Courtly Bow

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Courtly Bow
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Weapon type Red bow Blue bow Green bow Colorless bow
Might 8
Range 2
Effectiveness Icon Move Flying.png
Required Steel Bow
SP 200
Exclusive? No
String ID SID_高貴な弓
Numeric ID 2210
Description Effective against flying foes. At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 50%, grants Atk/Def+5 during combat, and also, if foe can make a follow-up attack, reduces damage from foe's first attack by 50%.

Notes[edit | edit source]

List of owners[edit | edit source]

UnitSkill chain
Quan Lightfoot Prince Face FC.webp
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Courtly Bow
Courtly Bow+

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 高貴な弓
German Edler Bogen
Spanish (Europe) Arco áulico
Spanish (Latin America) Arco real
French Arc raffiné
Italian Arco cortese
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 高貴的弓
Portuguese Laço de cortejo

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