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Summoning[edit | edit source]

I'm Claude von Riegan. As King of Almyra, I forged peace with Fódlan. Happy to do the same with you.

俺はクロード=フォン=リーガン。 フォドラの隣国、パルミラの王だ。 あんたとも友好関係を築けるといいな。

Castle[edit | edit source]

It's been a while since I've seen Teach with that hair color. Makes me feel like a kid again.

あの色の髪をしているきょうだいを 見るのは久しぶりな気がするな… なんだか新鮮だよ。

After seeing him fight up close, I get why they call Dimitri the Tempest King. He really is like a windstorm.

ディミトリは「嵐の王」と呼ばれてたらしい。 まあ、戦い方を見ていれば納得だよな。 ちょっとした暴風みたいなもんだ。

Nice work on patrol. Diligence like yours is hard to come by. I can see why your allies rely on you.

見回りご苦労さん、あんたもマメだな。 まあ、そんなところが仲間からの 信頼に繋がってるのかもな。

Each of us is weak on our own. Our strength comes from reaching out and opening our hearts to each other.

俺たちは弱き者だ。 だからこそ手を取って、 心で触れ合い、ともに戦うんだ。

I hope someday to live in a world that cherishes differences in race and belief. Everyone's valuable.

人間は民族や信仰の違いを乗り越えて 誰もが平等に生きれるはずなんだ。 いつかそんな世の中がくるといいな。

Friend greeting[edit | edit source]

So you're [Summoner].
You seem about as sharp and capable as [Friend] said.

あんたが[Summoner]か。 [Friend]の言う通り なかなかの切れ者みたいだな。

Leveling up[edit | edit source]

+[4,5] points[edit | edit source]

History's written by the victors. That's just a fact.

生き残った者が歴史を作る。 これまでも、そしてこれからもな。

+[2,3] points[edit | edit source]

Can't afford to dwell on hard feelings. This is war, after all.

ま、恨みっこなしだ。 これも戦争なんでね。

+[0,1] points[edit | edit source]

Looks like I slipped up! I'll make up the slack next time.

おおっと! やらかしちまったか? ま、次で挽回するさ。

Ally Growth[edit | edit source]

Thanks. You won't regret this choice, I promise.

ありがとな。 あんたの選択、後悔させねえよ。

5★ LV. 40 conversation[edit | edit source]

There you are. I've got a request for you, and I'll give it to you straight—it's a big one.
After we've won peace for Askr, what would you say about coming with me back to Almyra?
I know it's a lot to ask, and I don't even know how we'd manage to get you there right now...
But I've come to value your strength, and if you're willing, I'm sure we'll find a way when the time comes.
For now, just give it some thought. With you by my side, there's no telling what we could accomplish.

回りくどい駆け引きはなしだ。 なあ、[Summoner]
アスク王国が平和になったら 俺の祖国、パルミラに来ないか? 俺はあんたの力、高く買ってるんだ。
あんたをどうやって パルミラへ連れて行くか その方法はあとから考えればいい。
大事なのは、あんたの意思だ。 まあ、すぐに答えるのが難しいなら 戦いが終わるまでじっくり考えてくれ。
あんたがそばにいてくれたら みなが笑って暮らせる世界を作れそうだ。 これからも、よろしく頼むぜ。

Attack[edit | edit source]

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Audio Transcription

Damage[edit | edit source]

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Audio Transcription

Special trigger[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
This is it!
Let's finish this!
Another successful scheme!
Take your final bow!
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Defeat[edit | edit source]

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Sorry,'s up to you now.
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Status page[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Hm... 1★
This is traditional Almyran wyvern rider garb. Looks pretty neat, huh? 1★
Hey now, there are better ways to get my attention. I'm not some kid anymore, you know. 1★
There are so many people here from all walks of life working together... It's pretty much my ideal spot! 1★
Fódlan isn't going to change itself. Sometimes it takes an outsider to make things happen. 4★
I want to see Fódlan welcome a new dawn, and I hope to have my friends there by my side... 4★
It may not be what I had hoped for... But it's time to move forward, right? 5★
There's a lot I could learn from you. I could use some of your tactics back in Fódlan. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
ふうん… 1★
これはパルミラの竜騎兵の恰好さ。なかなかのもんだろ? 1★
おっと…いい加減にしろよ。今の俺、結構えらいんだぜ。 1★
いろんな奴らが当たり前に一緒にいる。ここは俺の理想に近い場所だな。 1★
フォドラを変えるには、内側からだけじゃ駄目なんだ。 4★
俺はフォドラの夜明けが見たい。その時は、きょうだいと一緒に… 4★
理想的な結末じゃあなかったが…前に進むしかない。そうだろ? 5★
あんたから盗めるものは盗ませてもらう。帰った時のためにな。 5★

Turn action[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
At the ready.
Let's hear it.
On it!
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Random quote

Yeah, that's...not what happened
in mine.
And I'll bet the Empire was victorious
in your Fódlan, wasn't it, Princess?
Or should I say Your Majesty?

Claude: Almyra's King,
A New Future