Four Heroes (Event)

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An event featuring four event maps with two difficulty levels.

Map Name Reward(s) Availability
Banner Special Roy Young Lion.png
Empty Space GHB.png
Roy: Four Heroes

Roy Young Lion Face FC.pngPane 3.png (Normal)

 1 (Hard)

Banner Special Tailtiu Thunder Noble.png
Empty Space GHB.png
Tailtiu: Four Heroes

Tailtiu Thunder Noble Face FC.pngPane 3.png (Normal)

 1 (Hard)

Banner Special Barst The Hatchet.png
Empty Space GHB.png
Barst: Four Heroes

Barst The Hatchet Face FC.pngPane 3.png (Normal)

 1 (Hard)

Banner Special Kaze Easygoing Ninja.png
Empty Space GHB.png
Kaze: Four Heroes

Kaze Easygoing Ninja Face FC.pngPane 3.png (Normal)

 1 (Hard)


Promotional artwork[edit | edit source]

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English (US) Four Heroes
Japanese 四人の英雄たち
German Vier Helden
Spanish (Europe) Cuatro héroes
Spanish (Latin America) Cuatro héroes
French Quatre héros
Italian Quattro eroi
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 四位英雄
Portuguese Quatro heróis

Trivia[edit | edit source]