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These skill build pages meant to be used for general skill insight. As these pages are new and still in their infant stages, any suggestions and contributions to improve them are welcome. Feedback can be left on the Skill Build Page Feedback page.

Heroes with builds using this skill[edit source]

Submitted builds which use this skill[edit source]

User Submitted Builds
Below are all user-submitted builds. The quality of these builds may vary wildly. Please use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Sacred Coin.png Assault
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Sieglinde W.png Sieglinde (Skill)
Stats: +Atk/-Res,-HP
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This build is for players who wish to use Eirika but don't have any fancy skills to give her. Thankfully, she can perform a supporting role just fine without needing too many elusive skills. Here, Eirika can serve mostly as a supporting role, but she can help fight greens if she needs to.

Weapon: '"`UNIQ--item-400--QINU`"' is Eirika's weapon of choice. It buffs any ally adjacent to her for +4 Atk, letting her be a great team supporter. When given its special effect, she will gain an in combat buff to her stats equal to any field buffs on any ally within two spaces of her. If Eirika is to be used strictly as support, then it's perfectly serviceable without the refined effect, although it'll only buff for +3 Atk instead.

Assist: '"`UNIQ--item-403--QINU`"' is a good Assist in general to use. Its uses are versatile, as it can either help bring an ally closer to the fray, or bring an ally out of danger. However, Eirika can also use a dual Rally like '"`UNIQ--item-406--QINU`"' to great use. Should she be on an all infantry team and thus can't put Tactics to good use, she can buff all four stats by herself this way.

Special: '"`UNIQ--item-409--QINU`"' or '"`UNIQ--item-412--QINU`"' both work as Eirika's Specials. She'll want something with a fast charge that can give her the upper hand in battle. Moonbow lets her break through sturdier foes, while Glimmer helps secure the victory against matchups that should be favourable for her. Use whichever is preferred.

A Passive: '"`UNIQ--item-415--QINU`"' is Eirika's A skill, chosen to help magnify her advantage against green units, as her Atk is unfortunately a bit low.

B Passive: '"`UNIQ--item-418--QINU`"' is Eirika's B skill, chosen to help ensure that she'll take care of any axe user she comes across.

C Passive: '"`UNIQ--item-421--QINU`"' is a excellent option for Eirika's C skill. She comes with it naturally, and when paired with her weapon, she can buff +4 Atk and Spd to any adjacent ally.

Sacred Seal: '"`UNIQ--item-424--QINU`"' is an option for Eirika's Seal slot. When paired with her weapon and her C skill, she can buff +4 Atk, Spd, and Def to any adjacent ally. Should the player feel like another Seal is necessary, then this skill slot is flexible, open to be whatever else the player needs.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment

A description has not been written for this build yet.

Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Dueling Crest.png Arena
Orb.png Very high investment
Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry
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+Atk/-Spd = 53/54/22/32/20

Refined '"`UNIQ--item-884--QINU`"' only activates a double attack if Ephraim's HP ≥ 90%. Therefore, to keep his HP high, '"`UNIQ--item-887--QINU`"' and '"`UNIQ--item-890--QINU`"' are taken to mitigate the damage taken from the counterattack between his two attacks. Pavise will start on a 1-CD from Shield Pulse, and will be charged after Ephraim's first attack. It will then block 50% + 5 damage, making him take very little to no damage at all from many enemies.

Math time. Even without an offensive special, he does great damage due to '"`UNIQ--item-893--QINU`"' giving him 60 Atk on initiation (58 with '"`UNIQ--item-896--QINU`"'). If another blue lance unit has 35 Def, they will still take 25 damage twice, meaning they need over 50 HP to survive. This goes up to 72 effective Atk against reds, which is enough to kill Arden not considering buffs or passvies. Also, Ephraim can lose 5 HP and stay within 90% HP at 53 HP. If the lance unit aforementioned has 52 Atk, then they do (20*0.5)-5 = 5 damage, which won't be enough to drop him below 90% HP. With Sturdy Blow 2, increase that to 56 Atk. That's amazing.

Ephraim's C-slot is highly flexible due to his weapon and stat spread. '"`UNIQ--item-899--QINU`"' and '"`UNIQ--item-902--QINU`"' seal (HP +3 works as well) can be taken to improve his solo dominance by ploying enemies and helping the threshold for Siegmund's ability. However, a second purpose of this build could be supporting allies. '"`UNIQ--item-905--QINU`"' and '"`UNIQ--item-908--QINU`"' seal (or vice versa) help defensive units. This route grants them +4 Atk/Def/Res, which will help them tank and possibly kill with Quick Riposte. If offensive player-phase allies need buffing, then '"`UNIQ--item-911--QINU`"' and a different seal can be chosen.

For his Assist skill, the usual '"`UNIQ--item-914--QINU`"' can be taken, or if Ephraim's buffs are being panicked, then '"`UNIQ--item-917--QINU`"' is a another option.

Note: If Ephraim is Summoner Supported, then the '"`UNIQ--item-920--QINU`"' seal should NOT be used. This is because from 50 to 59 HP he can take 5 damage and remain ≥ 90% HP. To take 6 damage and remain ≥ 90% HP, he needs 60 HP, which can only be achieved in this build with a Summoner Support, HP +5 seal, and a +3 merge. Instead, an '"`UNIQ--item-923--QINU`"' seal will work wonders, raising his Atk to 59 (65 on initiation).
Pen.png Creative
Orb.png Very high investment
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Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Dazzling Staff W.png Pain+ (Skill 2)
Stats: Def+/Atk-
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This build proposal is to help armored units on bridges or places that only one unit fits. With this build it is possible to give 10 of damage to enemies near target or heal the armored unit while boosting it's stats, and due to the unit high res you don't have to worry about mages or staff users. Note: It is better that your armored unit can boost Lucius def
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Stamina Potion.png Chain
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
Dazzling Staff W.png Fear+ (Skill 2)
Stats: Flexible
Passive Icon C.pngFortify Def 3.png
 Fortify Def 3 / Flexible
Passive Icon S.pngAtk Ploy 3.png
 Atk Ploy 3 / Flexible

A description has not been written for this build yet.