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This page provides tutorials to help editors. Make sure you read the guidelines as well, for various manual of styles or wiki policies.

Visual editor vs. source editor[edit source]

Please use the source editor instead of the visual editor when editing. You can change this in your settings if you have an account, or click "edit source" if you do not have one. Visual editor lacks support for more advanced forms and editing and also loads slower. All tutorials will be assuming you use the source editor.

Basic wiki formatting[edit source]

See: the page at mediawikiwiki:Help:Formatting for help on basic wiki formatting.

Common wiki templates[edit source]

See: the page at mediawikiwiki:Help:Templates for help on templates.

Many pages on the wiki use templates, which are usually transcluded using wikitext formatted like so: {{TemplateName}}. For example, {{Quote|This is a quote.}} would call the page at Template:Quote and fill in the first parameter with "This is a quote.". Many template pages have documentation on how to use them, please check each template page if you are unsure, or inspect the code of the template if there is no documentation.

Linking to external wikis[edit source]

You can use interwiki links to link to certain external wikis.

To link to, use [[fireemblemwiki:]]. Example: [[fireemblemwiki:Marth|Hero-King]] becomes Hero-King.

To link to, use [[fireemblemwikia:]].

A full list of interwiki links are viewable at Special:Interwiki.

Creating new pages with boilerplates[edit source]

The wiki has boilerplate templates to make page creation easier. A list can be found at Category:Boilerplates.

Cargo[edit source]

See: /Cargo for more in-depth information.

This wiki uses the Cargo extension for storing and querying data, acting essentially as a database. This allows for automated methods of creating some pages (eg. Lists), reducing the need for manual maintenance across several pages. A list of all Cargo tables can be found at Special:CargoTables.

Without Cargo, there might be the same information across multiple pages maintained manually (eg. Hero stats are used in multiple places). Previously, these pages needed to all be updated manually any time information changed. If all these pages instead use Cargo to grab the information from the Cargo table, we simply only need to change the information within the Cargo table. Then, all the pages pulling data from the Cargo table would pull the new values and automatically update accordingly.

Maintaining news archives[edit source]

Pages with transcribed content are created for every piece of news posted in-game (including maintenance posts). Content should be transcribed exactly as it appears in-game, or as close to it as possible.

The title of news pages should be:

  • Title of the News Article In-Game
  • Add the date in (Month Year) form if the title has potential to conflict. eg. (May 2018)
    • eg. The name Maintenance Notification has the potential to conflict.
    • Repeatable quests / game modes like Tempest Trials also have potential to conflict.
  • Add (Notification) to the end of the title.

Example of News Page Names

  • Special Heroes: Bridal Bloom Preview Video (Notification)
  • Maintenance Notification (May 2018) (Notification)
  • Weapon Workout Quests (May 2018) (Notification)

Transcribed content should:

  • Have times converted to UTC, because the in-game news automatically uses the timezone of the device viewing it.
  • Add links to related Wiki pages (eg. Summoning Focus news may link to the Summoning Focus pages. Summoning Focus about weapons that can counter can link to the category page of weapons that can counter).
  • Include the Anna/Feh comments at the end of some articles.

If unsure about proper format, looking at the source for some older news pages will help immensely to get an idea. Some examples are linked below:

These templates contain special markup to match the styling of the original news content:

Obtaining assets from the game files[edit source]

Some tutorials in the wiki will assume you have access to the game files. If you do not know how to access them, see Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki:Extracting game assets. Avoid downloading asset packs from the internet, since the people often uploading them often change things around (renaming files, moving the file structure around, or even modifying files themselves, e.g. detrimental conversion of ogg files to mp3), and these wiki tutorials will give instructions that assume original paths and files.

Adding content during an update day[edit source]

Adding new Heroes[edit source]

See /Adding new Heroes.

Creating a new page for Summoning Focuses[edit source]

You will need to create a page for the new summoning focus as well. See Project:Boilerplates/Summoning Focus.

Afterwards, you will need to add a link to it in Template:Summoning Focus Navbox.

Adding new maps[edit source]

See /Adding new maps.

Adding new Skills[edit source]

See /Adding new skills.

Checking for new BGM[edit source]

Music files for the game are located in a couple places:

  • \Common\Sound in the downloaded files directory
    • If the song differs by region (e.g. English/Japanese vocals in End of All), it will appear in \ENCommon\Sound and \JPJA\Sound
  • \Common\Sound in the .apk
    • If the song differs by region (e.g. English/Japanese vocals in the title theme), it will appear in \ENCommon\Sound and \JPJA\Sound

Upload the sound files to the wiki and add them to the Background Music page. See Template:BGMTableRow for additional documentation on how to use the template.

Adding new Tap Battles[edit source]

Adding a new Summoning Focus[edit source]

Summoning Focuses should have page names that match their exact in-game name (or as close as possible with technical restrictions present), and the |name= field of the template should match the exact in-game name. Note that the name in the announcements and the name in the game have differed before. In case of page name conflicts, such as if a Focus is named "Bridal Blessings" but a Paralogue is also named the same, the Paralogue takes precedence for using the page name. In this case, append (Focus) to end end, resulting in "Bridal Blessings (Focus)" for the page name. The |name= field of the template still must be the exact in-game name.

If two Summoning Focuses themselves have the same name and conflict, add an additional descriptor in parentheses for the page name. Examples are dates (Heroes with Death Blows), name of the Tempest Trial (for all the Focus: Tempest Trials), or other descriptors obtained from announcements (Hero Fest (One-Year-Anniversary), Hero Fest (Starter Support), etc.). The |name= field of the template still must be the exact in-game name.

Adding a new Voting Gauntlet[edit source]

Adding a new Grand Conquests[edit source]

Other tips and tricks[edit source]

Keyboard shortcuts[edit source]

When editing,

  • Alt+Shift+P to preview your edits
  • Alt+Shift+S to save your edits
  • Alt+Shift+I to toggle marking your edits as minor

File Cacheing[edit source]

New uploaded versions of files can take several hours to days to update due to how MediaWiki caches files. So if you upload a file and it doesn't appear, just leave it as is. There is no need to upload another version or revert your upload. It will eventually update by itself.