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Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki:Boilerplates/Hero pages

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Normal Heroes:


Mythic Heroes:


Legendary Heroes:


Duo Heroes:


List of properties[edit source]

Properties shall not appear as substrings of other properties; this is so that both Properties HOLDS '???' and Properties__full LIKE '%???%' work in the where-clauses for Cargo queries.

General properties[edit source]

  • hair, hat, mask, tiara: For units that cannot equip certain types of accessories.

Unit categories[edit source]

  • enemy: Enemy unit.
  • generic: Generic unit.
  • story: Story Hero. Cannot be used for skill inheritance.
  • refresher: Hero which owns Icon Skill Assist.png Sing or Icon Skill Assist.png Dance. Does not show up as random units. At most one unit of this kind can appear in a single brigade regardless of whether they equip those Assist skills.
  • limited: Limited Hero which cannot be summoned.
  • ghb: Hero available as a Grand Hero Battle reward.
  • tempest: Hero available as a Tempest Trials reward.
  • special: Special Hero available from summoning focuses.
  • specDisplay: Special Hero not available from summoning focuses, e.g. Greil: Heroic Exemplar.
  • legendary: Legendary Hero.
  • mythic: Mythic Hero.
  • duo: Duo Hero.

Summoning-related[edit source]

  • demoted_240: This Hero's summonable rarities were changed from 5★ & 4★ rarity to 4★ & 3★ rarity for all summoning events since .
  • demoted_201904: This Hero's summonable rarities were changed from 5★ & 4★ rarity to 4★ & 3★ rarity for all summoning events since .
  • revivalOnly: This Hero is only in the general summoning pool for Summoning Focus summoning events and Special Heroes Revival summoning events. They are not in the pool for New Heroes summoning events and Special Heroes summoning events.
  • removed_201904: This Hero gained revivalOnly for all summoning events since .

Other Hero properties[edit source]

  • prologue: This Hero is obtained at 4★ during the Prologue.
  • brave: This Hero has arrived as a result of Choose Your Legends. Some Brave Heroes have an extra English voice line.