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Just wondering if Berkut's Lance+ is better than the Silver Lance+ in the Distant Bones build. One less attack but basically four more Res (unless he is engaging dragons or mages equipped with Close Counter).
--It sure is, but I wrote this suggestion when neither Deft Harpoon+ or Berkut's Lance+ even existed. I'll update the Build soon!
--Emboar45 (talk) 13:42, 28 July 2017 (UTC)

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Jagen's Mage Counter build lacks a write up, and the stats are wrong. His stats should be 37/41/21/25/38 as he's +Res -Spd and he's listed with the Deft Harpoon+ first. My write up is as follows:

This set aims to put Jagen's fantastic 38 Res to great use, making him an anti-mage. His weapons are either the Deft Harpoon+ or Berkut's Lance+. The former grants +2 to all stats, but will only be active when Jagen's at full health, and he will take recoil damage with it. Its initial attack will be powerful, but the player would have to keep Jagen healthy to maintain the effect. Berkut's Lance+ is an alternate option, granting +4 Res when the user is being attacked. Seeing as how Jagen would only be able to effectively fight mages on the enemy phase anyway, this works out perfectly. His Assists are either Reposition or Swap. Reposition is more versatile and can bring allies out of danger or closer to foes to get the jump on them, or Swap can be used for a similar effect but working better in tighter spaces. Use whichever is preferred. His Special is Iceberg, which adds a considerable amount of damage with his high Res.

Jagen's A skill is Distant Counter, which is what will allow him to counterattack against mages, as otherwise he'd have no way of retaliating against them. His B skill is Quick Riposte, which allows him to counterattack twice, bypassing his awful Spd. His C skill is Def Ploy, as his Res would allow him to activate it against a lot of foes, which would then help his combat performance. Since it's a long range skill, it'll also help his the performance of his physical allies. Similarly, his Seal is Atk Ploy, which will also work this way and weaken far away foes.

- CV