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Wiki Staff
Teg Bureaucrat • Administrator talk  •  discord
Elaeagnifolia Administrator talk  •  discord
Saschb Administrator talk  •  discord
Valexiv Administrator talk  •  discord
Fox787 Moderator talk  •  discord
Mattness Moderator talk  •  discord
Tier List Staff
Roman Tier Staff talk  •  discord
ASFox Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Father Reinhardt Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Lulu Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Soulskourer Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Nymph Tier Staff talk  •  discord
PK_Gaming Tier Staff talk  •  discord


Welcome to the Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki! This wiki is run by fans for the fans of Fire Emblem Heroes. If you wish to contribute to this wiki, please read through this guide. It will help us maintain the quality standards of this wiki for the community. If you have any further questions, feel free to ping one of the wiki staff in the Fire Emblem Heroes Discord #wiki channel.


Discuss anything related to the wiki in the Discord channel. Note: #wiki channel is for the wiki discussion. You may use the other Discord channels for their respective channel topics. The Discord server is maintained by the lovely moderators at /r/FireEmblemHeroes.

You may also use an article's talk page for discussion pertaining to that article. For feature or content change request, post it on the Requests page.

If you would like to see which updates are in progress, feel free to check out our Work In Progress page.



  • Keep the content of the wiki friendly to players of all ages.
  • Keep the content of the wiki based on facts or content that has been agreed upon by members of the Discord channel.
  • Communicate with other contributors on the Discord channel or talk page to avoid conflicts/wasted work.
  • Do not post any personally identifying information.
  • Do not post any illegal content.
  • Do not post any external links unless approved by the staff.


  • Keep the guides mobile friendly. This includes having a table of contents with collapsible sections.
  • Keep your guide concise, if you find yourself creating an “all in one” type of guide consider breaking it into parts or removing unneeded information.
  • Try to avoid creating duplicate guides. If you find that a guide you wanted to make already exists, consider improving the existing one instead.


Wiki Staff

Our wiki staff are comprised of people who:

  • Actively contribute to the development of this wiki.
  • Are active on discussion pertaining to the wiki in the Discord channel.
  • Maintain the integrity of the wiki by enforcing the rules and patrolling edits.
  • Listen and respond to community feedback.
  • Have good understanding of the wiki and the game.

We are currently recruiting additional staff members for the wiki. If you feel you are qualified and would like to apply, please contact Teg#5743 on Discord. Applicants should have a solid contribution history on this wiki.

Tier List Staff

Our Tier List staff are comprised of people who:

  • Are experts in the game.
  • Help manage the wiki tier lists.
  • Review and edit the strategy and build pages found on every hero's page.

We are currently recruiting more people to fill this role. If you would like to join the Tier List staff, please contact Teg#5743 on Discord. Applicants should have a very solid understanding of the game meta and have reached Tier 20 in Arena.

Special Thanks

This wiki was started with the help of these dedicated individuals. Special thanks to them!

  • Roriue (Wiki Artist)
  • Dehboxturtle
  • Tiggersbutt
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