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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Flying.png Icon Class Colorless Breath.png
40 / 32 / 35 / 30 / 25
Exclusive skills

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Fell Vessel
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Being the first colorless melee unit in the game, Robin(FV) can be made to be a jack of all trades unit with fairly decent player and enemy phase. She has the flexibility to fit into most teams and can be kitted to handle specific threats due to her colorless nature. However, because she cannot have triangle advantage, she doesn't necesarily accel against any particular enemy type either.

Overall, the best boon/bane set for her is +Spd -Res as it helps focus her best boon, being fast, and takes away from her already mediocre resistance. Though, depending on what you want your Robin to do most boon/bane sets are adequate, but be wary of the def superbane.

Her weapon of choice is Icon Skill Weapon.png Expiration, the weapon she comes with. Being a better version of Icon Skill Weapon.png Lightning Breath+ it has more MT than an atk refine without any of the cooldown penalties. This allows Robin to reliably get a special attack off while only taking one hit.

Icon Skill Assist.png Reposition is generally the best assist skill, especially on fliers, as it allows for unparalleled movement options for your team.

Glimmer provides a good way for Robin to increase her damage output every combat. This is especially important for Robin, as she cannot have triangle advantage over units, and thus cannot abuse it in order to easily charge up a special to unload the next turn.

Her native A skill of Dragonskin.png Dragonskin is a strong option for her to run. Being Iotes Shield.png Iote's Shield and Bracing Stance combined into one skill, it provides utility against Bows and Excalibur, while still letting her get some defense out of it.

Alternately, one can opt for just using Fury 4, which is a very strong option for her. If you do not need her to deal with Archers, Fury 4 bolsters her speed and atk at minimal loss to her defenses to turn her into a powerful mixed phase unit. Having the stats permanently gives her more flexibility in the types of fights she can take.

While Robin is fast, she isn't able to consistently outspeed the fastest units, which makes Quick Riposte 3 the best B skill for her whether running a full enemy phase build or a mixed phase build.

Alternately, if one opts to use the Quick Riposte 3 Sacred Seal, Guard 3 can be very useful to mitigate special attacks from enemies.

Robin is also unique because she can run every breaker except for Bowbreaker 3, meaning depending on the rest of your team composition you can choose any breaker to help fill any gaps in coverage. This makes Robin very flexible in terms of team building.

While Robin's native C skill in Res Smoke 3 is a strong budget option, any other buff for the team such as Hone Fliers.png Hone Fliers, Hone Dragons.png Hone Dragons, or other generic buffs are recommended depending on your team composition.

Robin's Sacred Seal choice is also pretty open. To increase her ability as a melee duelist, Close Def 3 can be very useful. Speed Plus 3.png Speed +3 is also useful if running the Fury 3 build, as it helps further increase her spd to bolster her player phase.

If you chose to not run Quick Riposte 3 as a B skill, you should run it as the seal instead.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Fell Goddess
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Pretty simple all purpose build. Use Fell Robin as a bait to lure ranged units to begin AI movements. Works best with Flying Emblem team. Buff Fell Robin with Flying Dancers and Goad / Ward Flyer Skills.

Icon Skill Weapon.png Expiration Adaptive damage / distant counter built-in. Her weapon being Colorless is its greatest strength.

Icon Skill Assist.png Reposition standard for Flying Emblem units.

Icon Skill Special.png Sol works surprisingly well for Fell Robin, a cheap alternative for Aether to use to keep her alive, unless you need Arena with Aether, Sol works well for general use. Adaptive damage from her weapon ensures high damage to heal from by always hitting weakness of ranged foes. Icon Skill Special.png Glimmer works well to boost her max potential damage from her adaptive damage.

Dragonskin.png Dragonskin Initial Skill, +4 Def/Res when foe attacks. Removes Effective vs Flying weakness.

Vantage 3.png Vantage 3 works the best for Robin in this build. When she is weakened being able to counter first allows her to either kill or heal from Sol to survive attacks.

Res Smoke 3.png Res Smoke 3 works fine on Robin since it allows enemies to be weakened to her attacks. Can be changed for team synergy though.

Sacred Seal should either be Distant Def 3.png Distant Def 3 or Close Def 3.png Close Def 3 for maximum Def/Res gain.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Speedbreaker Robin
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This FGrima is designed to be able to double the fastest units in the meta and can deal with practically all non-armor threats in either of her phases aside from Falchions, Myrrh and Moonbow QP Swordhardt.

With 44 Spd before buffs, thanks to Fury 3.png Fury 3 and Speed Plus 3.png Speed +3 and an effective +7 against other fast units from Chill Spd 3.png Chill Spd 3, she can double basically any unit and cannot be broken with a breaker skill as a dragon. Her C Skill is Flexible but Odd Atk Wave 3.png Odd Atk Wave 3 provides the +6 damage she needs to effectively ORKO units. If Hone Fliers.png Hone Fliers/Hone Dragons.png Hone Dragons or Hone Atk 3.png Hone Atk 3/Atk Tactic 3.png Atk Tactic 3 is used on her allies, this C skill can be anything.

