Forging Bonds...Coming Soon! (Dueling Desires) (Notification)

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Forging Bonds...Coming Soon!

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Forging Bonds: Dueling Desires will soon begin!

Forge bonds on the battlefield and grow closer to Heroes! By growing closer to the event characters, you can unlock and view special conversations!

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Changes from the Last Event:
・ It will now be possible to automatically equip any bonus accessories you own before going into battle.

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■ What Is Forging Bonds?

Gain friendship with Heroes through battle!

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When defeated, a foe will sometimes drop a treasure chest that holds friendship.

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Collect lots of friendship to grow closer to Heroes! Grow closer to each of the event characters to unlock and view special conversations!

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・ Forging Bonds can be played even without having the event characters as allies.
・ Changes to friendship levels in Forging Bonds do not affect Summoner Support.
・ You can review special conversations you have seen before by selecting Event Recap in the Miscellaneous menu.

■ Rewards

You can earn 2 Orbs once per day for up to seven days during the event.

In addition, there are other rewards to earn, like accessories, Orbs, Hero Feathers, or Divine Dew, depending on the amount of friendship gained for each event character.

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■ How to Forge Bonds

Stages come in three difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The more difficult the stage, the easier it is to gain friendship. Regardless of difficulty, the foes that appear will be near the level of your Heroes, so this event is a good way to train Heroes.

During the event, there will be times when the amount of friendship you can gain will be boosted—and times when it is easier to gain friendship with specific Heroes.

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The amount of friendship and the type of friendship that is easiest to obtain will change every hour, so be sure to check in periodically to maximize your effectiveness.

Also, equipping bonus accessories before going into battle will increase the amount of friendship gained by 25%! This increase will stack for each ally with accessories equipped, so try equipping accessories for all allies before going into battle!

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"I bet Loki and Aversa would get along well..."