Fortify Dragons

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Type C Name Cost Description
Fortify Dragons.png Fortify Dragons 200 SP At start of turn, grants Def/Res+6 to adjacent dragon allies for 1 turn.

Cannot use: Icon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Class Red Bow.pngIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Class Blue Bow.pngIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Class Green Bow.pngIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Class Colorless Staff.png

Inherit/Equip Restrictions:

  • Breath Users Only

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The stat increase applied by Fortify Dragons is considered a buff.

List of Heroes with Fortify Dragons[edit | edit source]

HeroSkill Chain
Icon Portrait Ninian Oracle of Destiny.png
Fortify Def 1
5Icon Rarity 5.png
Fortify Def 2
5Icon Rarity 5.png
Fortify Dragons
5Icon Rarity 5.png

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 竜盾の鼓舞
German Drachen Stärken
Spanish (Europe) Baluarte Dragón
Spanish (Latin America) Baluarte Dragón
French Prudence (Dragons)
Italian Fortifica Draghi

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