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This page hosts user submitted builds for Catria that are not necessarily competitively viable for arena play, use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.

For more general advice on roles and skills for Catria, please see Catria/Strategy.

Flier Emblem

Recommended IVs: +Spd,+Atk/-HP

35/42/37/29/25 (+Spd)
35/45/34/29/25 (+Atk)
Icon Skill Weapon.png Killer Lance+
Icon Skill Assist.png Swap
Icon Skill Special.png Luna
Iote's Shield.png
Passive Icon A.png
Iote's Shield
Quick Riposte 3.png
Passive Icon B.png
Quick Riposte 3
Hone Fliers.png
Passive Icon C.png
Hone Fliers
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon S.png