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^^^ I mean, if you really want to keep him cheap with a Brave Weapon just use a none plus weapon. It's only 3 MT difference which means he is still using it at 46x2 with Death Blow. It also means he can use Bonfire on the Counter Punch for 19 damage. Reprisal would require you to lose 64 HP to hit 19 damage. If you use Cain you could get Brave Sword, and Threaten Attack 2. As far as effectiveness goes...

Assuming your build uses Attack+3 it will be doing 2 attacks at 54 +10 from Reprisal, while the Silver Brave Build is doing 3 attacks at 46 +19 from Bonfire. That would setup the equation at around...

(2*(54-x))+10 = (3*(46-x))+19

This means that if the enemy has 39 DEF or higher, your build is better... If they have 38 DEF or lower... a 4 Star Brave Axe is better... This is of course without any buffs... Brave Scales better with buffs, so if you have an Armored Team... Any ally with Hone or Goad or Threaten DeF or Rally Attack... Brave becomes better and better. 15:20, 22 April 2017 (UTC)

In response: You miss the point of what makes Zephiel really great, which is that he's borderline impossible to ORKO meaning you build him to do as much as he can in the ENEMY PHASE. You're giving up 8 damage dropping to a Brave Sword+ when you do that, and 11 if you just go for a regular Brave Sword. All to gain more damage on your following Player Phase that won't matter because Zephiel is not your sweeper, AND you're giving up a free Threaten Def 2 to do it. 54x2 + 4 from threaten def 2 = 112, which is enough to kill any Ryoma or Marth. The only red you're likely to see in the Arena he doesn't counter then kill on his turn is Eldigan. It actually doesn't matter if you run into any reds with Vantage because that's less scary than running into ones with Swordbreaker. It's not gonna matter against greens because he kills all melee Greens on his turn even assuming +4 def from spurs, unless they are also Def boon on top in which case Sheena and Hector *barely* survive, or it's Vantage Hammer+ Cherche which, who runs that? I haven't ran the matchups agaisnt blues, because it's largely unimportant. The fact he survives the lion's share of them when they initiate on him is all that matters, because you have 3 other people on your team and if you're relying on a specific color wall, I'm going to assume players are smart enough to bring something that counters their tank to mop up on the following Player Phase. Mind you, the threaten atk 2 from Eckesachs serves this exact purpose.

Re: Reprisal- Bonfire has 3 charge. Because of Wary Fighter, you're only getting 2 charge in a turn, max, unless you're below 50% HP already. You don't want to go Bonfire if you keep Eckesachs and you don't want to give up Eckesachs because you want to be more effective in Enemy Phase for this build. Anyone that's hitting you in melee is either dying to the Reprisal on your turn, or already killed you, or should be finished off with another member of your team (kind of like how you play with Knights in your lineup in regular ol' Fire Emblem games. Go figure.) Bonfire is only usable if you've also picked up a Brave Sword on him, but as I am attempting to demonstrate, that's a huge SP sink for very little return.

You can either keep Zephiel doing what he's good at, or make him a sub-par Effie. I'm going to take the unique build that takes less effort and is more effective at it's role. Besides, when someone is posting a build with the goal of being Low SP/SI Investment, a criticism to "NO, ACTUALLY USE MORE SP AND SI" is kind of counterproductive. Lots of F2P players don't wanna be giving up other units just for extremely marginal gains.