Changing Winds

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Changing Winds
Forging Bonds Changing Winds.png
Event Characters Hubert: Sinister Servant Mercedes: Kindly Devotee Hilda: Idle Maiden Petra: Princess of Brigid
Bonus Accessories Acc 1 0075 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 3 0074 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 3 0072 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 3 0073 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 1 0076 0.webpPane 1.png Acc 3 0078 0.webpPane 1.png Acc 1 0079 0.webpPane 1.png Acc 3 0077 0.webpPane 1.png
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End time
Joining Forces
A Time to Shine

Availability[edit | edit source]

This event was made available:

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Rewards[edit | edit source]

For a list of general Forging Bonds rewards, see Forging Bonds.
Red Friendship.pngOrange Friendship.pngGreen Friendship.pngBlue Friendship.png
10Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webp Hubert's C Conversation10Mercedes Kindly Devotee Face FC.webp Mercedes's C Conversation10Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webp Hilda's C Conversation10Petra Princess of Brigid Face FC.webp Petra's C Conversation
25 5025 5025 5025 50
50 20050 20050 20050 200
75 5075 5075 5075 50
100Acc 1 0076 0.webpPane 1.png100Acc 3 0078 0.webpPane 1.png100Acc 1 0079 0.webpPane 1.png100Acc 3 0077 0.webpPane 1.png
150 50 1,500150 50 1,500150 50 1,500150 50 1,500
200 200200 200200 200200 200
250 50 1,500250 50 1,500250 50 1,500250 50 1,500
300Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webp Hubert's B Conversation300Mercedes Kindly Devotee Face FC.webp Mercedes's B Conversation300Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webp Hilda's B Conversation300Petra Princess of Brigid Face FC.webp Petra's B Conversation
350 50 1,500350 50 1,500350 50 1,500350 50 1,500
400 1400 1400 1400 1
450 200450 200450 200450 200
500 50 1,500500 50 1,500500 50 1,500500 50 1,500
550 200550 200550 200550 200
600 50 1,500600 50 1,500600 50 1,500600 50 1,500
700 50 1,500700 50 1,500700 50 1,500700 50 1,500
800Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webp Hubert's A Conversation800Mercedes Kindly Devotee Face FC.webp Mercedes's A Conversation800Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webp Hilda's A Conversation800Petra Princess of Brigid Face FC.webp Petra's A Conversation
900 200900 200900 200900 200
1,000 2001,000 2001,000 2001,000 200
1,100 2001,100 2001,100 2001,100 200
1,200 5 1,5001,200 5 1,5001,200 5 1,5001,200 5 1,500
1,300 2001,300 2001,300 2001,300 200
1,400 2001,400 2001,400 2001,400 200
1,500Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webp Hubert's S Conversation1,500Mercedes Kindly Devotee Face FC.webp Mercedes's S Conversation1,500Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webp Hilda's S Conversation1,500Petra Princess of Brigid Face FC.webp Petra's S Conversation
1,700 3001,700 3001,700 3001,700 300
1,900 3001,900 3001,900 3001,900 300
2,100 3002,100 3002,100 3002,100 300
2,300 3002,300 3002,300 3002,300 300
2,500Acc 1 0076 1.webpPane 1.png 1,5002,500Acc 3 0078 1.webpPane 1.png 1,5002,500Acc 1 0079 1.webpPane 1.png 1,5002,500Acc 3 0077 1.webpPane 1.png 1,500
2,750 3002,750 3002,750 3002,750 300
3,000 5003,000 5003,000 5003,000 500
3,250 3003,250 3003,250 3003,250 300
3,500 103,500 103,500 103,500 10

Special conversations[edit | edit source]

Changing Winds - Opening[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

What was it with those guys? They
attacked us out of nowhere!

And on monastery grounds, no less.
It's a wonder that the goddess didn't
smite them outright. Heh.

We seem to have been separated
from the others. I hope that they're
all right.

