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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Cavalry.png Icon Class Colorless Staff.png
35 / 25 / 33 / 22 / 29
Exclusive skills

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry
Dazzling Shrapnel

Dazzling Staff W.png Pain+ (Skill 2)

Icon Skill Special.png Miracle / Imbue

Stats: +Atk,+Spd/-HP,-Res
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With the addition of the Savage Blow seal and the plus versions of staff weapons to the game, this opens up some interesting possibilities for staff users that just weren't possible before. This build, which I like to call Dazzling Shrapnel, capitalizes on the splash damage ability of both Savage Blow (the skill as well as the seal) and the Pain+ staff, which both deal flat damage (unaffected by enemy def or res) to enemies within 2 spaces of the target after combat. Pain+ deals 10 damage while Savage Blow 3 deals 7. These numbers aren't very impressive...until they are all stacked!

With Pain+ for her staff, Savage Blow 3 for her C slot, and the Savage Blow 3 seal, Clarine will deal a whopping 24 flat damage to all enemies within 2 spaces of the target, which is massive for any unit, and especially impressive for a staff unit. Now, with the addition of the dazzling staff refinement on her staff and Wrathful Staff 3 for the B slot (these can be switched depending on what fodder you have available), Clarine will not only be able to do this damage safely, but will also do a fair bit of damage just with the base attack itself.

An Atk+ IV with Attack 3 for the A slot is preferred to maximize her potential damage. The reason for this is because neither Pain+ or Savage Blow can kill an enemy with the damage dealt after combat, which means quite often you will have enemies with 1 hp remaining after attacking a couple times. Having the highest possible damage gives you the best chance at being able to finish these enemies off. With Atk+ and Attack 3, Clarine will have an attack of 42, which is enough to deal at least 1 damage to every hero in the game as long as they don't have any buffs to res or skills that increase the res stat, and even then there are only a handful of characters capable of reaching that high of a res stat even with buffs. Having a high Atk stat will also help with many of the healing abilities as most of the plus variants increase healing based on the Atk stat. With all that said, if you don't have access to wrathful staff, I would still definitely suggest using the dazzling staff refinement and then going with a Spd+ IV and Speed 3, that way you still don't have to worry about being countered and with the extra speed you will have a better chance of doubling enemies, which will do a little more chip damage to enemies with lower res and will charge your special faster.

Which brings us to the special. This is flexible, although I would recommend Miracle. It does have a high cooldown, but, with Clarine's high speed, and the inability to be countered, you can safely charge Miracle with a few attacks and then she'll be a pain to kill. Even if you only get 4 attacks off before she gets attacked, it will only take one attack from an enemy to fully charge it, and even with -HP and neutral Def, an enemy will need an Atk of at least 54 to one shot her, and if they can't and are able to double her, the second attack will proc Miracle. If you're not too concerned about her survivability, you can always use Imbue for extra healing, or one of the balms for some stat boosting capability.

Lastly, for her Assist, I would highly recommend you stick with her innate Martyr+, which synergizes quite well with Miracle as it does extra healing the more damage she's taken and after Miracle procs, Clarine will be primed to do maximum healing. Other healing abilities like Physic+ and Rehabilitate+ can work quite well too, so just use whatever works best with your playstyle.

This build is a very high investment, so make sure you're ready and willing to commit to Clarine before beginning. If you do though, you'll find you have a really interesting and useful character in your arsenal that can be useful in many situations. Add a dancer to your team and she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Put her on a cavalry team and she just gets more potent.

Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Stamina Potion.png Chain
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry
Budget Noble

Dazzling Staff W.png Fear+ (Skill 2)

Icon Skill Special.png Imbue / Miracle

Stats: +Spd/-Def
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A description has not been written for this build yet.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
You Picked the Wrong Fight

Dazzling Staff W.png Fear+ (Skill 2)

Stats: +Atk/-HP,-Def
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A build that attempts to bring the most out of the Wrathful / Dazzling combo and turn Clarine into a solo-able unit. This build gives her maximum 57/46 Atk/Spd (54/48 with the alternative Sacred Seal) at zero merges if Hone Cavalry is in effect; with Supports and the appropriate combat buffs she could go well over 70/60, more than enough to break through Chain Challenges and Tempest Trials with ease.

Fear+ and Martyr+ work out of the box and greatly increase Clarine's chances of survival against most foes, by reducing damage received and restoring her own HP, while Miracle further pushes her soloing potential to the maximum. Her Assist needs to be exactly Martyr+, and not another skill like Rehabilitate+ plus Live to Serve 3 (not even the Sacred Seal version), because this guarantees her to retain the effects of the Brazen passive after healing at certain HP ranges; once if her HP is below 60%, and once more if below 20%. Additionally, depending on her bane and merges her maximum HP might be even-numbered, in which case after Miracle activates and she heals an ally, she would have exactly 50% HP remaining, just enough to still permit allies to warp next to her via Wings of Mercy 3. On consecutive maps the general flow might be like this:

  1. Clarine activates Brazen Atk/Spd from some damage;
  2. Clarine activates Wings of Mercy on her from more damage;
  3. Clarine fights her way into the middle of the enemy and activates Miracle;
  4. A refresher rescues her, takes a hit, then Clarine heals both units with Martyr+; (she will essentially restore over 50 HP of her ally)
  5. Step 2 or 3 repeats depending on Clarine's max HP.

Some very agile units with Brave weapons could pull this off, but Wrathful + Dazzling Staff makes it even simpler and deadlier. The same goes for Arena fights; it is not uncommon to have Clarine ORKO everyone before Miracle activates.

Brazen Atk/Spd 3 is a rather elusive skill, however there is a good chance that the Linus GHB will eventually return, giving away 3 free Brazens for those who could not pull Robin: Festive Tactician. Even Spd Wave 3 gives her the Spd she needs and enables mixed team usage, although she can always opt to give and receive Hone Cavalry for more traditional emblem teams. Finally, the Sacred Seal compensates her low base Atk, while Spd +3 is better suited for arenas where with other speed buffs she can even double-counter fast ranged threats such as Lyn: Brave Lady and Nino: Pale Flower. She has the usual weaknesses as any other colorless cavalry unit, but since she has little trouble hitting anyone that isn't her weakness, her teammates could focus on countering those threats and let Clarine do the most work. (She could actually defeat TA raven tome users if her Atk is high enough and a refresher is present.)

Clarine and Priscilla have mostly comparable stats, though I generally prefer Clarine because she already comes with two of the skills for this build, and withstands physical damage from closed combat slightly better, as sometimes that makes the difference between activating Miracle during this combat or the next one. Thanks to her +Atk superboon, she happens to have equal Atk and +1 Spd compared to a +Spd Priscilla. Nanna could do the same builds with slightly more firepower and less armor, but might need more patience to train because she is unavailable at 3★ yet holds two skills that could turn her into skill inheritance fodder. Elise does not work despite her superior Atk; with her HP + Def at 10 merges equal to Clarine's at zero merges, she is far too fragile to bait bow / dagger users or solo maps. Lastly, infantry staff users are generally not powerful enough because it is relatively hard to give them the same buffs as Hone Cavalry, though Maria with Even Spd Wave 3 on her and Atk Tactic 3 on someone else might work (this still misses out Goad Cavalry and refined Camilla's Axe).

Also Clarine's artist draws boats. --HertzDevil (talk) 07:35, 19 July 2018 (UTC)