Catria: Middle Whitewing

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Catria: Spring Whitewing
Catria: Spring Whitewing
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Middle Whitewing

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Art by: Amagaitaro (アマガイタロー)
3★-4★ *
Weapon Type
Blue LanceLance
Move Type
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Appears in
Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
Voice Actor EN
Release Date
The middle of three sisters who are pegasus knights for Macedon.
In‐game Hero description


All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works.

Level 1 stats

3Icon Rarity 3.png15/16/175/6/78/9/105/6/74/5/642
4Icon Rarity 4.png15/16/176/7/89/10/115/6/74/5/644
5Icon Rarity 5.png16/17/186/7/89/10/116/7/85/6/747

Level 40 stats

3Icon Rarity 3.png32/35/3824/27/3027/30/3322/25/2819/22/25139
4Icon Rarity 4.png33/36/3926/29/3229/32/3523/26/2920/23/26146
5Icon Rarity 5.png35/39/4228/31/3431/34/3725/29/3222/25/29157~159

Growth Points

This set of values determines how much each stat will increase from level 1 to level 40, see stat growth.

Stats between level 1 and 40

For stat values between level 1 and 40, see this page.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Skill Weapon.pngWeapons[edit | edit source]

NameMightRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Iron Lance61-50--
Steel Lance81-100--
Killer Lance71Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).2004Icon Rarity 4.png3Icon Rarity 3.png
Killer Lance+111Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).3005Icon Rarity 5.png5Icon Rarity 5.png
Killer Lance+ can be evolved into Slaying Lance+.

Icon Skill Assist.pngAssists[edit | edit source]

This hero has no Assist skills.

Icon Skill Special.pngSpecials[edit | edit source]

NameCooldownEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
New Moon3Treats foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 30% during combat.1004Icon Rarity 4.png-
Luna3Treats foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 50% during combat.200-4Icon Rarity 4.png

Icon Skill Passive.pngPassives[edit | edit source]

NameEffectSP CostUnlockType
Armored Blow 1If unit initiates combat, grants Def+2 during combat.50-A
Armored Blow 2If unit initiates combat, grants Def+4 during combat.100-
Armored Blow 3If unit initiates combat, grants Def+6 during combat.2004Icon Rarity 4.png
Seal Atk 1Inflicts Atk-3 on foe through its next action after combat.40-B
Seal Atk 2Inflicts Atk-5 on foe through its next action after combat.804Icon Rarity 4.png
Seal Atk 3Inflicts Atk-7 on foe through its next action after combat.1605Icon Rarity 5.png

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