Speaking of which, where's Petra?
She was right here, and now she's—

My returning is complete. Are you
having injuries?

Oh, thank goodness you're safe,
Petra! No, we all seem to have
gotten off unscathed.

Um. I hate to be the bearer of bad
news, but some people are coming
this way. They look suspicious.

I will be capturing the suspicious
people. The chances say that they
are friends of our enemies!

I'm not so sure. If they wanted to
attack us, they would have done so
by now. Petra, stand down!
Hey, ease up! We're not your enemy.
We come peacefully.

We are from another world, and we
could use your help. We don't want
to fight you.

Oh my. Another world? I don't think
I quite understand.

You're looking for recruits, and you
turn to four students? Sounds like a
trap to me.
They all look completely incredulous.
This will take a while to explain...

Nameplate Text

Hubert: Sinister Servant - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

You're not like the others. They're all
rather sociable, but you seem to keep
to yourself.

True. Though it's not a matter of how
sociable I am.
My time is too precious to be wasted
on idle chatter. I avoid pointless

I don't mingle much either. I suspect
you are more consistent in your
self-isolation, however.

Heh. I talk to others occasionally.
My nature is to make choice using
my rational mind rather than letting
my emotions guide me, as some do.
But I am not so extreme as to shirk
all conversation. Some conversation
can be beneficial.

I do not follow.

Some conversations provide useful
results. Knowledge, for example.
I am extremely familiar with strategy.
In most situations, I am more than
capable of success.
But in this world, I lack some critical
information. Others might illuminate
these blind spots for me.

That is certainly true. Conversation
can teach us what we do not know.

Yes. And in addition to providing
knowledge, conversation can lead to
useful alliances.
I expected this conversation to be
pointless, but I think it may have set
the stage for a beneficial friendship.

I think you may be right.

Nameplate Text


Mercedes: Kindly Devotee - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Wow, I am suddenly really hungry.
Where is that delicious smell coming
I think it's coming from the kitchen!
Someone's baking in there. I'd wager
I know exactly who it is...

Hm? Oh! Hello, Sharena? Is something
the matter?
Aha! I knew it was you, Mercedes!
Nothing's the matter, except that
smell is driving me crazy with hunger.

Well, you're here just in time. I was
putting the finishing touches on these
treats. You're welcome to have one.

Really?! Thanks a bunch! Here goes...
This is amazing, Mercedes! I've never
had anything like it!

Thank you! I was trying to recreate a
recipe passed down in my father's
house using ingredients from Askr.
I'm really pleased that you enjoy it!
Perhaps you can help me bake some
more sometime soon?

Really?! But isn't this a super-secret
recipe passed down through the

Oh, Sharena, that's an exaggeration.
I never said it was super-secret.

Nameplate Text


Hilda: Idle Maiden - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Your timing couldn't be more perfect,

Commander Anna was asking for me.
Would you be a dear and tell her that
I can't make it?

Let her know I'm dreadfully sorry,
but my hands are full, so I can't help
with whatever she needs help with.

What's with that look on your face?
What, you don't believe me? I really
am busy, you know.

See? I'm making hairpins. Crafting
accessories is a hobby of mine.

I was looking at the women around
here and thought they could use an
extra splash of fashion.

These are almost ready, but they're
missing something. So I need to hunt
down a couple more materials.

...What? That doesn't seem like a
good excuse? It's not as though she
needs me for something important!

She probably just wants to train.
She keeps inviting me to train with
her, for some reason.

Not my thing. I don't like working up
a sweat. Plus, I don't have to worry
about grades here, so who cares?

Tell you what. Why don't you just
devise your own excuse to satisfy
Commander Anna, OK? Thanks!

Nameplate Text


Petra: Princess of Brigid - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

I didn't expect to find you out here.
Are you hunting?

Yes. Hunting is a crucial thing. I am
thinking it is the most important thing
a person can be doing.
The most important thing? I think
that's a bit of an overstatement.

