen.
Anna Commander Face FC.webp Anna: Commander, The Legend

The Breidablik is a divine weapon that was said to be able to bring a Great Hero from another world, and is the relic the summoner uses to summon Heroes. The summoner has said that the summoning magic works by tying the skies together.[1] Before Heroes are summoned, they hear their name being called by the summoner.[2] The summoner has said that summoning a Hero is not an exact matter, and the Hero that will be summoned cannot be chosen. Connections that call Heroes from other worlds are rare, but if they exist the Hero will eventually come but at an unknown time.[3]

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In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese ブレイザブリク
German Breidablik
Spanish (Europe) Breidablik
Spanish (Latin America) Breidablik
French Breidablik
Italian Breidablik
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 布雷薩布利克
Portuguese Breidablik

References[edit | edit source]

  1. May I ask about your summoning magic? You tie the skies together? Is that wind magic like my own?Merric: Wind Mage
  2. Hello. I'm Corrin. I was resting on a beach when I heard someone calling my name. Was that you?Corrin: Novice Vacationer
  3. It seems summoning a Hero is not an exact matter. As far as who appears, [Summoner] can't choose. I didn't understand the entire explanation, to be honest... But the connections that call Heroes to this world from their own are rare and precious. But if a Hero has that connection, they will come into this world—but we can't predict when. At least, that's what I remember from what [Summoner] said...Sue Doe of the Plains Face FC.webp Sue: Doe of the Plains, Forging Bonds: Reason to Fight