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Bruno does not refer to any playable Heroes.

Choose Your Legends placements[edit source]

Choose Your Legends

Bruno did not appear in this voting event.

Choose Your Legends: Round 2

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bruno was previously known as "???" in game, and "Mysterious Man" on the Fire Emblem Heroes website. His name was officially revealed in World of Radiance.
  • In a conversation between him and Alfonse, in The Imperial Prince, it was revealed that he is Veronica's older brother and prince of the Emblian Empire.
  • Finally, in Bruno's Secret, he confirmed that he had joined the Order of Heroes under the name Zacharias in order to destroy his homeland, the Emblian Empire, which had killed his mother.
    • In Japanese, this name is ザカリア (Zachariah, romanized as Zakaria).

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese ブルーノ
German Bruno
Spanish (Europe) Bruno
Spanish (Latin America) Bruno
French Bruno
Italian Bruno
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 布魯諾
Language Name
English (US) Zacharias
Japanese ザカリア
German Zacharias
Spanish (Europe) Zacharias
Spanish (Latin America) Zacharias
French Zacharias
Italian Zacharias
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 查卡里亞
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