I am not overly stating. The hunter
can make use of the hide and bones
to become tools.

The hunter also gains learning of the
bow and the knife, and understanding
of the terrain.

When you lay it out logically like that,
I can hardly disagree.

Maybe I should make hunting a
standard part of the Order of Heroes

This idea has greatness! I am admiring
your excellent plan.

You feel that strongly about it? In that
case, I'll do what I can to implement
it as soon as possible.

Yes. Please inform me of the result.
If you are not having enough people,
I can offer you help. Leave it with me.
Of course. You seem to be an adept
hunter, so I'm sure the rest of us
could learn something from you.

Nameplate Text


Changing Winds - C[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Travelers from another world? I am
not sure what to make of all this...

Me neither. But they seem to know
about the professor, Claude, and the
others. And they don't look like liars.

I am thinking they are not enemies
I failed to capture understanding.
Take my apologies.

Let's assume you're telling the truth.
How do you intend to extricate us
from this predicament?

From what we can tell, there aren't
too many of them. We can take them
on while you all wait in safety.

Yeah! Just leave it to us.
As Askr's Order of Heroes, we have
fought many armies from other
worlds and come out the victors!

We have been fighting with these
enemies. They have much strength.

Yes. Though we are just students,
perhaps we can help.

Hey, slow down! They said they
could handle it without us. Why don't
we sit this one out?

No. We must summon all the might
we have to crush them, lest they
survive to harm Lady Edelgard.

Ugh! It seems like everyone has
reached a consensus. Fine. I'll be
supporting from the back.

Really? Well, we certainly won't
refuse your help if you're offering it.
We heard that you are all excellent
students, after all. Time to show us
what you can do!

Nameplate Text

Hubert: Sinister Servant - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

What's so amusing?

I am not used to being called a
"Hero". It's too grandiose.

Ah. I apologize if the label makes you
uncomfortable. Everyone we summon
is equal, and we call them all "Heroes".
Whatever position you might have
held in your own world, we are all
comrades here.

"Comrades", you say. I prefer that title
to "Heroes".

What is it about the word "Heroes"
that bothers you, if I may ask?

The word carries a different meaning
in Fódlan.

What does it mean in Fódlan?

It is an artifact of a bygone era.
There were ten Elites in Fódlan who
did battle against the goddess.
In Fódlan, when we speak of "Heroes"
we refer to these 10 Elites.
The 10 Elites wielded technology far
beyond human understanding. These
are called the "Heroes' Relics".

I see. So the Heroes' Relics are divine
weapons of some kind?

Yes. Assuming the legends are true.

Nameplate Text


Mercedes: Kindly Devotee - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Hm. Mine keep turning out wrong.
They don't hold a candle to yours,

I'm sure you'll be able to make a
delicious batch of treats if you just

That may be true. Everything takes
practice. But I feel like I'm a long way
from mastery...

Well, this recipe is more complicated
than most.
It's not as though my first batch was
immaculate, after all. I spent a lot of
time learning.


Yes. I told you before this recipe was
passed down in my father's house.
Before I was born, there was strife in
the Empire, and he was killed. My
mother and I lost our house and title.
I didn't have any keepsakes of his.
I had never even seen his face.
All I had was this recipe he'd taught
my mother. In past generations of his
house, it had just been a sweet snack.
But for me, it's much more than that.
...This story has been quite disjointed,
hasn't it? Sorry about that.
All I mean to say is, these treats are
my only way of connecting to my
father or the rest of my family.
I see.
Are you sure you feel comfortable
teaching me this recipe that holds so
much emotional value for you?

Of course! This way you can make
them as a treat for Alfonse and the
I'm sure that would have made my
father happy.

Nameplate Text


Hilda: Idle Maiden - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Hey there. How are you today?
As for me, I'm feeling lousy.

I'm clearly the weakest Hero around,
but for some reason, Commander
Anna keeps making me go into battle.

