Crown of Nifl EX

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Crown of Nifl EX
Hríd's crown. It has been passed down in the royal family of Nifl for generations, or so it is said.

Obtained from[edit | edit source]

Earned by obtaining 2500 Orange Friendship.png orange friendship points with Hríd: Icy Blade Hríd: Icy Blade in Forging Bonds: The Sworn Oath.

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English (US) Crown of Nifl EX
Japanese ニフルの冠・極
German Krone von Nifl+
Spanish (Europe) Corona de Nifl +
Spanish (Latin America) Corona de Nifl +
French Couronne de Nifl EX
Italian Corona di Nifl+
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 尼福爾之冠・極
Portuguese Coroa de Nifl +