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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Flying.png Icon Class Red Sword.png
36 / 30 / 34 / 26 / 23
Exclusive skills

Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Dance in the Skies
Stats: Flexible
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— Chaservanitas (talkcontribs)
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
The Brave Dancer Knight of the Skies
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Sky Olivia is an amazing upgrade from her normal version with great stats and an (almost) perfect base kit. She’s prepared to be a brave knight and fight for the Shepards.

While Skuld is not an actual weapon in Awakening, it is very useful to have as it boost all the stats to the ally she dances to.

Galeforce is a very important special for dancers and singers to have. Once Sky Olivia defeats an enemy, she will gain another turn to either defeat another enemy or dance to a nearby ally.

Bracing Stance makes her more bulky to any physical or magical attacks. However, that doesn’t mean she can withstand arrows from archers. Distant Counter is also a nice option to have but it’s not 100% crucial. It’s probably best to keep Bracing Stance since Sky Olivia is gonna need a lot of bulk.

Wings of Mercy is also a very important skill for a dancer/singer to have. When her allies are in danger, she can swoop in to finish off the enemy or dance to them allowing her teammate to escape. Aerobatics is also a nice option to have especially since she’s a flier. This will allow her to move farther to her allies. However, Aerobatics is a very rare skills to get and won’t allow for too much movement so Wings of Mercy is a better and more cheaper option to have.

Guidance also makes Sky Olivia even more useful where she allows her allies to travel farther in distance or let’s them cross over small gaps on the maps. It’s just as useful as dancing.

If you happen to get a Sky Olivia with pretty good IVs like +Atk, she should have Breath of Life so she can do some last minute healing to her allies like a Falcon Knight in Awakening. Another option to have (especially if she has -Def) is giving her Distant Defense so she won’t get killed easily. If she has -Atk then she’ll probably need Attack +3 or Attack/Defense +2 unless you don’t expect her to fight a lot.

Overall, Sky Olivia is a very great flying dancer to get. Hope you’re lucky enough to pull her.
Pen.png Creative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Flier Emblem Support
Stats: Flexible
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Buff Support Focus while increasing survivability

Icon Class Red Sword.png Skuld Weapon provides +3 Atk/Spd/Def/Res to ally unit after Dance is used. (field buff)

Specials should be Icon Skill Special.png Sacred Cowl or Icon Skill Special.png Escutcheon to help tank attacks.

A Slot Bracing Stance 2.png Bracing Stance 2 is perfect for increasing +4 Def/Res when the enemy attacks.

B Slot Chill Spd 3.png Chill Spd 3 works well to provide a debuff on the enemy team so your ally who was buffed can kill easier. Wings of Mercy 3.png Wings of Mercy 3 or Escape Route 3.png Escape Route 3 can be used to provide movement support.

C Slot Fortify Fliers.png Fortify Fliers or Hone Fliers.png Hone Fliers should be used for +6 Atk/Spd or +6 Res/Def to provide the best support buff for Flier Emblem. (Does NOT stack with Icon Class Red Sword.png Skuld buff).

Sacred Seal Iotes Shield.png Iote's Shield should be used to remove weakness from effective weapons. If not anything to increase defense and bulk will do.

A Flying Emblem ally will gain +6 Atk/Spd +3 Def/Res OR +3 Atk/Spd +6 Def/Res depending on C Slot Skill when combined with Icon Class Red Sword.png Skuld. If you choose to use her with a mixed team or non flying team, change C Skill to another buff skill.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Dancing Powercorn
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Olivia has long been one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem, and with the last legendary banner combined with the new arrivals banner, I finally put together a strong awakening team. Olivia fits into this group perfectly, offering +3 to all stats upon a dance, while having a 16mt special weapon... Rare for a dancer. She comes with renewal and guidance, which help her survivability and utility. And with the length that the summer banners and the new festival banner up, Atk/Spd Push is easier to get, and fills the role of Swift Sparrow, but slightly more powerful. Granted, it takes 100% health to activate, but with renewal your second turn will start at 100% provided you don't position yourself foolishly. Guidance allows your infantry and armored allies to move upwards of 3 spaces per turn, not counting extra moves via Olivia's dance. I'd wager to say thanks to her, I've stayed in tier 19/20 the past three weeks (and I've only been planting Feh since March.)