Feh's Summer Celebration (Notification)

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It's been one year and six months since the release of the Fire Emblem Heroes game.

We're throwing a Summer Celebration full of limited-time events to express our gratitude for your continued support!

Log-ln Bonuses!

Special quests!

Daily Reward Maps!

Double EXP and SP!

Tempest Trials+!

Daily summoning-focus revivals!

We hope you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes this summer!

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■ Summer Celebration Log-ln Bonus

During this event, there will be two Log-ln Bonus rounds in which you can collect a total of up to 40 Orbs!

① Active: to
② Active: to

■ Summer Celebration Quests

Active: to

Defeat enemies with specific Hero types to earn up to 20 Orbs!

■ Daily Reward Maps

Active: to

Reward Maps in two difficulties, Normal and Hard, for 10 days in a row, You can play these maps to earn up to 20 Orbs!

■ Double EXP and SP

Active: to

During this time, the EXP and SP you earn in battle will be doubled!

■ Tempest Trials+

News Feh Summer Celebration TT.jpg

Active: to

You can earn six of the Heroes who appeared in Tempest Trials during 2017!

News Feh Summer Celebration TT Heroes.jpg

■ Daily Summoning Focus Revivals

Active: to

We will be reviving one limited-time skill-related summoning focus per day. They'll each be available for 24 hours only!

- Focus: Weapon Triangle
- Focus: Heroes with Vantage
- Focus: Heroes with Fury
- Focus: Heroes with Hone Atk
- Focus: Heroes with Quick Riposte
- Focus: Heroes with Life and Death
- Focus: Heroes with Blade Skills
- Focus: Heroes with Threaten Def
- Focus: Heroes with Death Blow
- Focus: Heroes with Threaten Spd
- Focus: Flier Boost Skills
- Focus: Heroes with Death Blow
- Focus. Heroes with Powerful Specials
- Focus: Weapons to Refine
- Focus: Weapons to Refine, Part 2

News Feh Floatie.png
"Floating in an inner tube is so fun!"

• Daily Reward Maps will be available for four days each.