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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Flying.png Icon Class Colorless Staff.png
42 / 34 / 34 / 17 / 23
Exclusive skills

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Flying Loki
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This set allows Bridal Fjorm to make full use of her personal weapon in order to shut down dancers and omnilink abusers. The immediate thing that one can notice is that there's little to no investment to be had, only with a Special Skill slot and potentially Panic Ploy 3 to complete the entire set, and such slots are flexible depending on what added support you want Bridal Fjorm to bring.

At first glance, she's immediately comparable to Loki and Aversa, as Thökk and Aversa's Night have a support effect that scale off HP as well. She even has a near-identical spread to Aversa, Bridal Fjorm only having one more point of Attack and one less point of Resistance. However, she sets herself apart from her teammates by introducing a brand new anti-meta ability built in her legendary weapon: Isolation.

IVs - +HP/-Res: Usually, +HP is a very mediocre choice due to so many other stats being able to benefit from the boost. However, Fjorm's personal weapon needs all the HP it can for its support ability to function, and she already has a very good 42 base HP for a ranged flier. Conversely and true to Wrazzle Dazzle units, they generally won't care about defensive stats; However, -Res is preferred over -Def as the latter implies a 4-point reduction, which may affect her arena score negatively.

  • Additional note: Resistance exists as a superasset. However, 27 remains too low to make any effective use of ploys, and she would have to take a flaw in either HP, Atk or Spd, all of which she needs too much, or Def which is her superflaw and would completely invalidate the point of going for a superasset as the purpose of Arena scoring. However, if you plan on merging Bridal Fjorm at least once and intend on scoring in Arena, then +Res is the best asset you may have.

Weapon - Gjallarbrú: This is the core of this set. Gjallarbrú turns Fjorm into an amazing anti-meta unit, as careful positioning allows her to completely disable refreshers, including the nightmarish Legendary Azura herself. In reality, she doesn't even need that much HP to shut her down, as even a -HP Bridal Fjorm is capable of disabling Legendary Azura unless she's +HP herself. This weapon also comes in handy for disabling any units that rely on assists to function or support such as Legendary Lucina and Odin.

Assist - Restore+ / Martyr+: Her native Restore+ is a solid option as status healing is always appreciated; However, Martyr+ can also be considered in order to keep her solid HP pool intact in order to consistently trigger her weapon's effect.

Special - Depends: Absolutely depends on the team's purpose. Whether it be Balms, or Imbue/Heavenly Light for that extra oomph in healing, Fjorm has a wide selection of Specials to choose from which can be adjusted for each team.

A skill - HP/Atk 2: Her base skill. Improves her already plentiful HP pool in order to make better use of her weapon's supportive effect while also simultaneously improving her good Attack stat.

B skill - Dazzling Staff 3: Base skill. Bread and butter of a typical Wrazzle Dazzle healer configuration.

C skill - Panic Ploy 3/Ground Orders 3: Panic Ploy 3 synergizes very well with her great HP pool, allowing to cripple even further most non-armor units and shut down standard Blade Tome sets, giving Fjorm excellent role compression as a debuffer. Alternately, her native Ground Orders 3 is a new, fancy tool which can come into use within mixed movement teams, however it is completely useless if you have plans on using Fjorm in an all-flier team.

Sacred Seal - HP +5/ HP/Spd 2: HP +5 bolsters her HP to a massive 54 accounting for an HP asset and the rest of her kit up. This is even higher than most armor units and helps activating her weapon's effect on almost anything at neutral HP IVs bar Hector, Zephiel and Arden. Alternately, you can run a Spd/HP seal. While she might potentially lose a few more opportunities to isolate/panic units such as Winter Chrom, she will bolster her Speed by 2, raising it to a great 36.

Conclusion: Bridal Fjorm is a unique combatant and brings a whole new effect into the table which is very likely to cement her as an anti-meta unit in the future, particularly threatening the dancer meta which is especially prominent in modes like Aether Raids. Her base kit is also excellent for her designated role and helps her contribute right away, making her a unit with impeccable value.