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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Infantry.png Icon Class Blue Tome.png
37 / 30 / 37 / 25 / 28
Exclusive skills

Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Curious Mage
Stats: +Atk,+Spd/-Res
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- CV (talk) 17:09, 23 October 2018 (UTC)
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Dueling Crest.png Arena
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Who needs to stand out anyway?
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Despite how unique his base kit is, it often lacks killing power because you have to keep his Attack so low to make it work. Instead of fiddling around with that, Kliff finds it much easier to just take a Blarblade+ and nuke things.

IVs are +Atk/-Res. Since he's ditching Sagittae, there's no reason to keep Kliff's Atk at neutral, so enhancing his damage is the best choice. Going with -Res is the safest bane because it balances his defenses against dragon enemies and prevents him from taking even more damage from something like an HP bane.

Kliff's defensive statline makes Close Counter an obvious choice. With the addition of the Close Def 3 seal, he reaches 33/33 defenses before buffs, which is a very solid statline for a tank.

What makes Kliff really shine is his base 37 speed. With it, he can usually forgo using Quick Riposte 3 if he has a Speed buff handy and opt for Lancebreaker 3 instead, which allows him to survive bulky lance enemies and kill them in retaliation. Most of the fastest threats in the game can usually be handled on player phase with the appropriate buffs, leaving the rest to be dealt with on enemy phase.

SolHiryu (talk) 08:14, 24 October 2018 (UTC)
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry
Baby it's cold outside (of the village)
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Using Kliff's high Res to it's utmost potential, Kliff can nuke enemies with a high damage Glacies with the correct set up.

Glacies acts as the crux of the build. In the right conditions, Kliff can get an amazing 40 bonus damage from Glacies, with even more if he gains buffs, spurs, or drives, nuking absolutely anything in his path. As such, the following skills are used to either buff Glacies' bonus damage or allow him to proc it faster.

Sagittae acts to buff Glacies. As long as he can lower his Atk stat enough to proc the effect from it (which he will likely do, with a low 39 with Fort Def/Res. 3 and an Atk bane), his +5 buff in all stats, specifically Res in this case, will bring his Res up to a nice 37 in combat, already granting him a nice amount of damage from Glacies.

The constant +6 buff to his Res and Def with Fort. Def/Res 3 while only losing 2 Atk causes this skill to win over Fort. Res 3. Used as a mediator to lower his Atk while buffing his nuking potential.

Chill Spd 3 can be used to lower the enemy's speed enough to either 1) stunt a double on Kliff or 2) allow him to double, building his special faster or allowing him to use Glacies in the same battle. However, Chill Spd can be replaced with Swordbreaker to deal with arena threats Kliff wouldn't be able to double normally.

With Kliff's high 38 Res with Fort. Def/Res 3 and a Res boon (34 without), he can ploy enemies for more damage from Sagittae. He can also swap this out for other ploys, such as Def and Atk Ploy to have a more supportive role.

Because Sagittae only applies to pre combat stats, Kliff can use the Brazen Atk/Res 3 seal to great potential. Applying the in combat +7 buff to his Atk and Res adds to both his damage without Glacies and greatly improving his Glacies damage when it procs, allowing him to nuke absolutely anyone in his path as long as he has his special ready.

Use of Ardent Sacrifice allows Kliff to fall into Brazen range much easier, as it is harder to do so with his nice bulk. One use of Ardent Sacrifice drops him into range. Of course, if you can reliably drop him into range, feel free to swap Ardent Sacrifice with a movement skill like Reposition or a Dual Rally.

Snowman (talk) 19:35, 6 November 2018 (UTC)snowman