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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Infantry.png Icon Class Blue Tome.png
33 / 36 / 34 / 13 / 31
Exclusive skills

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Melee Buffer
Stats: +Atk/-Def
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We take Icon Skill Assist.png Reposition or Icon Skill Assist.png Draw Back as they are the best universal movement assists to helping the team move around. There really aren't any alternatives to them. We take Icon Skill Special.png Moonbow as our Special as it is the fastest to activate. If you don't need a Special to do damage, you can keep Icon Skill Special.png Miracle as a defensive tool in order to guarantee Delthea to tank at least one hit.

The first set of skills is a budget set where you just take what you have and add in a B skill of your choice. You can opt for a Breaker skill to get doubles on beefier targets or you can opt for utility skills like Wings of Mercy 3.png Wings of Mercy 3 or Escape Route 3.png Escape Route 3 for more mobility.

Delthea is all about hitting as hard as possible so Death Blow 3.png Death Blow 3 maximizes the that one hit she gets while keeping our kit to support melee allies, hopefully brave users or dragons, with that juicy +6 attack and addition buff from our C slot (whether it be +3 attack with Drive Attack or +4 of another buff like Speed).

The second set of skills is a more offensive build spread opting for more Speed so Delthea can double more often. With the intent to double, Desperation 3.png Desperation 3 is a valid choice to consider, otherwise the same concept applies as with the first set where Delthea aims to support her melee allies while hitting as hard as she can when needed.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry
Blárbuild Delthea
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This build is aimed towards taking full advantage of the weapon Blárblade+ and its ability. Delthea's natural offensive stats are very high which makes using this weapon feasible for her.

Weapon: Icon Class Blue Tome.png Blárblade+ is a very powerful weapon. It permits any bonuses on the unit to then become additional points of damage. It is absolutely crucial to buff Delthea as much as possible to maximize her damage potential. Delthea sports incredibly high attack power, and when paired with this weapon her potential damage output can be astronomical.

Assist Skill: Icon Skill Assist.png Reposition is an all-around versatile movement based skill. It permits Delthea to move her team around her, either protecting them/her or allowing them to initiate. Draw Back is also an excellent selection here as it allows her to pull herself and another unit to safety.

Special: Icon Skill Special.png Moonbow permits Delthea to deal bonus damage quite frequently as it has a low charge time. Moonbow is heavily suggested here, for Blárblade+ increases her charge time for her special.

A Skill: Life and Death 3.png Life and Death 3 or Fury 3.png Fury 3 are both designed to give her an offensive boost for this build. Her defense is rather abysmal, so that stat reduction is negligible. Life and Death 3 will reduce her overall ability to take magic hit(s), so this is to be considered when using this skill. Fury 3 gives less of an offensive boost than Life and Death 3, but increases her bulk slightly and helps her fall into her Desperation 3 threshold.

B Skill: Desperation 3.png Desperation 3 abuses her excellent speed to allow her two attacks on enemies that she out-speeds before they are permitted an action. Rarely, if ever, will an enemy survive 2 hits from Delthea if she is buffed so this is an excellent skill to secure kills for herself. Her speed stat, unsupported by buffs, would equate to 42 (with Life and Death) or 40 (with Fury), both of which are very high and effective for Desperation's use.

C Skill: Hone Atk 3.png Hone Atk 3 is an efficient way for her to buff and assist her teammates. This skill slot is flexible, but skills like this one will increase her ability to be a team player. Other supporting skills for Delthea could include Hone Spd 3.png Hone Spd 3 or Drive Atk 2.png Drive Atk 2. Drive Atk is native to her kit, so no extra SP or using units as skill fodder will be necessary if this skill is selected.

Sacred Seal: Quickened Pulse.png Quickened Pulse is an all around good skill for most offensive builds. A faster charge time is always appreciated, and in this case it works quite well with Icon Skill Special.png Moonbow.

Nausica fe (talk) 20:26, 10 September 2017 (UTC)

{Skillbuild Infobox

|name=Tanky Mage Killer |ivs=+Res/-Spd |type=creative |mode=All |emblem=Infantry |weapon=Blàrserpent |weaponRefine=Def |weapon2= |assist=Reposition |assist2=Rally Atk/Spd |special=Glacies |special2= |passiveA=Distant Def 3 |passiveA2= |passiveB=Quick Riposte 3 |passiveB2= |passiveC=Drive Atk |passiveC2= |seal=Distant Def 3 |seal2= |description=With this build, Delthea can reach a hefty 52 Res and 34 Def on enemy phase.

With Blàrserpent and the Distant Def seals, she has DD9, giving her +18 Def/Res during enemy phase, which is enough to take a hit from a lot of Bows, Daggers, Mages, etc. Combine this with Glacies when she gets attacked by any kind of mage, and it is almost guaranteed to be a slaughter.

QR is there because with 31 Spd, she won't double many of the faster units, and as this is an enemy phase tank, it will mean a guaranteed follow-up almost every time since she will take little to no damage.

Her base Drive Atk is there to buff up her allies, as it always does. }}

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Beauty Fury
Dark Aura W.png Dark Aura (Skill)
Icon Skill Assist.png Flexible
Icon Skill Special.png Glimmer / Flexible
Stats: +Res,+Atk/-Def,-Hp
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Kricktdest (talk) 18:02, 30 April 2020 (UTC)