Is this some kind of cruel joke that
she's playing? Or is this her way to
showing she cares?

"If Hilda won't train with me, I have
no choice but to make her learn the
hard way!"

It's unjust! I'm a delicate flower. I am
not cut out for this life. Even calling
me a "Hero" is a bit strong.

Sure I want to help other people, but
mostly I have to watch out for myself.
I'm a fragile maiden and all that.

And I haven't made any progress on
those hairpins since we last spoke!

Making accessories requires time and
energy to focus. I can't do it when
I'm fighting all the time.

...Sorry that I'm complaining so much,

You're way busier than I am, and you
never complain. I kinda admire that.
Not to say I'll stop complaining.

Which reminds me. Can you talk to
Commander Anna? Tell her to go
easy on me. I'm falling apart here.

Nameplate Text


Petra: Princess of Brigid - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

I could not be of enough strength.
I have regret...

It's not your fault, Petra. Not at all.
I didn't think this through enough.
Who knew hunting could be so hard?
It would have been easier to fight a
wyvern rider.

Hunting has that much difficulty?

Yes. One has to approach a human
target much differently than one does
an animal target.
Maybe I knew that intellectually, but I
didn't really understand it until now.

I have agreeance. When a soldier is
seeing you, combat starts. When an
animal is seeing you, hunting ends.
In battle, you must be trying to hurt.
In hunting, you must be trying not to

Even knowing all that, when I'm in
the moment, it is hard to resist my
instincts as a soldier.

You are having regret and I am also.
But I am having hopefulness for next
That's a good outlook. I shouldn't let
one failure stop me from trying again!

Also, the Heroes we brought along
with us seemed to enjoy the exercise.
Perhaps thing didn't turn out as we
hoped, but it was a good challenge
and a nice change of pace.

Yes! Next time, we will be getting the
prey and having a feast!
A feast! That's an excellent idea.
I'm sure that will encourage people to
join us on our next hunt.

Nameplate Text


Changing Winds - B[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Is that...all of them?

Signs of the enemy are gone! They
have been defeated or fled.

Finally! I really need a rest. I was not
expecting to put in that much effort.
Thanks, everyone. With your help,
we easily drove away the enemy.

We should be thanking you. If not for
your arrival, who knows what might
have happened?

I have this feeling as well. Your help
for us...I will not be forgetting it.

Touching. Now, can we stop basking
in our victory and return to the

Sounds good to me. I'm surprised
they didn't send a search party when
they noticed I was missing.
Well then, we'll head back to Askr!

I am being thankful for your help.
Can we be meeting again? I have a
wish to return your favor!

Should you ever find yourselves in
Fódlan again, be sure to visit. I'll have
some treats prepared for you.
Thank you. As much as we appreciate
your kindness, I am not sure we will
ever return to this place.
But perhaps we will meet again,
should we require your help.

Nameplate Text

Hubert: Sinister Servant - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

If I understand correctly, the people
in Fódlan dubbed "10 Elites" have
long since disappeared.

Correct. Though some families are
believed to be descendants of the
10 Elites.
But they are redundant. When
peoples from accross the ocean tried
to invade, did they save Fódlan?
No. The Empire crushed the enemy.
And the Heroes' Relics are as useless
as most of their owners.
I see... You make no effort to hide
your contempt, so I have to ask.
Why do you so despise the 10 Elites
and their descendants?

Ah, straight to the point. Good.
You're right. I find the concept of
Heroes odious, and their modern-day
progeny to be worse than useless.
Solely by dint of their lineage, corrupt
nobles rule over territories without
any consideration for their subjects.
Furthermore, Lady Edelgard has had
to walk a path of suffering due to this
foolish worship of Elites and Relics.

The latter reason seems to weigh
more heavily on you. I have never
seen you display such emotion.

Nameplate Text


Mercedes: Kindly Devotee - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Ugh! All this practice, and my treats
are still turning out mediocre.

