Concerning Skill Inheritance and the Weapon Refinery (Notification)

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It has come to our attention that, with the v2.0.0 update, there are cases where weapons that have been refined cannot be inherited by other Heroes using Skill Inheritance. This is not the intended experience

For these cases, the weapons will be able to be inherited from the 2.1.0 update.

Case 1
If Icon Class Red Sword.png Killing Edge+ is refined to Icon Class Red Sword.png Slaying Edge+ and an attempt to inherit the skill is made, the skill cannot be inherited unless the inheriting Hero has Icon Class Red Sword.png Slaying Edge, since Slaying Edge is a prerequisite.
Solution 1
A change will be made so that Killing Edge+ can also be used as a prerequisite for Slaying Edge+ instead of Slaying Edge.

Case 2
If Icon Skill Weapon.png Assassin's Bow+ is refined to Icon Skill Weapon.png Guard Bow+ and an attempt to inherit the skill is made, a currently unavailable skill, Icon Skill Weapon.png Guard Bow, is the prerequisite. This makes skill inheritance impossible.
Solution 2
A change will be made so that Assassin's Bow+ will become the prerequisite skill instead, so that Guard Bow+ can be inherited.

Please note that if a skill is inherited prior to refinement, no problems occur.

We hope you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes!