Freezing Seal

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General Builds
Type Icon Name SP Required Description
B Freezing Seal.png Freezing Seal 300 SP At start of turn, if unit's HP ≥ 50%, inflicts Atk/Spd-6 on foe on the enemy team with the lowest Res through its next action. (Skill cannot be inherited.)
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

* Unused restrictions:

  • No restrictions.

List of Heroes with Freezing Seal[edit | edit source]

HeroSkill chain
Hríd Icy Blade Face FC.png
Freezing Seal

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the lowest resistance is tied between multiple units, they all will get the debuff.
  • The stat decrease applied by Freezing Seal is considered a debuff, and causes a penalty.

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 凍結の封印
German Frostsiegel
Spanish (Europe) Hechizo glacial
Spanish (Latin America) Hechizo glacial
French Sceau du froid
Italian Sigillo glaciale
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 凍結之封印

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