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Overview[edit source]

Icon Portrait Charlotte (Bridal Blessings).png
Charlotte (Bridal Blessings)

Role: Physical Glass Cannon

Icon Skill Weapon.png First Bite+
Icon Skill Assist.png Smite
Icon Skill Special.png -
Wind Boost 3.png
Passive Icon A.png
Wind Boost 3
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon B.png
Threaten Atk 3.png
Passive Icon C.png
Threaten Atk 3

Charlotte is a different kind of glass cannon. Usually the glass cannons are powerful speedy ranged units like Nino, Cordelia (Bridal Blessings), Delthea, etc. But Charlotte is melee glass cannon. With one of the highest Atk stats in the game, as well as great Spd, she can be a powerful red unit-checker, and if you build her with Lancebreaker or Blue Tomebreaker, she can be a blue units-checker. Her main problem is her really bad resistance and mediocre defense. This makes it difficult to get in and wreck things. In the physical side she can tank some hits, but she is not a frontal line unit. Be aware of mages, lancebreaker units and green units if you are planning using her.

With Inheritance, she can gain access to skills like Life and Death 3, making her role as Glass Cannon more apparent. Lowering her already low Def and Res and boosting her already high Atk and Spd, she becomes something like a Blue version of Hana, being extremely frail but hitting like a truck. She can also gain a Special like Moonbow or Luna to hit even harder. Regardless of how you build her, she can be a very effective blue unit under the proper circumstances. Enemies and allies alike will fear the oversized Kitchen Spoon!

Highlights[edit source]

Pros Cons

+ Rivals Hector for 3rd highest base ATK in the game

+ Unique weapon that boosts ally DEF and RES after initiating combat

- Paper defenses make her susceptible to high amounts damage

- Limited time hero that cannot be merged after banner ends

Checks & Counters[edit source]

  • Generally speaking, her bad defenses make it easy to beat her, but her high attack make outright ORKOing her a hassle. Mages and Bow users are generally your best bets.
  • Hector, Nino, and practically any green units who might be able to double her will really hurt Charlotte. Surprisingly, she can take hits from some Julias (depending on IVs and skill sets).

Team Options[edit source]

  • Charlotte works really well with powerful red units able to tank hits from green mages (her biggest threat) and preferably kill them on counter like Ryoma, Xander, or Ike.

Recommended Builds[edit source]

Recommended builds are builds that have been curated by build reviewers.
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Brave Lance+
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As of her release, Bridal Blessings Charlotte has the highest Atk stat of any infantry lancer, possibly making her the best infantry Brave Lance+ user in the game.

Unit Analysis

Based on her mediocre Spd and poor defensive stats, Charlotte is meant to be a player phase unit, with very limited utility on enemy phase. Her large HP pool and weapon triangle advantage will help her survive initiations from some sword users, but against most opponents, she struggles to live through an enemy phase even without the speed penalty from Brave Lance+.
However, on the player phase, Brave Lance+ Charlotte can be an absolute monster, securing instant kills on a majority of units with no fear of immediate retaliation.


For her IVs, +Atk, -Res is optimal; however, all other banes are acceptable.
Notably, +Atk, -Spd will both increase her fragility on enemy phase and rob her of some killing power if using Life and Death 3, making it the worst of her best IVs.


Charlotte's default weapon, First Bite+, has decent Mt but fails to both alleviate her mediocre Spd and take advantage of her high Atk in the way Brave Lance+ does. Its added effect of slightly buffing the Def and Res of nearby allies upon initiation is quite weak. Sapphire Lance+, Killer Lance+, and other weapon options similarly fail to compare to Brave Lance+, but can be more useful than First Bite+.


Reposition is a great assist skill for Charlotte. As a fragile melee Brave weapon user, Charlotte will greatly benefit from dancer support to keep her out of harms way, so being able to keep her dancing ally safe after having her turn refreshed makes Reposition invaluable.

Smite, Charlotte's default assist skill, can be situationally useful, but Reposition is more useful more often.


Both Luna and Draconic Aura are good choices for the special slot. Due to the consecutive attacking nature of Brave weapons, Charlotte will almost always have either special charged after one round of combat. Moonbow, although a popular option for many units, will be ready after one initiation as well, but provides less damage, so it isn't recommended for Charlotte or other units with Brave weapons.

Passive Skills

Charlotte's recommended passive skills are somewhat standard for melee Brave weapon users.
Death Blow 3 in A slot to maximize attack, Drag back in B slot to partially retreat to safety after initiating combat, and Threaten Def 3 in C slot to maximize her individual killing potential with proper positioning. Death Blow 3 can be replaced with Life and Death 3 for slightly altered killing power at the cost of worse enemy phase performance. Threaten Def 3 can be replaced with a buff like Hone Atk 3 or Hone Spd 3 depending on your team composition.

Other passive skill options like Darting Blow 3, and Desperation 3 are not recommended.
Even with +Spd IVs and Darting Blow 3, Brave Lance+ Charlotte will struggle to reach a Spd threshold that will allow her to "quad" attack most enemies. Additionally, giving up Drag Back for Desperation 3 leaves her, and any unit that attempts to Dance, Reposition, or Swap her to safety, more vulnerable to the rest of the enemy team.

The default Wind Boost 3 and Threaten Atk 3 skills that come with Charlotte aren't a good fit for an offensive Brave Lance+ build, as they are both defensive skills.

Teammate Options

Dancers have good synergy with Charlotte, as they can both dancer to safety, or allow her to attack twice, potentially killing two enemies in a single turn. Olivia in particular can help protect Charlotte from green units, especially if she has been given a Ruby Sword+.

Other than a dancer, a Reposition or Swap user can be used to keep Charlotte safe. Xander is a notable contender for the job, if given either assist sill, due to his high movement and built in Distant Counter on his weapon allowing him to both be flexible and protect Charlotte from ranged threats as well.