Golden Week Celebration! (Notification)

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Golden Week Celebration!

Active: to

Six Golden Week events are on now!

Golden Week Log-In Bonus

Golden Week Reward Maps

Golden Week quests

A special run of Grand Conquests

Just for Golden Week, a new Hero, Kaze: Easygoing Ninja, will be available as a 3★ and 4★ unit through Grand Conquests

During this time, the EXP and SP you earn in battle will be doubled

We hope you continue to enjoy playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game.

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■ Golden Week Log-In Bonus

There will be two Log-In Bonuses for the first and second halves of Golden Week, granting up to 13 Orbs each!
① Active: to
② Active: to

■ Golden Week Reward Maps
Active: to
Special maps will be sent out for 11 days straight! There are two difficulties for each: Normal and Hard. You can earn up to 22 Orbs by completing these maps on both difficulty modes.
Note: Each Reward Map will be available for four days.

Golden Week Quests
Active: to
Use specific types of Heroes to defeat enemies in these Golden Week quests. By completing the quests, you can earn up to 20 Orbs.

Grand Conquests
Active: to
There's a special run of Grand Conquests!

Here's what has changed since the last event:
・ Reduced the difference between GC Conquer rewards granted based on areas conquered.
・ Added quests that reward Conquest Lances.
・ Raised maximum GC Tier from 20 to 25.

■ Limited-Time Golden Week Grand Conquests Quests
Active: to
Grand Conquests quests begin on ! Clear the limited-time Golden Week quests for a new Hero, Kaze: Easygoing Ninja, as a 3★ and 4★ unit.

■ Double EXP and SP
Active: to
During this time, the EXP and SP you earn in battle will be doubled!

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"Wow, there are a lot of Golden Week events!"