Choose Your Legends: Round 4! (Notification)

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Choose Your Legends: Round 4!

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Before the third anniversary of the Fire Emblem Heroes game, we'll be holding the fourth Choose Your Legends event!

In this promotional event, you can choose your favorite characters from among the many featured in the Fire Emblem series.

The top two male Heroes and top two female Heroes (four Heroes in total) will appear in Fire Emblem Heroes within the year, wearing special Choose Your Legends outfits.

What's more, everyone who participates in Choose Your Legends while signed in to their Nintendo Account will receive 100 Regular Platinum Points on My Nintendo!

For additional details, tap the image below to visit the web page.

Event Choose Your Legends Round 4.jpg

The following characters will have their votes tallied together, even though they are not listed on the "tallied votes" list:
- Byleth (female)+Byleth (female, Enlightened)
- Byleth (male)+Byleth (male, Enlightened)

We will update the list on the website at a later date.