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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Flying.png Icon Class Green Axe.png
37 / 30 / 35 / 22 / 26
Exclusive skills

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Dueling Crest.png Arena
Orb.png Very high investment
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Blue Counter
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A simple Distant Counter.png Distant Counter set designed to improving the survivability of most types of teams in Arena. Reinhardt in particular is still a pain in most teams’ sides due to his movement and insane power; for flier teams in particular this necessitates similar build on the likes of Camilla and Narcian. Additionally, the surge in popularity of newer threats such as refined Lightning Breath+ Nowi and Distant Counter Effie may push your team into having a dedicated all-purpose unit against such threats. Thus, the combination of Icon Class Green Axe.png Emerald Axe+, Distant Counter, and Distant Def 3.png Distant Def 3 enables Azura to perform such a role while also providing stellar utility with Icon Skill Assist.png Sing.

Icon Skill Special.png Glimmer and Icon Skill Special.png Moonbow fit this build’s rather short-lived nature, providing a considerable damage boost in most relevant matchups while having a quick cooldown of 2 each. With the increased Weapon Triangle Advantage from Emerald Axe, Glimmer can potentially deal more damage than Moonbow against blue units. For more general coverage (especially against green magic units), Moonbow can be used.

The other slots are merely mix-and-match depending on team composition. G Tomebreaker 3.png G Tomebreaker 3, is good for eliminating common green mages at when at full health, another benefit for flier emblem teams. In particular, Nino, Cecilia, Julia, and Deirdre can be baited and killed even if they have their Attack and Speed honed (+4 each for infantry, and +6 for Cecilia]]. However, you should not push your luck against fully buffed Gronnblade users, and instead bait/attack when these mages are separated and cannot benefit from all their buffs. Wings of Mercy 3.png Wings of Mercy 3, as always on dancers, offers additional utility and movement options when another teammate is critically injured. Hone Fliers.png Hone Fliers should be the C-slot passive skill of choice for flier emblem, while Guidance 3.png Guidance 3 (or other team-relevant skills) can be applied for other teams.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Budget Azura

A description has not been written for this build yet.

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Guidance Buffer

A description has not been written for this build yet.