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Normal Heroes:


Mythic Heroes:


Legendary Heroes:


Duo Heroes:


List of properties[edit source]

Properties shall not appear as substrings of other properties; this is so that both Properties HOLDS '???' and Properties__full LIKE '%???%' work in the where-clauses for Cargo queries.

General properties[edit source]

  • hair, hat, mask, tiara: For units that cannot equip certain types of accessories.

Unit categories[edit source]

  • enemy: Enemy unit.
  • generic: Generic unit.
  • story: Story Hero. Cannot be used for skill inheritance.
  • refresher: Hero which owns Sing or Dance. Does not show up as random units. At most one unit of this kind can appear in a single brigade regardless of whether they equip those Assist skills.
  • limited: Limited Hero which cannot be summoned.
  • ghb: Hero available as a Grand Hero Battle reward.
  • tempest: Hero available as a Tempest Trials reward.
  • special: Special Hero available from summoning focuses.
  • specDisplay: Special Hero not available from summoning focuses, e.g. Ylgr: Breaking the Ice.
  • legendary: Legendary Hero.
  • mythic: Mythic Hero.
  • duo: Duo Hero.
  • resplendent: Has a Resplendent version.
  • harmonized: Harmonized Hero.

Summoning-related[edit source]

Other Hero properties[edit source]

  • prologue: This Hero is obtained at 4★ during the Prologue.
  • brave: This Hero has arrived as a result of Choose Your Legends. Some Brave Heroes have an extra English voice line.