I don't think that's true at all.
Perhaps they weren't aesthetically
perfect, but they were very tasty!
Yeah, I guess so...

There's no rush, Sharena. You have
plenty of time to learn and practice.
You just have to stick with it.

...You know what, Mercedes?
You're right! I can't get all depressed
about it now. I just need to think
about how to do better.

That's the spirit! You've been putting
in so much time, after all. It would be
a waste to quit after all that effort.
Plus, it's not as though this is entirely
one-sided. I'm learning plenty from
you as well.

What? You're learning something
from me?

Yes. When you set your mind on
something, you don't give up. And
you keep everyone in high spirits.
Me included! Even after several days
of nonstop fighting, you make me feel
I can keep going.
In most respects, I'm a somewhat
passive person. I resign myself to
my fate.
But you're so positive, it's infectious.
I think that's an incredible gift.
Incredible? That's such high praise,
I'm almost getting embarrassed...

Nameplate Text


Hilda: Idle Maiden - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Hey. How are you? Good? Good.
I'm still pretty exhausted.

I found out Commander Anna wasn't
just putting me through my paces.
She actually needed my help.

Most people in this situation would
probably say something like, "I'll do
my best to meet her expectations!"

But not me. I'd rather not deal at all
with everyone's expectations. I find
it easier to avoid all responsibilities.

What If I let everyone down. I'll have
to look at all their disappointed faces.
Just the thought depresses me.

I know how people are. My brother is
really strong, so everyone depends
on him, but even he fails sometimes.

When that happens, everyone has this
expression like, "Why'd we ever think
we could count on him!" It's awful!

And here I am, with people loading
more and more of their expectations
onto me. I hate it!

Yet no matter how many people
count on you, you take it all in stride.
How do you do that?

Nameplate Text


Petra: Princess of Brigid - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Petra. You're a student of the
Officers Academy, like the others,
aren't you?
I heard it's a place where nobles send
their children. I wouldn't guess that
hunting is part of the curriculum.

Yes. That is a truth.
A truth?

The Officers Academy is in Fódlan.
Fódlan is not my land of home.
My land of home is Brigid, a land
that island. West to Fódlan.
Brigid has much greenness.
The people are often hunting animals
and catching for fish. Even the ruler.

That sounds like a very self-sufficient
Wait, did you say the ruler? Are you
saying that you're...

No, I am not ruling Brigid.

I see. Some Heroes we summon turn
out to be leaders in their own worlds,
so I thought that might be the case.

I am granddaughter to the king.

Aha! So I was onto something there.
You're royalty. Shouldn't I call you
Princess Petra, then?

No. Social rank has no matter at the
academy. Please be calling me Petra.

Nameplate Text


Changing Winds - A[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 001_Brave

Our reunion came far sooner than

Yes. This time, however, we are the
visitors in your world. Who would
have guessed?
I apologize for summoning you here
without warning. As it turns out, we
could use your assistance.
You probably know this, but we face
extraordinary foes from other worlds.
We need as many Heroes as possible.

"Heroes"? Um, look at us. I'm not sure
we exactly qualify as Heroes.

I have agreement. It is difficult to grab
the situation.
However, I have gladness. I can now
be paying you back for your help.
You can have my hope and strength!

I do not mind assisting you, but I do
require more information.
Who are we fighting against, and why
to start. I can't defeat an enemy I do
not understand.

I don't need the details. I don't even
want to be here, but I know we kinda
owe you after last time.

I simply wonder how we might be
able to help. We are only students,
after all.
But that's exactly it! You're not just
students. We saw with our very own
eyes that you are true Heroes.

I am looking forward to working with
the four of you. We will be depending
on your fortitude.

Nameplate Text

Hubert: Sinister Servant - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
And that's what happened. It's all
rather tedious isn't it? Sharena can
be so unreasonable.

Whatever you say. Something occurs
to me, Alfonse.
You said you avoid unnecessary
conversation. But that has not
stopped you from speaking to me.

