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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Infantry.png Icon Class Colorless Staff.png
36 / 27 / 34 / 19 / 32
Exclusive skills

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Stamina Potion.png Chain
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Macedon's Medic
Dazzling Staff W.png Slow+ (Skill 2) / Fear+ (Skill 2)
Stats: +Spd/-Def
Passive Icon B.pngLive to Serve 3.png
 Live to Serve 3 / Flexible
Passive Icon C.pngAtk Ploy 3.png
 Atk Ploy 3 / Flexible
Passive Icon S.pngDistant Def 3.png
 Distant Def 3 / Flexible

A description has not been written for this build yet.

Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Stamina Potion.png Chain
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Budget Medic
Dazzling Staff W.png Panic+ (Skill 2)
Stats: Flexible
Passive Icon C.pngFortify Res 3.png
 Fortify Res 3 / Flexible
Passive Icon S.pngAtk Ploy 3.png
 Atk Ploy 3 / Flexible

A description has not been written for this build yet.

Pen.png Creative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Macedonian Bond
Dazzling Staff W.png Fear+ (Skill 2) / Slow+ (Skill 2)
Stats: +Atk/-Def
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This build aims to boost Maria's solid speed and not-so-solid attack (hence the need for an attack boon) to significantly higher levels, allowing her to snag kills effectively with smart positioning and buff usage.

Weapon: Both Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Fear+ and Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Slow+ are relatively accessible weapons with the maximum inheritable staff Mt of 12, maximizing Maria's offensive potential. Alternatively, Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Trilemma+ is equally strong and works with teams using units with Cancel Affinity 3.png Cancel Affinity 3.

Assist: The ideal healing assist varies by team needs, but Icon Skill Assist.png Physic+ and Icon Skill Assist.png Recover+ are both solid options in that the former is Maria's default healing assist and can be performed at a 2-block range whereas the latter heals 10 more HP at a time.

Special: Icon Skill Special.png Miracle is a useful defensive skill that can save Maria in a pinch. That being said, the newly released Icon Skill Special.png Windfire Balm+ offers an often useful Atk/Spd +6 buff to your team on activation and can be considered if one has the resources to inherit to Maria. Heal-boosting special skills such as Icon Skill Special.png Imbue and Icon Skill Special.png Heavenly Light work as always.

A Passive: Atk Spd Bond 3.png Atk/Spd Bond 3 is an offensively valuable skill for healers, especially for the already decently fast Maria, who is now able to not only hit harder but also double opponents more easily. Atk Spd Push 3.png Atk/Spd Push 3 is an alternative but requires the use of some form of self-healing in order to be reliably utilized.

B Passive: Wrathful Staff 3.png Wrathful Staff 3 is a given for an offensive healer set, since it lets Maria deal damage to foes without the usual 50% staff damage penalty. This slot can also fit Dazzling Staff 3.png Dazzling Staff 3, with the Wrathful Staff 3.png Wrathful Staff 3 effect added onto the weapon via refine instead.

C Passive: Spd Ploy 3.png Spd Ploy 3 and Res Ploy 3.png Res Ploy 3 both take advantage of Maria's decent resistance stat to make it easier for her to double and kill low-resistance fast units in the former case and kill tankier foes in the latter case.

Sacred Seal: Attack Plus 3.png Attack +3 patches Maria's mediocre attack up even further, letting her make more out of her other buffing and debuffing abilities shown above. Having assists heal more is a plus too.