+Spd IVs are absolutely necessary for her ability to double units and -Res is her least crippling bane on PP since she only needs to survive 1 hit. This build does not have endurance, but it has very good coverage for ORKOs.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Robin the Obliterator
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A variation on the standard Robin-FV build with a twist: not only is Robin a soak character, she also now obliterates almost everyone she faces! With Astra, Robin basically nukes the opponent every 2 or 3 turns and with Glimmer and Heavy Blade that turbo-strength gets utilized almost every turn, although it's weaker. This may not be traditional, but it sure as heck works.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Icon Arena Defense.png Defense
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Smoke and Mirrors

A description has not been written for this build yet.

Pen.png Creative
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Mixed Phase Robin
Defense Plus W.png Dark Breath+ (Def)
Stats: +spd/-hp
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The main goal of this build is for Robin to have good player and enemy phases. The basic idea is for her to get in, safely attack and debuff on player phase and then tank on enemy phase. I also just wanted to come up with a build that was different from your typical dragon build.

For IV's +spd is desired for her boon. This allows her to activate Windsweep on more units. Her bane should be -hp, that way her defensive stats are both good on enemy phase, although -res can also work (my own Robin is -res), just watch out for mages and other dragons.

For her weapon we go with Dark Breath+ refined for def. While giving up Expiration's innate distant counter is unfortunate, I personally felt she didn't quite have the bulk for it anyways. With dark breath and its refine, her def is brought up to 34 and she can debuff both the enemy's speed and attack by -7 after attacking, which helps her survivability greatly.

For her special her native Bonfire is a good choice for some reliable damage, although other options such as moonbow or glimmer can be chosen if desired.

For her A passive her exclusive Dragonskin is an excellent choice, giving her some extra bulk on enemy phase and removing her weakness to archers. For her B we chose Windsweep 3. This will allow her to safely attack on player phase without having to worry about counter attacks from most foes. After she attacks, the enemies will then be debuffed by dark breath, and will do less damage to her on enemy phase. Her C skill is really up to the player. She comes with Res Smoke for some extra debuffing to increase her own damage, but buffs for your allies can also be chosen depending on your team comp.

For her seal we go with Close Def 3. With this, Dragonskin and Dark Breath debuffs, Robin effectively gets a 17 point damage reduction on enemy phase on her own against melee units, which can bolstered even further with buffs from allies.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Icon Class Dragonstone.png Dragon
Immortal Vessel Robin
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There are many builds for this unit. However, if you are unlucky enough (or lucky) to get the +Res and -Atk boon/bane set, this Robin can become an above average mixed defensive unit that can counterattack everything regardless of range (with the exception of counter-blockers). With her colorless nature, she will not take additional damage from the advantage triangle though must be aware of anti-dragon weapons that may show up. Advantage against colorless weapons do not affect Fell Vessel Robin as much due to her mixed defence.

With this set, Robin is not meant to deal a lot of damage, but to soak up a lot of it. The +Res/-Atk boosts her Res to 29, just one point lower than her Def at 30.

Expiration is her bread and butter, allowing Robin to counterattack at any range and deal damage to ranged units based on the lower of their defence or resistance. Despite the -Atk flaw, this means that the opponent will still be taking a considerable amount of damage if they are ranged units. With the Reciprocal Aid assist skill, Robin can potentially restore a decent chunk of HP to defend against more attacks. Unless there are at least two or more attackers or opponents created to deal with her, Robin will never fall to a single attack.

Normally, dealing more damage would be a player's best friend. However, with this kind of build, Robin is better off with the special skill "Escutcheon" or "Pavise" as it reduces damage done to her at melee range. Melee range opponents that do not take as much damage from her counterattacks have their damage output reduced, allowing Robin to take even more punishment.

Dragonskin remains the best A Passive Skill for Robin as it is a mix of Iote's Shield and Bracing Stance 2. This increases her Def to 34 and Res to 33 if the opponent initiates the attack. Excalibur and bows can no longer threaten this flying medium tank.

With her B Passive Skill being Renewal 3, Robin becomes a flying, regenerating, tank that restores her own HP by 10 every two turns. Opponents must rely on Special Skills to have any chance of tearing through her regeneration and above average defenses. They also have to be careful of getting hit by her fairly high Atk even when it is a flaw for this set.

In a close-ranged situation, Threaten Atk 3 effectively adds 5 Def/Res to Robin's defenses against units that are within two spaces of her as it reduces their Atk by 5.

Although Robin's Sacred Seal options are very flexible, it is best if she adds on Res 3 as it boosts her survivability, bringing her basic protection stats to Def 30 and Res 32. Fortress Resistance and Defence could be used as well, but the Atk -3 is a bit too much as her -Atk does not help her damage output.

Immortal Vessel Robin is best when paired with units using Fortify Dragons, adding to her protection every turn and causing Robin to become an effective wall against anyone without dragon-killing tools or colorless-advantage weapons (Buffed Protection - Def: 36, Res: 38). With the advent of Vallite Songstress Azura and the crazy Gray Waves + Prayer Wheel + Atk Tactic 3 combination, Robin becomes a 3-Movement, steamroller that is almost unstoppable without anti-dragon/anti-colorless weapons.)