Hm. I suppose that's true. Perhaps,
as you articulated, I don't see it as
entirely unnecessary.
Generally, I avoid forming emotional
attachments with other Heroes.
Your affect is based firmly in reason,
and almost completely devoid of
There's little risk that I will become
emotional around you. So I feel more
comfortable in our discussions.

I see... You're speaking to me out of
convenience. It's convenient not to
worry about emotions.

"Convenient" is the wrong word. I did
not mean to offend...

I'm far from offended. It's rare for
someone other than Lady Edelgard
to take an interest in talking to me.
Well, as far as I am concerned, that is
their loss.

I doubt they are losing sleep over it.

Nameplate Text


Mercedes: Kindly Devotee - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text

Life taugh me that, no matter how
hard I tried, I could never really
change anything.
House Bartles treated my mother
and brother so terribly, and I couldn't
do anything about it...

I know it's no excuse. I can't excuse
giving up right away, even when
everyone is cheering me on.
Mercedes, listen! There are so many
people who wanted to give up, but
kept going, thanks to you.
When you first taught me that recipe,
I kept messing it up. I was ready to
admit defeat.

But look at me now! You encouraged
me, and now I've made us a delicious
batch of treats, if I do say so myself.

Thank you, Sharena. And I agree.
These really are delicious.
I wonder why I'm being so open
about my feelings. Maybe I just feel
I can confide in you.
Or maybe it's because you're
buttering me up with baked goods!
Probably a bit of both.
Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we
invite Alfonse and the others to a tea
party so everyone can enjoy them?
That's a great idea! I need to get a
little more practice in first, though.
Think you can help?

Of course! I'd be more than happy to.

Nameplate Text


Hilda: Idle Maiden - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

I owe you an apology. I didn't mean
to make you worry about me in our
previous conversation.

I'm OK. I need to stop getting worked
up about others' expectations.

I'll do what I can, and hopefully I'll be
able to contribute. If I don't, I'll just
do better next time.

I think you might have helped me get
a new perspective on failure.

You're always so calm when you're
doing your job. You don't fret about
what other people expect from you.

I thought I could try to do that in my
own life. So thank you for leading by
example, [Summoner].

The best part is, I'm not feeling so
tired anymore! I even finished making
some very cute accessories.

I was wearing some recently and
someone came up to ask where they
could buy some.

My accessories are really popular
now! People are buying them faster
than I can make them.

What should I make next? Hmm... Oh!
I almost forgot! Commander Anna
asked for my help with something!

...Would you do me a huge favor and
let her know I can't make it? Please?

Nameplate Text


Petra: Princess of Brigid - S[edit | edit source]

Nameplate Text
Background image: 002_PlainForestInside

Our hunting had sucess! I am feeling
amazement at the amount of prey.

Agreed! It's quite an impressive haul.

Yes, the teachings of hunting have
been understood well. Everyone had
greatness this time!

You deserve most of the credit. You
did an excellent job of tracking down
the prey.
All this meat will make for a grand
feast, sure to fill the bellies of all in
the Order of Heroes!

The feast will be causing an increase
in morale. I am thinking that morale
has much importance.

That's true. After our first hunt was a
little rocky, morale did seem to drop.
But this time, we triumphed, and we
can revel a little in the excitement!

In Brigid, there is a phrase we say.
A gray sky will be pierced by the sun.
A raging tide will be leading to land.
Beyond failure, success is waiting.

What beautiful words. Your homeland
sounds like a marvelous place.

Yes! Someday, please allow me to be
bringing you.

Nameplate Text


Book III: Chapter 10-5: Temple of Blood
Death Knight: The Reaper

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 暁風舞う学び舎
German Drehende Winde
Spanish (Europe) Vientos de cambio
Spanish (Latin America) Vientos de cambio
French Vents instables
Italian Venti del divenire
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 曉風吹拂的校舍
Portuguese Mudanças no ar