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Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki:Staff

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Wiki Staff
Teg Bureaucrat • Administrator talk  •  discord
Elaeagnifolia Administrator talk  •  discord
Saschb Administrator talk  •  discord
Valexiv Administrator talk  •  discord
Endilyn Administrator talk
HertzDevil Administrator talk  •  discord
Discoomastar Administrator talk  •  discord
Tier List Staff
Roman Tier Staff talk  •  discord
ASFox Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Father Reinhardt Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Lulu Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Soulskourer Tier Staff talk  •  discord
Nymph Tier Staff talk  •  discord
PK_Gaming Tier Staff talk  •  discord

Wiki staff[edit source]

Our wiki staff are comprised of people who:

  • Actively contribute to the development of this wiki.

Tier list staff[edit source]

Our Tier List staff are comprised of people who:

  • Help manage the wiki tier lists.
  • Review and edit the build pages found on every Hero's page.

Applying[edit source]

If you feel you are qualified and would like to apply for either of these, please contact Teg#5743 on Discord.